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Volume 4 When the first big snowfall came, it took only a single morning to completely turn Sowell City white.

Count Sean watched the snow falling outside and he had a serious expression.

Her highness Seveni had already been back in the Lampuri Kingdom for a month.

It was very normal at first.

After her highness Seveni returned to Anvilmar City, she calmly participated in the funeral of King Eric, but she didnt reveal any information about herself from beginning to end.

Everyone had thought that since her highness Seveni had given the throne to King Eric back then, she would keep supporting King Erics son Prince William in taking the throne.

But her highness Seveni didnt reveal anything to everyones surprise, she even answered each question vaguely.

Count Sean felt a bit wary at this time.

This time, perhaps her highness Seveni would make a choice that would surprise everyone.

As expected, half a month later, after her highness Seveni attended King Erics funeral and led her private guards back to her territory, she suddenly announced that King Erics death was not normal and he was poisoned to death!

This news shocked the entire Lampuri Kingdom.

When her highness Seveni announced this news, she had pointed that spearhead at Duke Stagg!

Her highness Seveni declared that she already had enough evidence that Duke Eric had incited others to poison King Eric. With her identity as the princess and the status of the first successor to the throne, she announced that Duke Stagg had violated the greatest crime of treason by poisoning the king!

The Lampuri Kingdom exploded after that.

The Stagg Family had controlled the kingdom for two years now and Duke Stagg had great power. For her highness Seveni to indict him like this, it was clear that she could no longer co-exist with the Stagg Family.

Duke Stagg firmly denied these accusations, saying that her highness Seveni clearly wanted to take the throne after King Eric passed, so she made these accusations. She wanted to deny King Williams rightful inheritance to the throne and take the throne for herself.

There were many people who supported this rebuttal since her highness Sevenis timing was just too coincidental, people had to doubt it.

The Lampuri Kingdom had fallen into sides that supported her highness Seveni and Duke Stagg, causing chaos in the kingdom.

To Count Sean, he knew that words dont matter in this battle. He was also very clear that the final outcome would be the strength on both sides.

Count Seans greatest allegiance was to the benefits of the Lampuri Kingdom. According to his original intentions, it was best that the kingdom was peaceful and stable, so although he was disappointed when he heard that her highness Seveni was giving the throne to Eric, he was quite happy in his heart.

But now Seveni had announced this shocking news and she wanted to take the throne, but this was the most dangerous time for the Lampuri Kingdom.

However, Count Sean didnt have any means to doubt Seveni since based on the information he received from his secret channels, King Eric had indeed died a questionable death.

Although it wasnt strange that Eric set Prince William as his successor, it was very strange that he had set Duke Stagg as the regent.

Not only Count Sean, there were many nobles in the kingdom that knew that while King Eric relied on Duke Stagg initially and could have been considered to have followed Duke Stagg, since the first half of the year, King Eric had many differences in opinions with Duke Stagg. He even contradicted Duke Stagg and completely opposed Duke Staggs suggestions.

In this situation, how could he assign Duke Stagg as regent and control the country

No matter how one looked at it, Count Sean had to agree with her highness Sevenis accusations.

Thats right, it must be Duke Stagg seeing that King Eric wanted to take away his control, so he poisoned King Eric. Then he put Prince William who was only a child on the throne while his true intentions were to take over the Lampuri Kingdom.

Count Sean suddenly felt a bit of regret.

If he and the other nobles that supported her highness Seveni had pushed her more, even forcing her to struggle for the throne of his highness Eric, then if her highness Seveni could take the throne, what would the Lampuri Kingdom look like now

Moreover, if her highness Seveni took the throne, she definitely would have supported the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. How could the Frestech Chamber of Commerce have been forced out and the magic machine industry that was bringing prosperity to the kingdom have been taken over by those fellows led by the Stagg Family, causing no improvement at all.

In the current Lampuri Kingdom, there was only Sowell City that had a part of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces industries.

This was forcefully kept by Count Sean.

Although Duke Stagg had raised this question repeatedly, trying to seize these industries, Count Sean had firmly stopped him.

The most decisive role in this was the third army that Lampuri Thirteenth had sent to Sowell City that had to obey Count Seans orders before his death.

“Lord City Lord, Princess Caroline is here.” An officer of the City Lord Manor reported.

Count Sean turned and nodded, “Have her come in.”

