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Magic Industry Empire Volume 4 Chapter 112 - Special sale

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Volume 4 Special sale

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces service center opened business in Banta City, which meant the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had officially returned to the Lampuri Kingdom.

Her majesty Seveni had pulled out time after her busy coronation to personally come to this opening ceremony, which showed the importance the Lampuri Kingdom placed on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

According to the agreements the Frestech Chamber of Commerce signed with the Lampuri Kingdom, after the Frestech Chamber of Commerce returned to the Lampuri Kingdom, the Lampuri Kingdom would return all the industries those ten companies stole back to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But when this was implemented, those industries couldnt avoid being connected to certain parts of the Lampuri Kingdoms network.

For example, the Falling Rain Valley used to be the foundation of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Although it was all given to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, in the Falling Rain Valley, there was a special administrative zone set by the Lampuri Kingdom that would specifically manage the areas around the Falling Rain Valley.

In name this was to manage the needs of the Falling Rain Valley and the surrounding companies, helping these companies with their administration, saving them time and effort.

But in reality, this special administration department had special management rights in the Falling Rain Valley and the surrounding area. This meant that whether it was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce or the companies that returned from the Black Rice Wasteland, they would be managed by this department.

For the other companies, this was something they could accept.

But for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the change was very obvious.

Previously the Falling Rain Valley was Xu Yis private territory, so no matter how the Frestech Chamber of Commerce changed the Falling Rain Valley, they had a certain amount of freedom and autonomy there.

But now that there was this department, if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wanted to do anything, they had to support an application to the department.

For example, in order to return to their production rate from before, Xu Yi decided to build a new steel mill in the Falling Rain Valley.

But to build a steel mill, they had to submit an application to Banta City and get many permits before they could start building.

Even if the department and Banta City approved all of the applications from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and they did it very fast, it still took close to a month before it was all approved.

For Xu Yi, this was a very serious difference.

Moreover, they couldnt set the time frame for the approval, so it would affect the Frestech Chamber of Commerces plans to differing degrees. Their efficiency wouldnt be the same as before.

But Xu Yi had already expected these differences, he didnt mind too much.

The most important thing was that his mindset was different from before.

Before he was forced to leave the Lampuri Kingdom, he wanted to help the Lampuri Kingdom develop as quickly as possible and create a country with a powerful magic machine industry.

Of course, even this idea had a big selfishness to it.

Because if the Lampuri Kingdom became stronger, the magic machine industry would develop quickly on the Sines Continent.

If the Lampuri Kingdom could become as strong as the Candra or the Marlow Empires, even becoming the most powerful country on the continent, the magic machines industry would definitely develop across the continent.

When that time comes, Xu Yis dream of creating a magic machine industry on the continent would no longer be a dream.

However, since he was forced out of the Lampuri Kingdom and found a foundation on the Sines Continent, Xu Yis mind couldnt avoid changing.

For the current Xu Yi, putting aside his personal feelings and from the angle of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Lampuri Kingdom was only a normal country of the continent. Compared to the other countries, the biggest advantage it had was that it had a mature market and a magic machine industry.

Other than this, in terms of potential, the Lampuri Kingdom couldnt even compare to the Rudson Kingdom.

Of course, the advantage that the Lampuri Kingdom had over the other countries quickly appeared after the Frestech Chamber of Commerce returned.

In just a week since the Frestech Chamber of Commerces service center was opened in Banta City, there were a large number of orders that came from the Lampuri Kingdom.

The people of the Lampuri Kingdom hadnt been able to buy the Frestech Chamber of Commerces products for over two years now. They could only suffer with the inferior household magic machines of the ten companies during these two years. Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was finally back, it lit up everyones enthusiasm for buying items.


“Everyones please dont rush, please line up! Dont mess around!”

The staff of the service center were shouting into megaphones, shouting so much that their voices were hoarse.

“Everyone, please be assured. Our company has already prepared enough goods for the special sale today, we promise that everyone will be able to buy what they want to buy. We ask everyone to maintain order, please be careful of the elderly and the children, dont let them be injured!”

The service centers hall was one thousand square meters, it could be considered quite spacious.

However, this hall was completely filled with people right now and there wasnt even a single free space.

These people held the gold coins in their hands as they ran to the various booths in the hall.

