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Magic Industry Empire Volume 4 Chapter 105 - Her majesty

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In the last month of year 3874, there was a shocking transformation in the Lampuri Kingdom.

December 3rd, Duke Stagg announced that he would submit to her highness Seveni, acknowledging her right to succession and would support her in becoming the next queen.

December 8th, her highness Seveni led her private guards to the Stagg Familys territory and accepted Duke Staggs surrender.

December 9th, Duke Stagg was found poisoned to death in his bedroom.

December 10th, her highness Seveni announced that while Duke Staggs crimes couldnt be forgiven and the Stagg Family were traitors, in view of the Stagg Familys contribution since the founding of the nation, some of the Stagg Familys charges would be forgiven.

Through a trial that lasted half a month, the kingdoms parliament announced that eleven leaders of the Stagg Family and other nobles that had worked with them would be charged with the crime of treason, so they would receive a death sentence.

The kingdom parliament took back the territory of the Stagg Family and the nobles that rebelled, but unexpectedly, they didnt force those families to death. They returned these lands to some blood relatives to let them continue these families.

The kingdom parliament even left some industries for these families. Even if they couldnt be as arrogant as before, they wouldnt have to worry about their finances and would live better lives than normal citizens.

This fate was already very good for the families that had been charged with the crime of treason.

So many people commended Sevenis benevolence in the Lampuri Kingdom. There were even newspapers that stated that Seveni was the most benevolent ruler of the Lampuri Kingdom.

Her majesty Seveni would definitely lead the Lampuri Kingdom to prosperity.

Of course, there were people who disagreed with how Seveni had dealt with these traitors.

Xu Yi was one of them.

“Although keeping the bloodlines of these nobles is a benevolent thing, doesnt this leave them a chance to take revenge in the future” Xu Yi looked at the red invitation in his hand and knit his brows as he said to the envoy Seveni sent, “Could it be that her majesty doesnt understand this”

The envoy said with a faint smile, “Of course her majesty understands this, but her majesty is also considering the stability of the kingdom. That is why she accepted these conditions.”

“I knew it was for this reason.” Xu Yi gave a shrug, indicating that he understood.

Actually, it wasnt like Xu Yi couldnt understand Sevenis approach.

If Seveni had enough time and the right conditions, Xu Yi believed that no matter how benevolent she was, she definitely wouldnt be kind to those nobles who had participated in rebelling.

This matter was not a personal grudge, but was related to the existence of the Lampuri Kingdom, she couldnt show any benevolence in this matter at all.

Sevenis way of doing this would without a doubt settle the chaos in the Lampuri Kingdom as soon as possible, reducing the damage to the kingdom and letting others take advantage of the situation.

According to the reports, the Sack Kingdom had increased their forces at the northern border and were clearly eyeing the Lampuri Kingdom.

If the Lampuri Kingdoms struggle lasted too long, plunging the kingdom into chaos and reducing the national strength, the Sack Kingdom wouldnt hesitate to take this great chance to invade.

If this situation really happened, the Lampuri Kingdom might really be in danger.

It was because of this that Seveni chose to negotiate with Duke Stagg even with her advantageous position and even accepting the terms of surrender.

Although this would leave some hidden dangers for the Lampuri Kingdom, compared to the crisis the kingdom was currently facing, it was not worth mentioning.

Seeing Xu Yi come back from his thoughts, the envoy quickly pointed at the front page of the fine invitation in Xu Yis hand and carefully said, “Chairman Xu, since you have seen the invitation, then I ask you to come to Anvilmar City when the time comes. Her majesty will definitely be very happy to see you.”

Xu Yi looked down on the invitation in his hand.

The invitation was to invite Xu Yi on December 25th, the day that the legends said that god was born, to come to Anvilmar City in the Lampuri Kingdom to attend her highness Sevenis coronation. To watch her highness Seveni become the Lampuri Kingdoms new queen.

Whether it was because of her relationship with Xu Yi or because of the great support the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had given her, it was natural that Seveni would invite Xu Yi. Moreover, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had made great contributions to Seveni pacifying the kingdom, so it was right for Xu Yi to be one of the guests invited.

But Xu Yi shook his head after considering it, “No, this is her highness coronation, a normal merchant like me isnt qualified to attend.”

The envoy was stunned before quickly shaking his hands, “No, no, no, chairman Xu, you are the guest of honour that her highness personally invited, how can you not be qualified Look, theres a signature on the invitation, that was personally written by her highness. Other than you, she only personally signed less than ten invitations, so it could be seen how important you are in her highness mind. If you arent qualified to participate, how many people are qualified then!”

