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Volume 4 The border between Lord Weins land and the land he gave Xu Yi was a river that flowed from the border of the north of the Stantine Duchy and the Black Rice Wasteland, a river that flowed into the endless sea. It was named the Abundant River, which meant that it was a bountiful river.

This Abundant River wasnt that wide, but after Xu Yi took this territory, he did the same as the Rum River outside Banta City. He expanded the banks of the Abundant River and built a dam where the river entered the sea, causing the river to be at least fifty meters wide and twenty meters deep.

In the beginning, there were many people of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce who didnt understand why Xu Yi would change the Abundant River on this scale because it cost over five hundred thousand gold coins to change it.

To many people, this was completely unnecessary.

But today, with Count Wein leading ten thousand elite troops to arrive at the bank of the Abundant River, when they saw the river that was wide and deep, they found that Xu Yis actions had seen quite far into the future.

With this natural moat, his troops couldnt fly over, so naturally they couldnt attack the territory of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Five days ago, Count Wein received the statement sent by Xu Yi.

In that statement, Xu Yi sternly rejected Lord Weins request “to stop selling military magic machines to other lords of the Stantine Duchy”. Moreover, he stated that since this was his territory, Count Wein had no power to take it back.

As for the industries of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Count Wein had no rights at all.

Xu Yis statement had shown no courtesy, directly calling Count Weins thoughts wishful thinking.

Seeing this statement, Count Wein flew into a rage. Using only five days, he organized ten thousand of his most elite troops and headed to Xu Yis territory with such a large scale.

To him, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had less than two thousand guards, with a portion that stayed on the Black Rice Wasteland. There were only around a thousand guards defending Xu Yis territory, they couldnt stop his army at all.

However, in the beginning, they already met the large obstacle of the Abundant River and found it hard to enter Xu Yis territory.

Seeing the factories and beautiful houses that lined the banks, as well as the roads that ran all over the territory, Count Wein gave a strong snort. There was a greed that he couldnt control that appeared in his eyes.

Actually, he already thought about swallowing all the industries of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The hidden value of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, as the one who was their neighbor and cooperated with them for the longest, of course he was the one most clear on this.

He was very clear that if he could control the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he would become the strongest lord in the Stantine Duchy, even stronger than Duke Stantine.

But Count Wein wasnt strong enough before, so even if he drooled over the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he could only bide his time.

However, after beating Count Fran and several lords, Count Weins strength had increased by several times. He became much more confident and even believed that he was strong enough to easily defeat Duke Stantine.

But when the four lords joined together to attack him, he realized there was a problem.

The reason why he could defeat Count Fran and the other lords before was because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines. The combat strength of his soldiers far surpassed the soldiers of the other lords, which allowed to advance through them.

And when he was defeated for the first time by the four lords, it was because they were also equipped with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines, so they were both standing on the same foundation.

Going from easily defeating his opponents to being evenly matched, this difference all depended on the military magic machine.

Count Wein knew this better than anyone.

So after deep and serious consideration, Count Wein proposed the unreasonable request to Xu Yi of “not being allowed to sell military magic machines to other lords of the Stantine Duchy”.

Count Wein didnt count on Xu Yi agreeing, rather he wanted Xu Yi not to agree. Because like this, he would have an excuse to attack the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and swallow them up.

As long as he could control the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he could keep having the equipment advantage. He could defeat all the other lords in the duchy and control the entire duchy, becoming the next Duke Stantine.

Even……He was confident that he could leave the Stantine Duchy, attacking the other countries of the continent and becoming the new ruler of the continent!

But before achieving his grand and lofty goal, he had to solve a problem first.

“Boats Are they still not here yet” Count Wein turned to impatiently ask his trusted subordinate.

He and his ten thousand troops had been standing at the bank of the Abundant River for an entire morning, waiting for enough boats to transport his troops over this damn river.

“Weve already collected some boats, but there arent that much. Im afraid…..Im afraid we cant transport that many people across at once.” The subordinate had a difficult look on his face as he replied, “Sir lord, how about we just charge across the bridge”

Count Wein looked at where his subordinate was pointing and his eyes fell onto a broad bridge that stretched across the Abundant River not far away.

Looking at it, Count Weins face sunk. He slapped the head of his subordinate and cursed, “Are you an idiot Dont you see the row of Magic Bazookas and Magic Repeating Crossbows on the other side of the bridge If you charge over it, do you believe that our people would be dead before they even cross the bridge”

The subordinate rubbed his head and muttered, “It cant be that exaggerated right Its not like we havent used the Magic Bazookas and Magic Repeating Crossbows before, they arent strong enough that we cant deal with them at all.”

“Nonsense, we are using the Magic Bazookas and the Magic Repeating Crossbows the Frestech Chamber of Commerce provides, they definitely didnt give the best ones to us. Im certain that the Magic Bazookas and Magic Repeating Crossbows they are using are much better than ours.” Count Wein kept reprimanding him, “Then again, our losses are too much from charging across the bridge. If we go from the river, we can reduce those losses as much as possible. Then again, do we have few people Do you understand”

The subordinate nodded, “Yes, yes, the lord is truly wise.”

Count Wein gave a cold snort and turned to look back at the opposite shore with knit brows.

Although his words were light, he knew that even with his overwhelming numbers advantage, he would have to take heavy losses to break the bank.

But as long as he could take over the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he could accept any serious losses.

Anyway, his subordinates were all conscripted from his territory, he could recruit more if they all died.

As long as he had enough power, he could get more territory and more people.

A trivial ten thousand people wasnt considered anything.

“Lord, theres someone flying over.” The subordinate on the side pointed at the sky in the distance.

“Flying over” Count Wein was surprised as he looked up. He saw a person quickly flying over from the other side, falling down in front of Count Weins army after flying over the river.

When that person fell, Count Wein was stunned when he saw him.

This person was actually Xu Yi!

“Sir lord, can we have a few words” Xu Yi looked in Count Weins direction before his eyes fell onto Count Weins face.

Seeing the faint smile on Xu Yis face, Count Weins heart suddenly skipped a beat and his expression changed.

He suddenly found that he had neglected a very serious problem.

When he was calculating the Frestech Chamber of Commerces battle strength, he had only counted the guards and completely ignored something very serious. It was something that decided battles on the Sines Continent, which was the existence of magicians!

The Stantine Duchy was small, so their population was low and there werent many magicians in the duchy. There wasnt even a single Great Magician.

Lord Wein had many soldiers under him and he was stronger than before, but he didnt have any magicians in his army because all the magicians in the Stantine Duchy had been gathered by Duke Stantine. There were no other lords in the Stantine Duchy that were allowed to recruit magicians.

Now that Xu Yi flew over the river, Count Wein suddenly thought of a serious problem.

While he had no magicians at all, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had many magicians.

Not mentioning anything else, just the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility had four hundred and sixty three magicians and the weakest one was a Fourth Grade Magician. There were one hundred and seventeen of them who were even Sixth Grade Magicians or above.

Not to mention that there was a super powerful existence, which was Great Magician Camilla!

Thinking about the thousands of Third Grade and below magicians that created Magic Arrays, one could believe that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces strength when it came to magicians not only surpassed Count Wein, it even surpassed the entire Stantine Duchy!

As for the young chairman Xu who was standing in front of him looking harmless with a bright smile, he himself was a powerful Ninth Grade Magician!

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