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Magic Plowing Machine

The conversation with Viscount Leslie proceeded very smoothly.

Compared to the proud and stubborn nobles, Viscount Leslie had a very clear advantage. It was that when there was something he didnt understand, he didnt directly reject it, rather he patiently listened and tried to understand it as much as possible.

For example, the freeing up production forces that Xu Yi talked about. Viscount Leslie was completely confused and he showed that he didnt understand at all.

But he didnt refute Xu Yi because of this and patiently listened to what Xu Yi said. When Xu Yi used the hundred slaves that he took from him as an example, he had a bit of understanding of the topic.

When those hundred slaves were under Viscount Leslie, they could only do a few simple things, so their value was very limited. In order to support them, Viscount Leslie even had to take out a few gold coins each year.

But after he lent them to Xu Yi, it had only been two months. If he were just to calculate it by normal wages, it could be said that Viscount Leslie had earned over a thousand gold coins.

Not to mention that they played a very important role in developing the factory, bringing large amounts of revenue to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Viscount Leslie was a major shareholder of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so the benefits the company received, he would also receive a portion.

So even if Viscount Leslie was not willing, he had to admit it. What Xu Yi said before was completely right. If those slaves remained in his hands, the value they had was far below the value they had in Xu Yis hands.

Thinking of this, Viscount Leslie became quite interested in the farmer support plan that Xu Yi mentioned. Even if he didnt know the concrete parts of Xu Yis plans, he still grabbed the bull by the horns and decided to fully support Xu Yis plan.

Compared to this, although Xu Yis net worth had increased because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he was still only a small merchant in Banta City. There were many things that werent easy for him to do.

It was completely different for Viscount Leslie. As a famous noble in Banta City and having a deep family background, the power of his words in Banta City was not something Xu Yi could compare to. With his great support, Xu Yis plan was naturally much easier to enforce.

After three days, the first small Magic Plowing Machine was released. It made a demonstration on Viscount Leslies farmland as usual.

This time was different from watching Viscount Leslie harvest the wheat last time. The Banta City nobles who received the invitations didnt have a trace of doubt in their hearts and joyfully came because they knew the effects of the small Magic Plowing Machine being demonstrated this time.

Although they only understood the name of the small Magic Plowing Machine, that didnt dampen their enthusiasm.

In the fall harvest before this, the nobles had already enjoyed the benefits brought by the small Magic Harvester. A field that needed around ten days to half a month to finish harvesting was finished in at most two days with the small Magic Harvester. The increase in efficiency was terrifying.

This time when Viscount Leslie told them that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had researched another magic machine that could increase the speed of their plowing, there wasnt a single noble that doubted this. Without even knowing what the appearance of the machine was like, they all submitted their orders to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Now that the small Magic Plowing Machine was finally out, these nobles definitely wanted to be the first to see it.

When they came to the set field, they were stunned to find that by the fields, other than the nobles, there were some fellows that looked like commoners. There were some among them who looked very crude, having swarthy faces and dressing like farmers.

Seeing this scene, the nobles instantly felt dissatisfied.

This was clearly a gathering of nobles, it was acceptable for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu Yi to participate, but what was the reason for these commoners and even these earth working peasants being invited

But since it was Viscount Leslie that invited them, they thought that Viscount Leslie could have other intentions. These nobles were dissatisfied, but they didnt reveal it.

These peasants felt very awkward, especially the normal farmers. They had never seen this many nobles before and now that they were suddenly standing by these noble masters, they felt very awkward.

It was a good thing that the strange looking machine by the fields attracted everyones eyes and everyones attention fell onto this machine.

This machine should be the small Magic Plowing Machine, but its appearance was even stranger than the small Magic Harvester.

The front of the machine had a row of cylinders placed together and the bottom of each cylinder was releasing a weak yellow glow.

There were some nobles with understanding of magic, so they could see that there was probably Earth Attributed Magic Arrays attached to the cylinders.

Thinking about the fact that this machine was called the Magic Plowing Machine, it could be understood why there were Earth Attributed Magic Arrays on it.

But the other half of the machine was something they couldnt understand.

There was a firmly packed iron back on the latter half and other than the thing that looked like a slit, they couldnt clearly see what it was. It made people want to open the iron box and see what was inside.

The doubts in their hearts didnt last long. After a while, Viscount Leslie saw that everyone had arrived and he announced that it would begin.

A large man came forward and after grabbing the handle of the machine, he pressed the switch. The row of cylinders with yellow glows lit up and then they fell down, slamming into the ground that had turned hard after they had finished harvesting the wheat.

