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Volume 4 When Xu Yi came out of the royal palace, Kennard came over.

“How is it Sir chairman, his majesty didnt do anything to you, right That ambassador Hakanin left the royal palace long ago, did he make it hard on you” Kennard looked over Xu Yi and found that there were no injuries on him at all, so he calmed down.

But seeing Xu Yis slightly knit brows, he was still a bit worried as he asked, “Could it be that ambassador Hakanin has made an excessive request that he is forcing you to accept”

Xu Yi finally came back from his wandering mind and shook his head, “No, his majesty has already solved this matter for me, theres no problem now.”

“Then…..why do you still have this expression” Kennard asked in a confused voice.

“I am just still surprised.” Xu Yi turned back to the palace gates, “His majestys attitude towards me is quite good, un……It should be considered very good, even better than what I had expected.”

“Is that so” Kennard was a bit confused, “Although the Rudson Kingdom has always supported our Frestech Chamber of Commerce investing here, for the king to have such a good attitude…..Is there a need”

“This I dont know.” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Perhaps King Teruc can seriously see the hidden potential that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has.”

Xu Yi turned back to look at the royal palace and his heart filled with emotion.

He never thought that King Teruc had placed such importance on him and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

In his conversation with Xu Yi, King Teruc had clearly told Xu Yi that he would fully support the Frestech Chamber of Commerce investing in factories in the Rudson Kingdom. He even hoped that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would cooperate with the Rudson Kingdom without hesitation, jointly developing the magic machine industry in the Rudson Kingdom.

King Tercu even made a guarantee to Xu Yi that he could give the Frestech Chamber of Commerce certain rights.

This guarantee made Xu Yi unable to stop himself from thinking of the past Lampuri Thirteenth.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had just appeared in the Lampuri Kingdom, although Lamuri Thirteenth didnt give Xu Yi his promise, he had given Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce plenty of support through his actions. He had given the Frestech Chamber of Commerce certain rights.

But Lampuri Thirteenth had been very conservative towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, limiting the rights he gave to Banta City and they were very restricted rights.

Then when Lampuri Thirteenth passed and his highness Eric took the throne, not only did the Frestech Chamber of Commerce lose those rights, they were even chased out of the Lampuri Kingdom by the conservative nobles.

Now that King Teruc was pledging to fully support the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, giving them some rights, Xu Yi did feel happy, but he didnt feel that excited.

In the end, the Rudson Kingdom was someone elses country. Perhaps King Teruc supported the Frestech Chamber of Commerce now, but there was no guarantee how long he would support them. He might suddenly change his attitude because of the situation.

Then if King Teruc suddenly passed away, the king that took over the Rudson Kingdom might not treat the Frestech Chamber of Commerce the same.

If the events of the Lampuri Kingdom happened again, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce might suffer even more losses.

Of course, Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt give up.

The worry was there, but for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce development and the development of the magic machine industry on the Sines Continent, Xu Yi decided to cooperate deeper with the Rudson Kingdom.

According to his discussion with King Teruc, not only would the Frestech Chamber of Commerce increase their investment in the Rudson Kingdom, they would release more household magic machine technology and set up household magic machine factories jointly with the Rudson Kingdom.

At the same time, the Rudson Kingdom would set up several magic machine vocational skill schools on Xu Yis suggestion, training people to work in the magic machine industry.

Moreover, Xu Yi also made a deal with King Teruc. As long as everything went smoothly, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could even transfer the production magic machine technology to the Rudson Kingdom, letting them make production magic machines themselves.

This was already Xu Yi commitment in building the foundations of the magic machine industry in the Rudson Kingdom.

The production magic machine was the most important foundation. As long as they had this, the Rudson Kingdom could design and manufacture new magic machines, they wouldnt need to completely depend on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But this goal was still a bit too far. So both sides only reached a temporary deal and would consider it further in the future.

Actually, Xu Yi didnt have much hope for long term collaboration.

Based on the experience of the Lamuri Kingdom, because of the backwards political system of the Sines Continent, it was hard for countries to keep many of their decisions.

Although King Teruc supported the Frestech Chamber of Commerce now, no one could guarantee he would keep supporting them.

