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Big Stomach King Competition

When Freeman rushed to the market district, he found that the wide street was already completely filled with people. From time to time, there was even waves of cheering that could be heard.

Even if Freeman was a strong man, he used quite a bit of effort before he could push his way through.

There was a crowd gathered around a large area and there were several tables in line placed there, with ten people of different appearances sitting at the table. In front of each person was the Magic Rice Cooker Freeman had seen on the sign outside the city.

Each Magic Rice Cooker was filled with white rice that released its fragrance in all directions. Each of these ten people were holding bowls the size of their faces which were filled with white rice, preparing to shove them into their faces.

The competition seemed like it had just started and the ten people ate very quickly. Not long after, the ten large bowls had already been emptied.

However, when it came to the second bow, there were already clear winners and losers.

Three people could only eat half a bowl before giving up, announcing they gave up.

Not long after, another two also couldnt keep going.

Of the remaining five, only two seemed very relaxed after eating their second bowl and the other three seemed kind of stuffed.

As expected, those three only finished a small of their third bowl before giving up. The other two finished the third bowl in a single breath.

As the two remaining people dueled each other, the crowd became more excited. They kept cheering for those two and the atmosphere became very passionate.

After they finished the fourth bowl, the actions of the two slowed down.

After finishing half the fifth bow, there was one person who couldnt keep going any longer. He spat out a mouthful of rice while the other person slowly finished the rest of his bowl.

This competition had naturally ended. A young person walked out to congratulate the winner and handed the Magic Rice Cooker in front of him to him as his prize.

Freeman asked the person beside him in a daze, “Wasnt it said that only the final winner would receive a Magic Rice Cooker Could it be that this is the final competition”

That person looked at Freeman and said in disdain, “How could the Frestech Chamber of Commerce be petty Let me tell you, no matter which competition you win, you can receive a Magic Rice Cooker. The final winner not only receives a Magic Rice Cooker, they also receive a special prize. What You want to enter”

Freeman nodded.

At this time, the young person who seemed to be in charge announced that the next competition would be beginning soon. Freeman quickly charged out and stole a spot by the table.

Seeing the hesitant looks on the faces of the people, Freeman couldnt help feeling disdain.

These fellows, there is clearly free fragrant rice and theyre actually not coming, this is just a waste.

After a while, ten people had gathered and another ten Magic Rice Cookers were placed on the tables.

Under the young mans instructions, the ten contestants including Freeman took off the cover of the Magic Rice Cooker. Once the Magic Rice Cooker was opened, there was a fragrant scent that poured out that made the surrounding people cry out in shock.

Freeman sucked in his nose with great force and felt the rich fragrance greet his nostrils, making him unable to stop his drooling. His stomach couldnt help making rumbling sounds.

This Magic Rice Cooker really was a good thing. He only saw people put rice and water in it and it was cooked into fragrant rice in just a while. It was even more fragrant than the rice he cooked at home with his large pot.

“Let the competition begin!”

With the command of the young man, Freeman immediately used the rice paddle to fill the bowl in front of him. After blowing on it twice, he began to swallow in large mouthfuls.

Since the morning, Freeman had only drank water and hadnt eaten anything.

For him to carry two hundred pounds of wheat such a far distance, the energy he consumed was quite shocking.

His stomach had been empty for a long time and not to mention white rice, he might have even swallowed down a bowl of wild weed.

The crowd felt like everything was a blur as the large bowl in front of Freeman had already been emptied.

When Freeman continued to his second bowl, he was stopped by the young man in charge.

“What Im not allowed to eat” Freeman looked at the young man in a daze, as his face filled with disappointment.

Alex couldnt stop the cold sweat from appearing on his face.

Since this morning, there had been thirteen groups of over a hundred people who had participated in the Big Stomach King Competition, but this was his first time seeing a fellow who ate this quickly.

This large bowl, he wouldnt be able to finish even if he ate for an entire day, but this swarthy looking fellow actually finished it all in the blink of an eye. He really didnt know what his mouth and stomach was made of.

“No, its not that Im not letting you eat, but Im asking you to wait a bit for the other participants. Its more convenient for us to count this way.” Alex maintained his smile as he explained to Freeman.

“Oh.” Freeman could only put down his bowl before looking at the participants beside him, “I say, cant you eat a bit faster Could it be you dont want to win”

The other nine contestants looked at each other in blank dismay. They did want to win, but seeing how you eat, was there any hope of winning

After that, two contestants directly left their seats and gave up on the competition.

The other seven contestants were a bit unwilling and finished their first bowls.

After seeing Freeman eat the second bowl like a hurricane clearing up the clouds, the remaining seven participants had all lost their appetites. There was no need to mention any chances of winning.

So after Freeman had only eaten two bowls, he had already been named the winner of this competition.

Watching the other contestants leave, Freeman was a bit curious.

“Hey, why are you all leaving This rice is this delicious, arent you planning to eat a bit more”

Everyone was speechless.

They had seen many participants of this Big Stomach King Competition, but this was their first time seeing this kind of fellow.

Alex didnt know whether to laugh or cry as he placed the Magic Rice Cooker in front Freeman in his hands. He tried his best to keep a straight face as he said, “This mister, congratulations on winning this round. This Magic Rice Cooker is your price, please take it. Other than this, I ask you to leave your name and to come participate in the final round at six.”

Freeman looked at the Magic Rice Cooker in his hands in a daze. He had just eaten two bowls of rice and he had won a Magic Rice Cooker

Was there really such a good thing in this world

Facts proved it and the good things Freeman met was not just this.

After doing some temporary work in the city for an afternoon, Freeman went to the competition area after receiving his three silver coins. In the end, he shocked everyone by eating thirteen bowls of rice to win the entire competition.

Based on this victory, Freeman was led by Alex and he actually got to meet the legendary chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Xu Yi!

Xu Yis eyes swept over Freeman before finally landing on his stomach and his eyes became a bit strange.

He had clearly heard from Alex that this fellow had just eaten thirteen bowls of rice in the finals, but his stomach was only sticking out a little. He really couldnt see where he put the thirteen bowls of rice at all.

“Perhaps this is a natural talent” Xu Yi muttered in his heart. He straightened his face and said with a soft cough ,”Hello, I am Xu Yi, you are called Freeman Ive heard that youre from Ireland Village”

Although Freeman was a bit surprised by how young he was, thinking of the other sides status as the chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he couldnt help being a bit nervous. Hearing this question, he was stunned for a bit before awkwardly replying, “Right, right, I am from Ireland Village. I…..My appetite is just big……”

Xu Yi laughed, “You dont need to say this, I already know.”

Freeman was instantly embarrassed and his dark face filled with a rare blush.

“Alright, lets not talk about this. Since youre the final winner of this competition, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has to give you some special prizes based on the rules. But before this, can I ask you a question” Xu Yi then said.

“Ah, sir chairman, please ask, please ask whatever you want.”

“He, he, no need to be nervous. Its best you keep your calm in front of this question and answer me after you properly consider it.” Xu Yi paused. He looked at how nervous Freeman looked looking at him and he knew it was impossible for him not to be nervous. He gave a nod before continuing, “Listen well, this question is actually a choice. Freeman, you have two rewards you can choose from right now. One of them is fifty gold coins……”-

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