The cylinders moved through the ground and everyone could hear a series of deep sounds coming from the ground. After that, they saw countless cracks form in the hard ground as it began shaking.

“Earth Splitting Spell” The eyes of a young noble by the field lit up as he spoke in a surprised voice.

“Baron Hanass, you recognize the Magic Array on the ground” The noble beside him asked in a dazed voice.

“Un, if I havent made a mistake, there should be the Earth Splitting Array on each of the cylinders.” The young noble called Baron Hanass nodded as he replied, “Although the Earth Splitting Array is only a Second Grade Array, to have the array work like this, to control the affected area of the array, and to even let the arrays on the cylinders not affect each other, it is designed perfectly. It could be imagined how profound the Magic Array knowledge of the person who designed this magic machine is.”

“He, he, Baron Hannas, this is your first time in our Banta City, so Im sure you dont know. The one who designed this magic machine is the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu Yi. He is definitely a magician and its said that even Great Magician Camilla has commended his talent for magic before. It is naturally not strange for him to be able to design this kind of Magic Array.”

“You said that hes a magician” Baron Hannas was stunned, “Since he is a Magician, why did he start a company Why didnt he properly study magic He has such great talent for magic, if he completely focused on studying magic, he would definitely become a powerful magician!”

The noble beside him gave a shrug, “I dont know that. But everyone has their own goals, perhaps chairman Xu Yi likes studying these kinds of things”

Baron Hannas shook his head with a frown and didnt say anything else.

In the field, the small Magic Plowing Machine didnt stop as it moved forward.

As the cylinders in front fell down, the Earth Splitting Array on the cylinders easily cracked the firm ground into loose soil. The iron box in the back finally revealed its fangs, which was a fierce looking iron rake.

With the high speed rotation of the iron rake, the plows on the iron rake kept scattering the soil blocks left behind and broke them down into pieces.

When the small Magic Plowing Machine passed through the patch of soil, the firm soil was turned into incomparably loose piles of soil.

Seeing this scene, whether it was the nobles or the farmers, they couldnt help gasping in shock.

If one was relying on just manpower, to do the same kind of plowing work, not only would they have to spend a large amount of effort and time, it was impossible for the soil to be this loose. The effect would be greatly inferior.

The more loose the soil was, the easier the planting work after the plowing was and it would be easier for the seeds planted to absorb the nutrients in the ground. It would be greatly beneficial to the future growth of the plants.

So this meant that with the help of the small Magic Plowing Machine, not only could one save on time and effort, it would also greatly increase the growth of their plants.

The group of people stared right at the small Magic Plowing Machine as it easily finished a mu of farmland in less than ten minutes before looking at the incomparably loose soil in the field. It took them a while before they came back to their senses.

Several nobles with quick reactions charged to Xu Yi standing beside Viscount Leslie and rushed as they shouted out.

“Chairman Xu, how is the small Magic Plowing Machine I ordered Has it already been made Send it to me right now!”

“Send what Chairman Xu, Ill send people to your company now, there are fields at my estate that are waiting to be plowed.”

“Hey, dont think you can act like that just because you made an order. I was the first one to make an order back then. Chairman Xu, you must remember first come, first serve.”


Seeing the actions of these people, the other nobles instantly reacted. They all charged in front of Xu Yi and began shouting.

Seeing these noble masters shouting without a care, the commoners on the side were shocked before finally reacting.

They looked at each other and they all revealed dispirited looks.

Although the effects of this small Magic Plowing Machine was very shocking, it was clear it would be very expensive. Not to mention them being able to afford it, even if they did, those noble masters were going all out to snatch them, so how could any come to these commoners.

Thinking of this, the commoners let out a sigh before preparing to leave while shaking their heads.

They couldnt understand why Viscount Leslie had invited them at all. This kind of place, it wasnt a place for commoners at all.

When the commoners wanted to leave, a man who whether it was his dress or his expression looked very serious came out. He smiled at everyone and said, “Everyone, please wait. I am the Frestech Chamber of Commerces finance manager, Sebas. May I ask everyone, is there anyone who wants the small Magic Plowing Machine”

The commoners were stunned. Seeing this very serious Sebas, they hesitated for a bit before they all nodded.

It had to be said, this small Magic Machine had given them a strong shock and they had to be blind if they said they didnt want it.

Seeing everyone nod, Sebas revealed a smile before continuing, “Since its like this, I think you will all be interested in the farmer support plan that our company has established lately…..”-

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