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Volume 4 Xu Yis feelings towards the Magic Boat and the Magic Airship were different, so naturally he had different requests for them.

For the Magic Boat, he just wanted them for transport, so capacity was the main thing for the Magic Boats and he didnt care if they werent that fast.

But for the Magic Airships, he cared more about their speed, mainly being used for transporting people and cargo was secondary.

Moreover, when it came to his long term plans, the Magic Airships had a high strategic value. It would definitely play an important role in the future, so his main concerns for the Magic Airships were power, safety, and long term voyage capabilities.

After discussing with Evita for a bit, Xu Yi gave Evita a direction to continue her research. He wanted her to increase the power supply while also increasing its speed.

Xu Yis request for the Magic Airship was that he hoped it could at least surpass the speed of a Great Magician using flight magic.

After discussing with Great Magician Camilla, they confirmed that if a Great Magician flew with all their might, they could reach a speed of over fifty kilometers an hour. Right now the Magic Airship was only going forty kilometers an hour, so it was far from Xu Yis requests.

Of course, Evita stated that there was plenty of space for improvement for the Magic Airships speed.

Whether it was the output of the Magic Array or the improvement to the Magic Airships design, it could all increase the flying speed.

Of course, with the current development speed of the Magic Airship, to achieve the same level as the airplanes that reached over a thousand kilometers an hour, they were still far from being able to compare.

After asking about the Magic Airship, Xu Yi changed to another topic that Evita was in charge of.

This was the Magic Crystal refinement project.

Evita had already developed several easy to use Magic Arrays that could refine the normally mined Magic Crystals into new highly concentrated Magic Crystals.

These high concentration Magic Crystals were already being used in the various magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made. For example, the Magic Sedan, the Magic Armoured Vehicles, the Magic Boat, and the Magic Airship all used them because with the higher density of the magic contained within, the effects of the Magic Array became better. The output of magic was naturally better than when using normal Magic Crystals.

But there were problems with using this kind of high concentration Magic Crystal.

One of those problems was that the high concentration Magic Crystal wasnt stable enough. It wasnt suited for being stored long term and it was easy for the output to be decreased as the concentration dropped, which made it easy for accidents to occur.

Evitas main task for these refined Magic Crystals was to increase the stability of the new Magic Crystals and she had achieved some results.

According to her new research, the Magic Crystals refined with Evitas new Magic Crystal refinement Magic Array could be stored for one month at room temperature without magic being leaked and without it becoming unstable.

This was something that had already surpassed normal Magic Crystals.

When it came to quality, a normal high grade Magic Crystal contained less than one tenth of the magic contained in a piece of high concentration Magic Crystal of the same size.

To Evita, normal Magic Crystals could be eliminated because they had a large problem which was that they were too big and took up too much space.

If they used normal Magic Crystals, they had to keep creating more Magic Crystal supply cabins which made it much more difficult for the overall design.

“Take the Magic Airship, currently the medium sized Magic Airship had the supply cabin greatly increased in size because we needed to consider the use of Magic Crystals. Chairman, you just said that you wanted to increase the travel duration and the speed of the Magic Airship, one method is to increase the size of the supply cabins and the other is to start using the refined high concentration Magic Crystals.”

“Force output is the basis of the large sized Magic Machines. Changing the power supply will influence the entire design of the magic machine, do you think we can come up with a suitable design for the Magic Airship” Xu Yi asked.

“Of course.” Evita confidently replied, “In fact, using large storage cabins to keep the normal Magic Crystals affects the design and power of the Magic Airships very much. If we can use the high concentration Magic Crystals, it should make the design much easier.”

“Un, I can understand this.” Xu Yi nodded before asking, “Then what about your worries Since youve considered this, why didnt you already use this when you designed the Magic Airship”

Evita looked at Xu Yi and hesitated a bit.

“Chairman…..Actually, Im not worried about this, but you should be the one worried.”

“My worries What am I worried about” Xu Yi was surprised.