After a while, Princess Caroline who was wearing a white fur coat who was like a white flower blooming came in.

“City Lord Sean, its been half a month since we last met, how has it been recently” Princess Caroline said with a faint smile.

Count Sean shook his head, “Its as you can see, it isnt good.”

Princes Caroline was clearly a bit surprised by this answer. After a while, she looked over Count Sean before looking out the window with a smile, “The snow is already falling, theres no need to worry that the Sack Kingdom will attack during this time.”

“Snow wont stop them.” Count Sean shook his head, “If theres a need, our Sowell Citys forces and the third army has the ability to fight during the snow. But Im not worried about this, even if the Sack Kingdom wanted to attack, they wouldnt choose this time.”

“Yes, they would definitely choose when your Lampuri Kingdom is at its weakest.” Princess Caroline nodded, “And if nothing unexpected happens, next year should be a very good chance.”

Count Sean gave a bitter laugh, “If your highness can see this, there is no reason why the Sack Kingdom cant. Yes, our Lampuri Kingdom is at a very dangerous time, even the slightest misstep will destroy our country with hundreds of years of history.”

Princess Caroline slowly shook her head, “No, Lord Count, I dont think so.”

“Oh” Count Sean looked at Princess Caroline in surprise.

“Lord Count, your worry about the fate of the Lampuri Kingdom should be about the kingdom falling into a civil war and then being attacked by the Sack Kingdom, right”

Count Sean slightly knit his brows and nodded.

“Then Lord Count, have you ever thought that if the civil war was very short and her highness Seveni could quickly stabilize the kingdom, the Sack Kingdom wouldnt dare attack”

Count Sean was surprised, “How could that be possible Your highness, you dont understand that situation in our kingdom, her highness prospects…..arent good.”

“Is that so” Princess Carolines smile was like a flower, “Lord Count, I think that youve forgotten one important factor. Her highness Seveni has a very important supporter that no one can compare to.”

“Which supporter is that important” Count Sean shook his head with knit brows, “That is impossible.”

“No, of course this is possible because…..This support is Xu Yi and his Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” Princess Caroline said with a faint smile.

Count Sean knit his brows even deeper to think before shaking his head, “Youre overestimating the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Although I admit that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce can be of great help to her highness, he is not strong enough to affect the situation of the entire kingdom.

“That is not certain.” Princess Caroline looked at Count Sean in thought before choosing to give up on this.

Her coming to Sowell City this time was mainly to discuss continued cooperation with Count Sean.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces industry in Sowell City, other than their products entering Sowell City and the surrounding cities, a large portion of them entered the Drake Duchy.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces household magic machines were very popular in the Drake Duchy. Through the Drake Duchy channels, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces products were also being sold to the two duchies near the Drake Duchy and were very welcome in them as well.

Princess Caroline came this time to discuss with Count Sean about moving a portion of the technical workers of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in Sowell City to the Drake Duchy, building a new production base in the Drake Duchy.

“Lord Count, just like you are worried about, the Lampuri Kingdom can definitely fall to a civil war and during this civil war, the technical personnel of Sowell City and the entire Lampuri Kingdom should be protected, dont you agree with this”

“Un, I agree with this very much, but……To send them to your Drake Duchy isnt the only choice, I have other ways to send them out of the Lampuri Kingdom and even send them back to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Xu Yi put their safety in my hands, I cant disappoint him.” Count Sean said with a serious look.

“But wont this let the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gain more support for her highness Seveni” Princess Caroline said with a smile.

Count Sean was shocked before his eyes lit up, “Your highness, you mean……”

Princess Caroline revealed a faint smile and reached her hand out to Count Sean, “Lord Count, I represent the Drake Duchy to propose a cooperation to you. If youre willing to help our Drake Duchy build a new magic machine production base, our Drake Duchy will work with you as much as possible to give the greatest support to her highness Seveni.”

Count Sean looked at Princess Caroline in surprise.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines had such a large attraction in the Drake Duchy It can even make them abandon their neutral stance and support one side

But it wasnt over yet.

Princess Carolien continued, “If you agree to transfer a portion of the military magic machine technology to our duchy, our Duchy will fully support her highness Seveni and will stand on the side of the Lampuri Kingdom in their conflict with the Sack Kingdom in the future. How about it Lord Count, does this proposition move you”

Count Sean looked at Princess Carolines smile that was like a flower blooming and his heart skipped a beat.

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