Each booth had many people pushing through, with each person having varying degrees of wildness on their faces, like they were currently fighting an intense sacred battle.

Thats right, for these people who wanted the Frestech Brand magic machines, it was a sacred war today!

Three days ago, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had made an announcement through the «Banta Times» that they would be holding a special sale to celebrate the Frestech Chamber of Commerces return to Banta City.

In this special sale, not only would there be the newest Frestech Brand magic machines, there would be many benefits and special prices.

Take the newest Frestech Brand Magic Air Conditioner. It normally cost thirty two gold coins, but the special price today was twenty nine gold coins, ninety nine silver coins, and ninety nine copper coins.

Although many people were doubtful of this price, that didnt hinder everyones understanding. In this special sale, the newest model Frestech Brand Magic Air Conditioner was two gold coins cheaper than normal!

Adding in the various discounts of the other Frestech Brand household magic machines, on the day of the sale, not only the people of Banta City, even the people of the surrounding city rushed over.

Even when it had still been dark out, there were a bunch of people in coats and covered in blankets that had been waiting outside the service center.

When it was eight in the morning and the service center opened their doors, in the blink of an eye, the wave of people surged in.

Compared to the people on the first and second floor, there were less people in the hall of the third floor.

But compared to the stream of people on the first and second floor, this hall that also took up a thousand meters had over two hundred people here. When one looked over them, they did form quite the crowd.

It was different from the consumers downstairs, the people on the third floor were merchants from all over the Lampuri Kingdom.

Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was back, the most sensitive to this was the merchants with a sharp sense of smell.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was still in the Lampuri Kingdom, these people gained quite a bit from relying on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Now that they were finally back, they wanted to be the first to profit.

“Chairman Xu, seeing the lively crowd today, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce will earn quite a bit in a single day.” A fat merchant said to Xu Yi with a wide smile.

“Your words arent right at all. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce doesnt just have a big profit today, they have a big profit every day, isnt that right, chairman Xu” Another merchant said with a smile.

“Alright, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce will definitely make money, but with my understanding of chairman Xu, he doesnt care about how much they make at all. Rather he wants to improve the lives of our kingdoms citizens with the useful Frestech Brand magic machines, right”

“Right, right, right, how could chairman Xus goals be as vulgar as ours We just care about how much money we make, but chairman Xu is always considering how to improve peoples lives. Otherwise, he wouldnt have selflessly transferred those technologies, dont you think so”

Hearing the last merchant finally change the topic to “transferring technology”, Xu Yi waved his hand with a smile, “No, youre overpraising me. I have always stressed that I am a merchant and this identity is even more important than being a noble. I believe that you should understand my idea.”

The merchants around Xu Yi looked at each other before nodding.

Two years ago, when the Royal Parliament wanted to take Xu Yis identity as a noble, Xu Yis claim that his identity as a merchant was more important than his identity as a noble had shocked everyone.

Since then, all the merchants in the Lampuri Kingdom had a strong sympathy with Xu Yi.

The marchants status on the Sines Continent was low, but now that an important person like Xu Yi had declared that the status of a merchant was more important than that of a noble, it without a doubt hit the hearts of all merchants.

Seeing the excited look on the faces of these people, Xu Yi continued with a faint smile, “So that means that since Ive stressed that I am a merchant, my priority as a merchant is to make money. You say that I want to improve peoples lives, but that isnt accurate. Were all merchants, so theres no need to hide anything. As a merchant, who doesnt want to earn money”

The merchants looked at each other before breaking out in laughter.

“Of course, earning money doesnt go against improving other peoples lives. While I make money, the lives of people are improving from the technology our Frestech Chamber of Commerce develops, so this does not clash. Moreover, as our Frestech Chamber of Commerce earns money, we can develop new products, which enables our company to keep unveiling new products.”

Looking around, Xu Yis face suddenly turned serious, “So that means that I have to emphasize something when transferring technology. It isnt hard to get the technology, but to completely master it, it requires thorough research and that is the key. If there is a company that can develop a product like our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, our company can transfer any technology you want.”

Hearing Xu Yis words, the eyes of the surrounding merchants instantly lit up.

A merchant hesitated a bit before carefully asking Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, then…..the technology for the production magic machines, are you also willing to transfer them”

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