“Actually, the magic machine development center and our magic research facility are all confused. The high concentration Magic Crystal research has already matured and in my opinion, we can start producing and officially using it. We can improve the magic machines that our company is currently producing, but up to now, youve only requested that it be used in a small portion of the magic machines. So…..Im very curious, chairman, what are you worried about”

Xu Yi looked at Evita in surprise, “This is your opinion”

“It should be the opinion of our magic research facility and the magic machine development center. The technology has matured, but the chairman isnt willing to put it in production, so everyone is very confused.”

“Oh I never thought that you guys cared this much about this.” Xu Yi revealed a smile, “The reason for this is that the conditions arent right. Evita, havent you thought of something before If our company starts promoting the high concentration Magic Crystals, would the Magic Crystals still be considered cheap and unimportant”

Evita thought for a bit before revealing a look of understanding.

“No wonder the chairman was always purchasing those cheap Magic Crystals mines, you were already considering this.”

“Its because I believe that the magic machines will definitely become popular across the continent. When everyone starts using these magic machines, there will be a high demand for Magic Crystals. The market price is determined by demand. Right now no one attaches importance to the Magic Crystals, but once the future comes, Magic Crystals will become a very valuable resource and all the countries on the continent will fight over this resource.”

When Xu Yi said this, he was thinking about the oil on earth.

Although Magic Crystals could be found all over the Sines Continent, so much so that everyone was numb to them.

But once the magic machines became popular and because the demand increased, the resource that could be found all over would become very volatile.

Xu Yi saying that the countries being willing to fight wars over Magic Crystals wasnt exaggerated at all.

Evita didnt come from earth like Xu Yi, so naturally she didnt know how important core resources were to a country and she couldnt understand the situation Xu Yi described.

But that didnt stop her from believing Xu Yis words.

This sir chairman, he didnt have a hobby of speaking randomly.

The countless facts proved that Xu Yis foresight was much stronger than other peoples.

In an afternoon, Akali swam around in the ocean several times and she even made a sand castle with Freya. Then she laid down on the beach to tan herself, relaxing all afternoon.

Evita say with Xu Yi, enjoying the breeze and the sound of the ocean, while talking about technology that ruined the fun.

Akali wanted to pull these two into the ocean several times, but she was firmly rejected by them. She could only drag Still to the ocean in a depressed manner.

When the sun set on the ocean and the rays of the sun dyed the ocean red, there was also a layer of light red glow that covered the sand.

Feeling the ocean breeze become a bit cooler, Xu Yi realized that time had unknowingly passed and he ended his conversation with Evita.

“Alright, Evita, well end it here today. You can research the few problems I gave you just now, try to develop the Magic Airship of my mind as soon as possible. As for the other problems, you can make some preparations now and when the time is right, I hope that the magic research facility can draw up appropriate plans.”

“Alright.” Evita nodded and stood up with Xu Yi. Seeing Akali come back, she took the Magic Communicator and pressed the switch.

After around ten minutes, Akali finished drying herself off and the Magic Airship that brought the two of them here came over the beach to stop on the sand.

“Chairman, well be leaving first.”

Evita said goodbye to Xu Yi and Still before turning to head to the Magic Airship.

Akali looked at Xu Yi and gave a snort. She turned to the side and waved at Still before walking away.

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, “This petty fellow, didnt she rest all afternoon”

Still revealed a faint smile, “This is something that a girl cares about the most, of course she would be unhappy if you say it like this. Not to mention that she cares most about your approval, but you said you dont like it. It would be strange if she was happy.”

Xu Yi helplessly shook his head, “I cant just go against my conscience, right”

“Then that means you like girls with bigger chests in the end”

Xu Yis eyes fell onto Stills chest and raised a brow, “What do you think”

Still revealed a smile before coming to the side of Xu Yis ear and whispering, “Do you know why Evita wasnt willing to change into her swimsuit earlier”

“Because she was shy After all, a man like me was here.”

Still shook her head, “No, Im certain that she wanted to change into her swimsuit and show off her figure to you, especially after you said those words.”

Xu Yi rubbed his nose, “What do you mean”

“It means that.” Still said with a smile, “She wasnt willing to change not because she was shy, but because she didnt want to hurt Akali because…..Evitas body is even more plentiful than mine.”

Xu Yi looked at Stills chest in shock before swallowing a mouthful of saliva with difficulty.

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