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Volume 4 For the people of the Lampuri Kingdom, her highness Seveni finally taking the throne and becoming the sixth queen in the history of the Lampuri Kingdom, which was supposed to be very good news

Although the Lampuri Kingdom had been filled with disasters during the last two years, with two kings dying and a civil war this year, many people were satisfied with the final outcome.

Her majesty Seveni always had a good reputation in the kingdom and now that she was the queen, it would bring a happy transition to the Lampuri Kingdom.

Moreover, her majesty Seveni had always supported the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and her relationship with chairman Xu Yi was also very good.

Now that her majesty was in charge of the Lampuri Kingdom, she would definitely let the Frestech Chamber of Commerce return to the Lampuri Kingdom and lead it to prosperity.

But most of the people in the Lampuri Kingdom didnt know that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was actually very busy right now, they couldnt return to the Lampuri Kingdom for a while.

Although Xu Yi had pulled out five hundred guards from the companys guards, with the strong mobility of the Magic Armoured Vehicles, they could move freely around Count Weins territory. They destroyed several of Count Weins gathering points, making him lose more than two thousand subordinates and made his territory fall into chaos, but five hundred people was just too little.

For Lord Wein who had a territory of over ten thousand square kilometers, it was impossible to hold this territory with just five hundred people.

Xu Yi had sent this squad out this time to teach Lord Wein a lesson.

The most important thing was what followed after.

On the last day of year 3874, Xu Yi didnt stay home with Still and Freya to celebrate the new year, rather he quickly drove a Magic Sedan across the road of Lord Weins territory.

He came out this time to negotiate with Lord Wein, with the goal of stabilizing the situation in Lord Weins territory.

Lord Weins territory falling into chaos was not beneficial to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Because this blocked the resources of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that came from all over and it also blocked the products the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wanted to transport.

Before he was strong enough to completely swallow Lord Weins territory, Xu YI wanted to cooperate peacefully with Lord Wein.

The situation before was one that Xu Yi was very satisfied with, but it was ruined by Lord Weins greed and ambition.

And now that Xu Yi was negotiating with Lord Wein, it was to make him pay the price for his greed and ambition.

The Magic Sedan suddenly jolted and Xu Yi flew up in the back seat, almost hitting the roof of the Magic Sedan.

Xu Yi looked at the situation outside and he couldnt help knitting his brows.

While he was thinking, he didnt notice the hole on the road. Looking at it now, he found that the road in front was covered in bumps and looked very ugly.

Based on the situation of these holes, Xu Yi guessed that the guards led by Hart and Lord Weins subordinates should have fought here.

This place was covered in holes and judging by the shape, it should have been made by the small personal Magic Bazookas the guards brought.

Based on marks left on the ground, Hart should have met a large group of enemies, so they launched the small Magic Bazookas so many times.

Xu Yi carefully evaded the bumps in the road and couldnt help deeply knitting his brows.

The Amrit Chamber of Commerce had spent a year making this, so it could be considered the most important transportation line in Lord Weins territory.

Now that it was ruined by this battle, the entire road should have been impeded.

Looking at the sides of the road, he also saw several houses that had been burnt down.

The locals should have been living here, but it seemed like they had been caught in this battle.

It was clear that because of the war between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Count Wein, the lives of the natives had been seriously impacted.

Seeing the poor situation along the road, Xu Yis face became more and more dark.

If he had the choice, he wished that everyone could live in peace. Everyone could focus on developing magic machines and improve everyones lives with the convenience of these magic machines.

But now because of Lord Weins greed and ambition, these people who had lived in peace here had been caught up, which made Xu Yi very angry.

The part that made him the most angry was that he had no choice.

He couldnt agree to Lord Weins unreasonable request and he couldnt choose to surrender to Lord Wein.

So the only option was to launch a war against Lord Wein.

The Magic Sedan rolled past this part of the road that was destroyed and came back to the smooth road, quickly speeding up. It only took half an hour to reach a manor that seemed very strict based on its outer appearance.

When Xu Yi came out, he was immediately surrounded by a hundred fully armed soldiers.

Xu Yi looked over them and said with a cold snort, “Go tell Lord Wein that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu is here.”

“Xu Yi”

The soldiers were shocked. They couldnt help pointing the weapons in their hands at Xu Yi.