Xu YI shook his head with a smile, “Please pass this on to her highness to me. Although I want to see her ascend to the throne with my eyes personally, I cant find the time that day, so please apologize to her for me.”

The envoy knit his brows, “Chairman Xu, what matter do you have that is more important than attending the coronation of her highness”

Xu Yi looked at him and casually said, “Its none of your business.”

The envoy felt anger in his heart, but thinking of what her highness Seveni had said to him before, he could only endure it and keep urging Xu Yi.

However, Xu Yi had made up his mind and wouldnt agree no matter what he said.

Seeing that Xu Yi was insisting, the envoy could only give a long sigh, “Chairman Xu, her highness really hopes that you can come to her coronation. She said to me that without your support, she wouldnt have become the queen of the Lampuri Kingdom. ,So she really hopes that she can take the throne with you watching. If you dont go, she will definitely be very disappointed.”

“Ive said it before, I want to see this great event very much, but…..” Xu Yi suddenly knit his brows. After thinking about it, he gave a sigh and continued, “Alright, lets not continue with these useless lies. Tell her highness for me that the reason why Im not willing to attend is that once she becomes the queen, I want to be a good friend to her. If I dont go, I can keep lying to myself.”

The envoy looked at Xu Yi in surprise.

From Xu Yis words, he could tell that the relationship between Xu Yi and her highness Seveni was deeper than he had imagined.

Otherwise, Xu Yi definitely wouldnt have said these words.

Thinking of the expression her highness had whenever she mentioned Xu Yi, the envoy had a look of shock.

Could it be…..that between her highness and Xu Yi…..there was a relationship that surpassed friendship

Xu Yi didnt know how far the envoys mind went. After pausing, he continued with a serious look, “Also help me tell her highness that no matter what, I wont change my support for her and our Frestech Chamber of Commerces support for the Lampuri Kingdom wont change. When the kingdom becomes stable, we will have many chances to meet, so she doesnt need to be too disappointed.”

The envoy looked at Xu Yi with a strange look. He didnt keep trying to convince him and talked about a few other things with Xu Yi before bidding him farewell.

Watching the envoy leave, Xu Yi couldnt help give a sigh.

Whether he was willing or not, since Seveni had become the queen of the Lampuri Kingdom, it was impossible for the relationship between the two of them to be as pure as when she was a princess.

As the cooperation between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Lampuri Kingdom became deeper, the relationship between the two of them would become more complicated.

In the end, the two being able to keep their friendship was already considered strange.

This was not something that the two of them could decide because behind them were the Lampuri Kingdom and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, both of which had the hopes of countless people.

Thinking of complicated matters in the future, Xu Yi gave a bitter laugh. He shook his head and threw out these negative thoughts, turning his attention to another matter that was considered more important for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The Lampuri Kingdom situation had been solved in just three months, now the Lampuri Kingdom was becoming more stable with the power that Seveni had.

But the Stantine Duchy was the opposite.

Lord Weins wild expansion in the north had finally met the resistance of the other lords.

In the Stantine Duchy, the lord that Lord Wein hadnt defeated yet had suddenly allied with three different lords. They took the chance of Lord Wein not stabilizing the territory to fully attack Lord Wein.

Those four lords had some military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Although their combat strength couldnt compare to Lord Weins army, it wasnt that far off and their soldiers were almost double that of Lord Weins. So once the battle began, because Lord Wein was caught off guard, his supplies couldnt keep up and he was defeated.

This was Lord Weins first time being defeated since attacking other lords.

Lord Wein flew into a rage after losing and came to find Xu Yi. He gave Xu Yi a clear request that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt sell any military magic machines to any other lords.

Otherwise, he would take back the territory he had given Xu Yi and would seize all of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces businesses.

Xu Yi didnt immediately reply to him, but he also didnt immediately reject him.

However, Lord Wein didnt plan on giving Xu Yi time to consider this, only giving him three days.

Xu Yi was now seriously considering this problem.

If he agreed to the request of Lord Wein, it would be equal to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce fully supporting Lord Wein. It would mean meaning put on the other side of the other lords and even having the chance of displeasing Duke Stantine.

But if he didnt agree, he would be facing the rage of Lord Wein.

Lord Weins threat wasnt a joke.

Xu Yi had been considering this matter since Lord Wein had given him this ultimatum yesterday, he had been considering for two days now. He had clearly considered all the advantages and disadvantages during this time, but he just needed to make a final decision.

Xu Yi was still a bit hesitant before, but now that he had received the news that Seveni would be taking the throne, it was like a door had been opened in his heart.

“Ive made enough concessions before, this time…..I cant make any more concessions.”

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