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Volume 4 After ambassador Hakanin left with the middle aged magician, Kennard couldnt help saying to Xu Yi with knit brows, “Sir chairman, I understand that you dont want to offend ambassador Hakanin, but…..giving him all this stuff at once, isnt it a bit too much”

“Its just thirty thousand gold coins, it isnt much.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

“That depends on who its given to.” Kennard said with a serious look, “If it can bring benefits to our company like normal, thirty thousand isnt considered much. But this ambassador Hakanin…..I cant see what kind of help he could give us.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Although you and I both feel that theres nothing to gain from ambassador Hakanin, we have to consider his status.”

“Isnt he just an ambassador sent by the Candra Empire to the Rudson Kingdom, how important can he be” Kennard knit his brows even more and revealed a confused look, “To be more frank, since he was sent to a small country like the Rudson Kingdom to be an ambassador, it proves that he has no value in the Candra Empire. Investing in him isnt considered effective.”

“Then youre wrong.” Xu Yi shook his head, “This ambassador Hakanin has no skills and has low abilities, but him being an ambassador explains an issue. Although the Rudson Kingdom is a small country like the Lampuri Kingdom, an ambassador is an ambassador and represents the image and will of the Candra Empire, it definitely is not something anyone can do.”

Kennard felt a bit surprised, “Could it be that ambassador Hakanin has some special ability”

“He doesnt have any abilities himself.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “But this lord ambassador has a very outstanding big sister and is currently the most favoured concubine of the emperor. Now do you understand why this fellow could become an ambassador”

Kennard immediately understood.

But thinking about it, he felt that something was off.

“Sir chairman, this is your first time in the Rudson Kingdom, how do you know this much about ambassador Hakanin Could it be that you already obtained information about the Rudson Kingdom through other channels”

“No, the information on the lord ambassador came from King Teruc himself.”

Kennard was surprised, “It was actually King Tercu who told you Why did he tell you all this information”

“This is one of the sincerities he showed me.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “According to my observations, King Teruc is actually very dissatisfied with this lord ambassador, but only tolerates him because of the Candra Empire.”

Kennard shook his head, “This fellow, no one can take him no matter who it is.”

“Dont look down on him.” Xu Yi said, “No matter how useless he is, because of his status, he can help our Frestech Chamber of Commerce enter the Candra Empire. You think that I gave him too many household magic machines, but I feel it was too little. Think about it, Kennard, with the personality of this lord ambassador, if he got Magic Sedans and household magic machines, what would he do after returning to the Candra Empire”

Kennard thought about it before his eyes lit up.

“I understand, this lord ambassador will definitely show off! And this is equal to giving our Frestech Chamber of Commerce plenty of advertising!”

“Now do you understand why I was so generous” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Kennard nodded and couldnt help saying in an emotional voice, “Sir chairman, I have to admit, Im far lacking compared to you in terms of foresight. Did you already think of this when you saw ambassador Hakanin in the motorcade”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and waved his hand, not answering this question.

“Alright, stop flattering me. Before Newman comes looking for us, we should handle things here first.”

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce main store in Caraca City had been here for a year, but this was Xu Yis first time inspecting this place.

Before Xu Yi arrived, this place was already notified. Knowing that Xu Yi was here to make an evaluation of the Rudson Kingdoms magic machine market, they were already prepared.

Xu Yi gave an order and the person in charge of this store took out the finance reports for Xu Yi.

However, Xu Yi didnt care about the exact numbers. He just looked over them before handing them over to Kennard before he began focusing on the total sales report.

Based on this report, before the Frestech Chamber of Commerce started selling in the Rudson Kingdom, there were already Frestech Brand magic machines circulating in the Rudson Kingdom.

But most of that was because of Newmans relationship with them, bringin back these magic machines to sell in the Rudson Kingdom, so there werent that much being sold. At its peak, it didnt break two hundred thousand gold coins when it came to sales.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce set up this store in Caraca City and several branches in various other cities, the sales of the Frestech Brand magic machines soared in the Rudson Kingdom.

Just last month, there were over three hundred and seventy thousand units that were sold in this main store and the branch stores, reaching sales of over five million gold coins.

Although there were the taxes of the Rudson Kingdom, the profit was lower than when selling in the Lampuri Kingdom, their profits still reached over two million gold coins.

Moreover, as the household magic machines became more popular, their sales kept growing.

In the first month, their sales only reached a hundred thousand gold coins, but it surpassed seven hundred thousand gold coins last month.

This was just the progress the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made in the Rudson Kingdom in one year.

If time continued and the people of the Rudson Kingdom approved of the Frestech Brand magic machines, their sales would definitely keep growing.

If the situation in the Lampuri Kingdom didnt change, the Lampuri Kingdom would be the first market for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

According to the current trend, the Rudson Kingdom would surpass the Lampuri Kingdom soon and would become the most important market for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But after Xu Yi thought about it, he said to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Rudson Kingdom branch chairman Merloc Cool, “Starting next month, start putting the household magic machines of the other companies in nour stores. Also, make sure that you promote them properly so those other household magic machine brands can get decent sales.”

Cool was surprised, “Why This is our store, why do we need to sell the things of other companies”

“This is the deal between us and the other companies, you just have to follow it.”

“Although Cool was confused, Xu Yi had a high prestige in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and didnt dare say a thing, he just kept his doubts in his heart.

Xu Yi just told him a few changes to the development plan before Newman rushed over.

Seeing that Xu Yi and Kennard were safe, Newman let out a long sigh of relief.

“Chairman Xu, I heard that ambassador Hakanin arrived at your Frestech Chamber of Commerces store and it scared me to death. But its a good thing that he didnt seem to run into you.”

“No, I met him and talked with him for a bit.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Newmans expression changed. He looked over Xu Yi with a confused expression before asking, “Then…..Chairman Xu, did he cause you any trouble”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Ambassador Hakanin is a reasonable person. I have solved the misunderstanding I have with him and theres nothing between us, we even became good friends.”

Newman looked at Xu Yi with a strange expression.

Ambassador Hakanin couldnt be related to the word “reasonable” at all, so how did Xu Yi take care of him

But Newman threw away these doubts since it was fine as long as Xu Yi was fine.

Before coming to find Xu Yi, he received the order from King Teruc as the chairman of the Rudson Chamber of Commerce to discuss a deeper cooperation with Xu Yi.

Receiving this order meant without a doubt that King Teruc had accepted the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, displaying his support for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

This was a very good piece of news for Newman.

Because he had introduced the various magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to the Rudson Kingdom, he was promoted for his merit.

Now that his majesty has decided to fully cooperate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, as the one who had the longest contact and understood them the best, also the person who understood magic machines the best in the Rudson Kingdom, he was the one in charge of handling this cooperation.

Based on the decree of his majesty, it was clear that this matter was important for him.

Then as long as he could process this cooperation, there was a chance that he would obtain the praise of the king and could keep getting promoted. It was no longer a dream that he might one day reach the peak of the Rudson Kingdom.

Thinking of this, Newman was very kind towards Xu Yi and said with a full smile, “Chairman Xu, according to the decree of his majesty, I am the representative that our Rudson Kingdom has sent to discuss the matter of cooperating with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Chairman Xu, which project should we start with”

Xu Yi thought about it before pointing north, “Lets take a look at your Rudson Chamber of Commerces factory. Chairman Rudson, I heard that the quality of the magic machine your companys factories produce is quite worrying……”

Newmans expression became very awkward.

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