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Volume 4 “Tell me…..What will her highness do on her trip back this time” Watching Sevenis private guards leave Xu Yis territory and heading quickly towards the Lampuri Kingdom, Still couldnt help asking this to Xu Yi beside her.

“How would I know” Xu Yi shook his head with a bitter smile, “But if nothing unexpected happens, the Lampuri Kingdom should fall into turmoil like Seveni was worried about. Moreover, this time…..she cant escape at all.”

A week ago, the news of King Eric passing had shocked everyone when it came.

King Eric was only thirty three this year, he was in the prime of his life, so how could he suddenly pass

And from the information from the Lampuri Kingdom, he had died because he had overworked himself.

This cause of death really was unthinkable.

Although King Eric had slowly been handling matters during the past few months and had worked very hard, he had always been healthy. For him to die because he worked himself to death, that was too unbelievable.

The day after the news came, Seveni went back to the Lampuri Kingdom.

Even if Eric had killed Lampuri Thirteenth and Seveni no longer felt any kinship towards him, he was still Sevenis big brother. Moreover, since he was the king of the Lampuri Kingdom, if he suddenly died, Seveni naturally had to go back to his funeral.

The more important thing was that Seveni doubted Erics cause of death.

Lampuri Thirteenth had already died an unnatural death, so Eric being killed wouldnt be that unbelievable.

This could be seen by Seveni ordering five thousand sets of individual military magic machines for her private guards before leaving.

It was clear that Seveni was planning for the worst case scenario.

It was different than when she faced Eric, she chose to escape before to keep the Lampuri Kingdom stable.

Now that Eric had suddenly died, she had lost her reason to escape and could only face it head on.

Thinking of the serious and determined look Seveni had before leaving, Xu Yi gave a sigh in his heart.

The Lampuri Kingdom really was filled with disasters.

When Lampuri Thirteenth was on the throne, the Lampuri Kingdom had been developing quickly and was prosperous from supporting the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But when Lampuri Thirteenth died, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was forced out of the Lampuri Kingdom and the situation in the kingdom quickly changed.

Eric, who had taken the throne, had finally put down his prejudice with great difficulty and was beginning to adopt some policies that welcomed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce back. Xu Yi could already see the light of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce re-entering the developed market of the Lampuri Kingdom, but he never thought that Eric would suddenly die.

The day after the news of Eric dying came, there came the news that Erics eldest son Prince William would take the throne and he would take Duke Stagg as his regent.

Prince William was only five years old, so of course he couldnt handle the matters of the kingdom. It was clear that the power in the Lampuri Kingdom had fallen into Duke Staggs hands.

Seveni had no opinion of Prince William taking the throne, but she definitely couldnt accept the thought of the Lampuri Kingdom falling into Duke Staggs hands.

Although Eric was the main instigator of Lampuri Thirteenths death, through the information she had obtained, Duke Stagg was the biggest accomplice and he had personally carried out this plan.

Seveni could tolerate Eric out of consideration of the Lampuri Kingdom, but she definitely couldnt tolerate Duke Stagg, the enemy who had killed her father controlling the Lampuri Kingdom.

Before Seveni left, she had already made her decision.

Xu Yi could expect that when Seveni returned to the Lampuri Kingdom, there would be a great storm in the Lampuri Kingdom.

If nothing unexpected happened, the Lampuri Kingdom would fall under a great wave and even fall into civil strife.

Xu Yi didnt care that much about the changes of the Lampuri Kingdom, but he cared about Seveni.

Seveni had enough conscience in her heart and she had made her decision.

But the situation she would be facing would be very dangerous.

Because she gave up fighting for the throne and to make Erics rule more stable, Sevenis current foundations in the Lampuri Kingdom werent as stable as before.

Rather, the Stagg Family was already the strongest family after the royal family and adding in the power that Duke Stagg had gained in his year of controlling the Lampuri Kingdom, the Stagg Familys power had increased.

In Sevenis trip to the Lampuri Kingdom this time, if nothing unexpected happened, she would definitely clash with the Stagg Family and the conservative faction that the Stagg Family represented.

Those conservative nobles had vested interests in the Lampuri Kingdom, so they wouldnt give them up.

If Seveni wanted to take back control of the Lampuri Kingdom from them, it could be imagined how hard it was.

With the Frestech Chamber of Commerces current strength, it was clearly impossible for them to interfere in the Lampuri Kingdom, but Xu Yi still wanted to help Seveni as much as possible.

For the five thousand personal guards Seveni brought, Xu Yi had prepared for them one set of individual military magic machine, while also providing a hundred Magic Bazookas, twenty medium Magic Trebuchets, twenty Magic Armoured Cars, and even a hundred of the new experimental Magic Communicators.

With this equipment, the combat strength of Sevenis personal guards had greatly increased.

Moreover, Sevenis guards werent idle during their months here. In these months, they had been training with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards frequently and they had already had some training on how to use the military magic machines.

This was enough to guarantee that they would be able to use the full might of the military magic machines in battle, their battle strength wouldnt be normal.

But Xu Yi could only help Seveni with this, he couldnt do anything else to help her.

Because…..The situation in the Stantine Duchy wasnt very peaceful.

After beating Count Fran, Lord Weins territory had increased. His army had increased from less than ten thousand before to over twenty thousand soldiers.

After beating Count Fran, Lord Wein gave some more territory to Xu Yi to order large amounts of military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce before he continued attacking the surrounding lords.

Now that Lord Wein had a larger army and he had more military magic machines, as well, as the combat experience from fighting Count Fran, his army was much stronger than that of the other Stantine Duchy lords. Once they began fighting, they swept through everything.

The other Stantine Duchy lords were afraid and alarmed by Lord Weins might.

Everyone knew that Lord Wein was this powerful mainly because of the military magic machines that he received from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

During this time, almost all the lords in the Stantine Duchy began ordering military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

They were the same as Lord Wein, they couldnt pay with gold coins.

These lords wanted to learn from Lord Wein and pay with territory, but Xu Yi firmly rejected them all.

The territory of those lords werent connected to Xu Yis at all. Even if he obtained these territories, Xu Yi couldnt send people to manage them.

Instead of getting some far away territory, it was better to get some real benefits.

Xu Yis goal were various real resources.

Although the lords of the Stantine Duchy were very poor, some of them not even being able to take out ten thousand gold coins, the land they owned was very rich. Even a small lord might have a few mines and other resources under them.

According to the various contracts the Frestech Chamber of Commerce signed, in these months, large amounts of resources were transported to Xu Yis territory from all over the Stantine Duchy, entering the factories of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

A part of this was used to make the military magic machines and were sold to the lords. Another part was turned into various other magic machines and other than the part sold in the Lampuri Kingdom, there was a large part sent to the Rudson Kingdom and the Mirando Duchy.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce earned a large amount from this.

Because the lords urgently needed the military magic machines, although the prices of the military magic machines werent increased, the prices of the resources they sent to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was lowered.

In the final calculation, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce earned a large profit from selling military magic machines to these lords.

There was no need to mention using those resources to make magic machines and selling them.

These magic machines were equal to having no material costs at all, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce only needed to pay the labour costs, so the profits could be imagined.

According to the stats from last month, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce used only a single month to earn profits as high as three million gold coins!

And before this, because the Frestech Chamber of Commerces profits had dropped from close to a million to a trivial three to four hundred thousand gold coins because they were forced out of the Lampuri Kingdom market.

For it to suddenly increase by ten times, even Xu Yi couldnt help feeling emotional.

Earning money from war really was the fastest way to make money.

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