“All of you, stop!” A soldier who looked like he was in charge suddenly shouted out and stopped these soldiers. He looked over Xu Yi and hesitantly asked, “Xu…..Chairman Xu, you…..What are you here for”

Xu Yi gave a faint smile, “I want to have a proper discussion with the Lord Count, help me notify him.”

The soldiers all blankly looked at each other.

It could be said that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was at full war with Count Wein and Count Wein could only defend, but Xu Yi came here to negotiate with Count Wein…..

What did he want to negotiate

The captain thought about it before nodding, “Please wait a bit.”

He talked to the soldiers around after saying this and turned to run into the manor.

Xu Yi smiled at the nervous soldiers around him. He sat on the front of the Magic Sedan and looked very calm as he waited.

He was certain that Count Wein would agree to negotiate with him.

The small team led by Hart couldnt be stopped on Count Weins territory, defeating many of Count Weins subordinates without a single person getting hurt.

Count Wein had no ways to deal with them and now that Xu Yi was here to negotiate, he couldnt want more.

As expected, after a while, a butler from the manor came running out and after taking a complicated look at Xu Yi, he respectfully invited him in.

After seeing Count Wein in the main hall, Xu Yi was surprised to find that Count Wein had lost quite a bit of weight.

In the three years that Xu Yi had known Count Wein, he had always looked like a pig with a greasy face.

But the current Count Wein was completely thin. Although he wasnt considered slender, his face was much more symmetrical. His round face had turned rectangular and he was much more dignified compared to before.

Of course, that dignity was related to his calm as water face.

Seeing Xu Yi being led in by the butler, Count Weins face sunk more and he said in a cold voice, “Xu Yi, you really are bold. You actually came here alone, do you believe that I wouldnt kill you!”

Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “No, you dont dare.”

Count Wein knit his brows and angrily, “You actually dare to say I dont dare! Someone, take……”

Halfway through, it was like Count Weins throat was stuffed by something and he couldnt say the rest of his words.

Xu Yi looked at him with a smile, looking quite calm and composed.

Count Wein looked at Xu Yi with wide eyes and after a while, he was like a balloon that had deflated. He gave a deep sigh before waving his hand at the butler.

The butler retreated and Count Wein looked at Xu Yi with a calm look.

“Chairman Xu, youre here to negotiate with me”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “The Lord Count really is a smart person. Thats right, I think that the Lord Count should know the current situation and it isnt good for either of our sides.”

Count Wein said in a deep voice, “What do you want to do”

“Its very simple, we can stop.” Xu Yi spread his hands, “Since continuing the fight doesnt benefit us, of course we should choose to stop.”

“Well stop just because you said so” Count Wein gave a snort, “Your subordinates have done many things on my territory, you want to just forget about it”

Xu Yi shook his head, “Lord Count, I want to go back and spend new years with my wife and child as soon as possible, so I dont want to waste time talking to you. I came this time to request an armistice with you, do you agree”

Count Weins expression twisted from Xu Yis impolite words and his face turned red. He wanted to vent his rage, but seeing Xu Yis calm expression, he knew that there was no meaning in venting that rage at all.

After thinking about it, Count Wein suppressed the anger in his heart and said with a cold snort, “Alright, I accept this armistice. But chairman Xu, you have caused losses to my territory, shouldnt you give me some compensation”

Xu Yi shook his head again, “Lord Count, youre mistaken. You should be the one to compensate for our loss, not us compensating your loss.”

“What a joke!” Count Wein flew into a rage and jumped up, “My subordinates havent even taken a single step into your territory, what losses do you have”

“Of course there are. There were many resources that should have been transported into my territory that were delayed, so our companys products have also been delayed and we have suffered heavy losses from this. Lord Count, dont you think there should be compensation”

“Bull**!” Count Wein finally couldnt help swearing, “You just earned a bit less money, but what about me How many of my people have died”

“You started this war, so you should bear the losses, it isnt related to me.” Xu Yi coldly said, “Lord Count, if youre not willing to accept my conditions, its very simple. I have many other methods to transport the goods and send out the products, but do you have a way to stop the attacks of the other lords”

Count Wein opened his mouth, but he couldnt say anything.

After a while, he slumped down in his chair and said to Xu Yi in a depressed manner, “Alright, tell me your conditions……”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Very good, first I want to request a bigger territory……”

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