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Volume 4 Xu Yi hesitated a bit before walking over still.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had invested quite a bit in Caraca City to open the Rudson Kingdom market. This shop was not only placed on the busiest business street, it was also very big and was at the front of the street, rented with Newmans relationship.

But this giant shop was actually empty right now, there were a group of people wearing different clothes surrounding it.

There was a familiar voice that came from the crowd.

“Call your manager out! What kind of shop is this You dont have what I want to buy. Let me tell you, if I cant get the things I want to buy today, just wait until I close this store!”

Hearing the strong voice reprimanding the clerk, Xu Yi knit his brows and walked through the crowd.

“Ambassador Hakanin, I never thought we would meet again after such a short time. It really does make one feel that this world is small.”

Xu Yi caught everyones attention as soon as he spoke.

Ambassador Hakanin turned around and looked at Xu Yi as he narrowed his eyes. However, he revealed a surprised look as he raised his voice, “Aiya, isnt this chairman Xu What His majesty is really generous, letting you go in the end”

Seeing his appearance, Xu Yi immediately understood.

This fellow was clearly here to deliberately cause trouble!

Since his goal was achieved, Xu Yi naturally couldnt help provoking him which would just cause him trouble. After thinking about it, he came forward with a smile.

“His majesty truly is benevolent. But I also have to thank lord ambassador Hakanin, for forgiving my offense towards you. Lord ambassador, I was careless before, please forgive me. Since you are now at our companys store, then it is our companys honour. As a gift, as long as it is something in the store, you can choose whatever you want and I can give it to you for free on behalf of our company. What do you think”

Ambassador Hakanin was bewildered by Xu Yis respectful appearance. He looked over Xu Yi and found that his smile was sincere, he didnt act arrogantly like he had before at all.

He couldnt slap a smiling person and he had taken enough compensation from King Teruc, so no matter how much of a hoodlum ambassador Hakanin was, he couldnt forcefully cause trouble for Xu Yi.

But when he heard that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had opened a store in Caraca City, he had specially come here. He couldnt just leave without doing a thing.

Letting Xu Yi off this easily made him feel uncomfortable.

Thinking of this, ambassador Hakanins small eyes looked around before he gave a cold snort, “Chairman Xu says it so easily. The thing I want isnt in your store!”

“Oh May I ask which product the ambassador has his eyes on As long as its you, I will definitely provide it for you.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

“Youre the one who said this. Alright, I saw several Magic Sedans on my way here and felt they were pretty good. As the ambassador of the Candra Empire, if I dont even have a single Magic Sedan, it wouldnt suit my status. Dont you think, chairman Xu”

Xu Yi laughed and nodded, “Thats right, with the identity of the lord ambassador, it isnt suitable for you to just ride a horse carriage. Only our Frestech Chamber of Commerces newest model Magic Sedan can suit your status. Please be assured lord ambassador, although this store doesnt have this product, I will have one assembled at the headquarters immediately. No matter what design or style the lord ambassador wants, we can give it to you.”

Ambassador Hakanin looked at Xu Yi with knit brows.

Xu Yis respectful appearance was completely different from his arrogant act from before.

Moreover, since there were scruples with King Teruc, he couldnt go too far.

After thinking about it, ambassador Hakanin raised his hand and pointed around the store.

“Since theres no Magic Sedans now, then just give me a few of these things to play with for now.”

Xu Yi said with a smile, “Thats easier. As long as its a household magic machine that is here, I can give you some of every kind.”

Ambassador Hakanin slowly nodded, “This…..You know…..I have a bunch of subordinates and many close friends back home…..”

“How about one hundred units of each household magic machine”

Even if Hakanin wanted to trap him, he never thought that Xu Yi would actually be this bold.

He thought that ten of each kind was good enough, he never thought that Xu Yi would suddenly give him a hundred of each kind!

When he had been wandering around looking at the prices, the cheapest Magic Fan only cost six gold coins and the more expensive Magic Air Conditioner cost at least thirty gold coins.

A hundred of each kind had a total price of over twenty thousand gold coins!