For Xu Yi, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces most important core was the private territory that he currently owned in the Stantine Duchy.

“Wheres Newman” Xu Yi looked around. He didnt find Newman who had been waiting with Kennard before he went into the royal palace and couldnt help being a bit surprised.

Kennard had a surprised look, “Newman said that he would find someone to ease the tense relationship between you and ambassador Hakanin.”

“Oh Is that so It seems like Newman puts quite the importance on us.” Xu Yi smiled and looked at the two subordinates Newman had left before saying to Kennard, “Since Newman isnt here, then lets not worry about discussing with the Rudson Kingdom. Lets go and see the situation at the shop.”

“Alright.” Kennard nodded and got in the Magic Sedan with Xu Yi.

Those two subordinates should have received Newmans orders. Those two didnt stop them and just got in a Magic Sedan, closely following them.

Xu Yi turned back and couldnt help saying with a smile, “Newmans Magic Sedan should be considered rare in the Rudson Kingdom, right”

“Actually, it isnt that rare.” Kennard shook his head, “According to the stats of the shop, our company has sold seven hundred and forty six Magic Sedans in the Rudson Kingdom. Four hundred and twenty five of them were bought by lords and merchants of the other regions while three hundred and twenty one were sold in Caraca City. I think that we should see another Magic Sedan soon.”

“Theres three hundred of them in this city, that really isnt a small number.” Xu Yi nodded, “But the total here is far worse than Banta City, the density really is lacking.”

“Theres no other way since our company has just started selling Magic Sedans in the Rudson Kingdom in the beginning of this year. Moreover, because of the tariffs, the Magic Sedans price is much higher than in Banta City, which also affects the sales.”

There was a pure black Magic Sedan that came through. When it passed by the Magic Sedan Xu Yi and Kennard were sitting in, the driver of the Magic Sedan looked over and was surprised to see Xu Yi and Kennard.

Xu Yi smiled at the other side and the other side also revealed a strained smile before quickly driving off.

“Theres no need to worry about the sales, I believe that the Magic Sedan will become popular in the Rudson Kingdom sooner or later.”

Xu Yis eyes swept over the black Magic Sedan driving off in the distance before looking at the various stores and buildings on the side. He found that there were various household magic machines inside those buildings being used.

It was the middle of summer, so there were Magic Fans all over. There were also many Magic Air Conditioners and Magic Freezers which were the most popular summer household magic machines.

On the sides of the road, there were quite a few people riding bicycles, as there were less people walking on the roads.

“Look, Kennard, those companies were afraid of losing the Lampuri Kingdom market and were afraid of losing all their profits. Do you see this, the people here have clearly accepted magic machines. The Rudson Kingdom market, it might even be bigger than the Lampuri Kingdom market.”

“Yes.” Kennard nodded with a smile, “Through the efforts of our company, weve finally opened the market in the Rudson Kingdom. Those companies have actually earned quite a bit, our company has opened the market and theyre running over to profit from it.”

“What Youre not satisfied with them”

“No, Im just feeling emotional.” Kennard shook his head, “Sir chairman, Ive worked with you for this long, so I know what you are thinking. You arent willing to let those companies die since they represent the future of the magic machine industry, right”

Xu Yi laughed, “Thats right, very good, Kennard. Ive found that it would be no problem letting you handle the entire company because you know what Im thinking very well.”

Kennard shook his head with a bitter smile, “That wont do. At least I cant test the attitude of the Rudson Kingdoms king or do something as crazy as offending the Candra Empires ambassador.”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

Although Kennard didnt say it, he thought that what Xu Yi did just now was very risky and was warning Xu Yi with veiled words.

Although the Magic Sedan couldnt drive too fast in Caraca City, it didnt take them long to move halfway across the city to the most busy business street on the west side.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces shop in Caraca City which was their only sales point was located on this street.

The two got out in front of the store and when they walked in, there was a very familiar voice that came from within.

“Youll take it out if I say take it out! Do you not know who I am If Im not happy, do you believe I wouldnt have people smash your shop!”

Hearing this voice, Xu Yi and Kennard looked at each other and revealed bitter smiles.

Enemies really crossed on a narrow path.

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