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Volume 4 “I thought that they would be more bold.” Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “I was prepared for them to request the transfer of the military magic machine technology, but they didnt mention it at all.”

Kennard couldnt help smiling as he said, “Sir chairman, youre thinking too much. Not mentioning transferring the military magic machines, even if you gave it to them for free, they wouldnt dare take it. What would they take these things for Are they planning on revolting Dont forget, the Lampuri Kingdom has just experienced a civil war, they care very much about this right now. If they dared to request for the military magic machine technology, do you believe they wouldnt be taken away by the royal guards tomorrow”

Xu Yi laughed, “That means, I can only wait for Se…..her majesty to come request this from me”

“Pretty much.” Kennard thought about it before slightly knitting his brows, “During the new year, when I was still in Anvilmar City, the army headquarters already sent people to talk to me about this matter. Sir chairman, did no one come talk to you about this”

“Not yet, even Se…..Ke, her majesty hasnt mentioned this to me before.” Xu Yi shook his head.

“That is strange. Her majesty should have realized the power of the military magic machines during the civil war, so why isnt she moved by this technology” Kennard was a bit confused.

“Im certain that they are moved, but the only reason why they didnt mention it is because they arent prepared.” Xu Yi said.

“Arent prepared What do they need to prepare” Kennard was even more confused.

Xu Yi smiled as he thought that they needed to prepare many things.

First it was looking at the technology.

The military magic machine seemed quite simple, but to actually make the military magic machines, even if it was simple for the current Frestech Chamber of Commerce, without the technology for the Magic Repeating Crossbow, it wasnt that easy.

That was because the military magic machines needed a complete mechanical structure, with components that could only be manufactured by a complete industrial system.

Not mentioning anything else, without the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, although the magic machine industry had developed well in the Lampuri Kingdom, there were basic things that they couldnt produce.

For example……steel.

Although the ten companies had taken technology for household magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce before, because steel earned less than the magic machines, they were never interested in it.

Then adding in the fact that Xu Yi hid some things, the Lampuri Kingdom never had technology of this aspect before.

Although the ten companies had said that they grasped all the magic machine technology of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there were many places where they needed support from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce while producing magic machines.

In the last two years, even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in name had their products banned in the Lampuri Kingdom by the magic machine industry management department and the business department, there were actually many of their products flowing into the Lampuri Kingdom.

A large amount of steel was one of them. The most important thing was that the two departments couldnt find any reason to ban the fertilizer either.

It could be said that without the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there was no meaning to the Lampuri Kingdoms magic machine industry.

Right now the Lampuri Kingdom was interested in the military magic machines, but before this, the Lampuri Kingdom had to make sure that they had the proper industrial facilities.

From this angel, those merchants hoping that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would transfer the production magic machine technology to them was actually a very practical thought.

Xu Yi wasnt planning on controlling the magic machine industry of the Lampuri Kingdom, not to mention that it was impossible.

Even if his relationship with Seveni was good, the Lampuri Kingdom definitely wouldnt allow this to happen.

So in the situations that he could control, Xu Yi decided to open some production magic machine technology to the Lampuri Kingdom. He would help the Lampuri Kingdom build a complete magic machine industrial system.

At the very least…..he would let them build some Magic Repeating Crossbows instead of having to buy them from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

So when these merchants asked about the production magic machines, Xu Yi casually gave his intentions. Those merchants with their sharp senses of smell were like sharks that had smelled blood in the water.

After a simple discussion, Xu Yi announced to those merchants that he would transfer the technology for producing some production magic machines that made components to them.

To be specific, the best company in the component production business was the Ireland Chamber of Commerce. Although they had outstanding components that were only a tiny bit worse than the ones the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made, the production magic machines that they used for their components were all bought from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If the Frestefch Chamber of Commerce cut off their supply of production magic machines and service for them, the Ireland Chamber of Commerce would be immediately crippled.

Xu Yi planned on transferring the technology for making these production magic machines to some companies.

This technology was not as simple as making household magic machines because in this aspect, the issue wasnt the technology, but rather skilled workers.