Then adding in the Magic Sedans that Xu Yi gave, Xu Yi was giving him over thirty thousand gold coins worth of goods!

After quickly counting the price of the goods, ambassador Hakanins face couldnt sink anymore and he revealed a smile as he nodded to Xu Yi, “Good, good, good, well leave it at that.” He patted Xu Yi shoulder after saying this and praised him, “Since chairman Xu is an understanding person, everything is good. Good, lets write off everything between us from before.”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “Many thanks for the lord ambassadors generosity.”

Ambassador Hakanin gave two laughs before suddenly looking aside, “But chairman Xu, the matter between you and I can be written off, but the matter between you and my subordinates cant be forgotten.”

Xu Yu looked at the middle aged man ambassador Hakanin pointed at who had been standing silently on the side and he narrowed his eyes.

From the elemental magic energy in the air, he could easily tell that this middle aged man should be a magician and he was quite strong.

“This one is……”

“Im here to take justice for my little brother.” The middle aged man said in a deep voice.

“Little brother” Xu Yi looked at this middle aged man in surprise. He remembered the magician who had been blasted off the horse carriage and found that these two looked similar, immediately drawing the connection.

“Yes, my little brother was seriously injured by you and now is still in a coma. Chairman Xu, how are you planning on settling this matter” The middle aged man asked in a deep voice.

“Justice Settle” Xu Yi looked over him and gave a cold laugh, “Your little brother attacked me first and he was very fierce. In the end he was heavily injured by me and me not taking his life is already going easy on him, youre still asking for justice You want me to settle this What a joke!”

The middle aged mans face turned dark and he turned to ambassador Hakanin.

Ambassador Hakanin took a step back and looked like he wouldnt meddle.

The middle aged man nodded and took a step forward. He came in front of Xu Yi and said with a serious look, “No matter who was right or wrong, you have seriously injured my little brother. Were all magicians and in my name as a magician, I officially challenge you!”

When this was said, everyone gave a gasp.

Magicians were different from soldiers. Magicians always valued their status, there would be rarely any situation where magicians dueled.

This magician was clearly quite strong and the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu was a strong magician. If the two dueled, that would really be quite the scene.

Xu Yi didnt react at all and just narrowed his eyes to look over the middle aged man before shaking his head, “I refuse.”

The crowd gave a gasp again and the middle aged man revealed a surprised look, “Chairman Xu, you…..youre ignoring the honour of mages Youre actually rejecting my challenge, you…..you are the shame of magicians!”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Im sorry, I am a merchant, my magician status is secondary. You can say whatever you want.”

Hearing Xu Yis response, the crowd and the middle aged man were stunned.

On the Sines Continent, there was a heaven and earth difference between magicians and merchants.

Of course the magicians were the heaven and merchants were the earth.

Although there were many magicians that combined business with magic for money, when they talked about their status, everyone would emphasize they were a magician and they wouldnt say they were a merchant.

To magicians, being a merchant was because they had no choice and it was shameful conduct.

But Xu Yi was clearly a powerful magician and he was stressing that he was a merchant. Rather he said that his identity as a magician…..was only secondary!

This was simply going against common sense.

The middle aged man looked at Xu Yi in a daze before reacting with difficulty, “Xu…..Chairman Xu, you…..You are bringing shame to all magicians like this!”

“I dont have that meaning and Ive said this in front of several Great Magicians. They didnt disagree with this, so are you qualified to say this”

The middle aged man couldnt do a thing because he suddenly remembered the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had two Great Magicians.

If he felt that Xu Yis words were bringing shame to all magicians, those two magicians clearly had more right to express their opinion.

“Alright, to be honest, Im very busy right now, I dont have time to duel you.” Seeing that this middle aged man had nothing to say, Xu Yi continued, “If you want to solve problems with the way of a magician…..alright, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has many magicians to replace me. Its fine even if you want to fight our two Great Magicians. Of course…..Im afraid you wont dare……”

Seeing Xu Yis teasing look and thinking of the terrifying magicians of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facilities, as well as the two terrifying Great Magicians, the middle aged mans face turned pale.

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