Because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had a large number of dwarf blacksmiths, because of the natural talent the dwarves had in casting iron and adding in the fact that the dwarves grew along with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt have problems in this aspect.

But if it was a brand new company that wanted to produce production magic machines, other than having the technology of this, it was hard for them to solve the problem of skilled workers.

Xu Yi explicitly explained the requirements of these production magic machines to the merchants and they were all helpless in this aspect.

Although the dwarves werent as scarce as the elves and were willing to work for humans, there had always been few dwarf blacksmiths.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce getting these dwarves was actually a coincidence.

It was basically impossible for the other companies to mimic this.

But Xu Yi was already prepared for this, so he had two solutions for these merchants.

The first was to recruit more dwarf blacksmiths in the Lampuri Kingdom or from other places.

This was something that Xu Yi could help with.

Because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had many dwarf blacksmiths, this made the dwarves persuade their comrades and made it easier for them to agree.

But this was only a temporary solution because the amount of dwarves were limited, it was impossible to fulfill the large number of workers required.

So Xu Yi gave a second method which was the plan that he vigorously recommended.

This method was to follow Xu Yis plan before and open the vocational skills school that had been stopped because they had been forced out of the Lampuri Kingdom.

This method would mean forming many vocational skills schools all over the Lampuri Kingdom, teaching these vocational skills to students.

For example, at the vocational skills school that Xu Yi had set up before, it had taught people how to work the punch press, cutting machines, and various other machines.

After learning at these schools and then working at a company for some time, it would create skilled workers.

The most important part of this plan was that if it could be maintained for a long time, more and more skilled workers would appear and there would be a large population of skilled workers.

If they kept this system going for a long time, the Lampuri Kingdom would have a solid foundation for human resources and could completely depend on itself to produce and develop magic machines.

Of course, if the other companies wanted to develop the production magic machines themselves, it wasnt like it couldnt be done.

Take the most important machine for making the screw bolt, the Magic Thread Rolling Machine, the fixed price was eight hundred thousand gold coins.

It was unexpected to Xu Yi that although the expression of these merchants changed after hearing the price of eight hundred thousand, there were still thirty seven merchants who were willing to pay for this technology.

That meant just for the Magic Thread Rolling Machine, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had earned a shocking profit of over twenty million gold coins!

If Xu Yi was willing to transfer all the production magic machine technology, this income…..would be hard to imagine.

Of course…..that was also impossible.

It wasnt a problem to transfer a portion of it, but to transfer it all was equal to breaking his hands and feet. Naturally it was impossible for Xu Yi to do something this stupid.

Shaking his head to throw away these impractical thoughts, Xu Yi looked at Kennard who was immersed in a pile of documents and Sebas who kept making computations.

“How is it What is the income today”

Sebad looked up with a red glow of excitement on his face.

“Sir chairman, in just a single morning, we have already received orders for 7393 Magic Air Conditioners, 8349 Magic Refrigerators, 23235 Magic Stoves, 15978 Magic Kettles, 48323 Magic Lamps……”

“Give me the total.” Xu Yi waved his hand and cut him off.

Sebas paused and looked down. After swallowing a mouthful of saliva with difficulty, he replied, “Sir chairman, in just a single morning, we have earned over a million gold coins!”

Even if they were a bit prepared, after actually hearing the number, Kennard and the other management staff of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the room couldnt help giving a gasp.

For most companies in the Lampuri Kingdom, being able to make one million gold coins in a year was enough to be considered a large company.

Now the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had only used a single morning to sell this much!

Even if the total profit had dropped from the special sale, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces products always had a high profit margin. So for the sales volume of one million gold coins, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made profits of over three hundred thousand gold coins.

Three hundred thousand gold coins in a single morning, what a terrifying thought!

Seeing the excited looks on the faces of everyone that couldnt be contained including Kennard and Sebas, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. Although he was also a bit happy, he didnt feel this excited.

On earth, there were terrifying sales records of one hundred million yuan in a single day.

A hundred million yuan was equal to one hundred thousand gold coins. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was still far from this goal.

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