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Volume 4 “Did you reject them” Still asked in a curious voice before putting her hands on Xu Yis shoulder.

With these white and powerful hands, her good technique, and Stills unique invention, the Wind Magic Massager, Xu Yis body immediately relaxed and he couldnt help letting out a moan.

After giving a few moans of comfort, Xu Yi let out a breath and replied, “Of course I rejected it. Could it be that you want me to get an elf wife”

“Theres nothing bad about this.” Still said with a faint smile, “Elf girls are beautiful and they are much more direct compared to human girls, so its easier to get along with them. Take Agnes for example, shes quite good. Right, how about you just ask elder Illusia to let you marry Agnes. Anyway, Agnes always says that she likes being with you, so I think that if you want to marry her, I dont think that she would be against it. Moreover, if its her, its easier for us to get along, so isnt that good”

“What is good” Xu Yi snappile looked at her, “Stop joking around. I am a human, how could I really marry an elf girl Then again, you are already my wife, how could I marry another woman”

“Im not against you marrying others.” Still leaned on Xu Yis shoulder and giggled in his ear, “Anyway, Im very busy now and cant be with you most of the time. For Liz and Linda, they can take care of a few things for you and marrying a few more wives to be with you isnt that bad, right”

Xu Yi looked at Still with knit brows, “Are you being serious Dont forget, you are my only wife now. I dont believe that you really want me to get a few more wives.”

“Of course…..its a lie.” Still giggled, “Of course I hope that you only belong to me and only have me in your heart, but…..that idea is too selfish. With your status, if you only have a single woman, there will be people that will say that my heart is too selfish. Even grandfather has said that your family only has you. In order for this family to develop more, you should get a few more girls and give birth to a few more kids.”

“Are you treating me as a breeding horse” Xu Yi knit his brows and took Stills hands on his shoulder, pulling her. He pulled her in front of him and looked into her eyes with a serious gaze, “Dont worry about what other people say. Still, I only need you to tell me, do you really want it to become like this Be honest!”

Still avoided Xu Yis gaze and after hesitating a bit, she said with a soft sigh, “Of course Im not willing to share you with others, but grandfather is right and the others are also right. I……”

“Ive said it, dont worry about what others think. Its fine as long as youre not willing.” Xu Yi said in a serious voice, “Although I am a man and have thought about having countless beautiful women, as a man, I have to take responsibility for my wife. You are my wife, that means I will always place your thoughts first. Other girls arent that important. Actually if you did keep persisting, I wouldnt have even laid a finger on Liz or Linda, do you believe that”

Still looked at Xu Yi in a daze for a bit before slowly nodding as her eyes filled with a bit of mist.

“I believe. Xu Yi, you are that kind of person, you are different from most men in this world. Evita and Akali were right, being able to meet you and become your wife really is my blessing.”

“Youre wrong, it was a blessing for me to meet you.” Xu Yi pinched Stills face with a smile, “So dont think about random things, Im satisfied with just you as my wife and Im not interested in taking more wives. Not to mention that elder Illusia and elder Lisanya are only proposing a political marriage. Im not interested in this at all, rather Im against it.”

Hearing the evaluation from Xu Yi, Still was surprised as she woke up from being moved.

“Youre saying……Elder Illusia and elder Lisanya want you to marry a elf girl for political reasons” Still knit her brows, “But they are elves, would they do something like this”

“The elves arent as aloof as you think they are. If they were like this, they wouldnt have chosen to cooperate with me.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Moreover, this isnt just my speculation, elder Illusia and elder Lisanya have clearly expressed this.”

“They personally told you that this was a marriage for political reasons” Still asked in a surprised voice.

“Of course they werent this direct, but the two elders clearly said to me that the reason for this proposal was to deepen the relationship between their tribes and me. It would be best if I could leave descendants with the girls of their tribes, that way this could let the two elf clans enter human society.”

“This seems a bit wrong.” Still was a bit confused, “Didnt the elves always look down on humans It made it even harder for the half elves that came from this to live in elf tribes compared to humans. Why would the two elders make this proposal”

“That is because they want to make a symbol of change. The two elders said that if they want the elf tribes to integrate into human society and survive on the continent, they had to take a step forward. The two elf tribes wouldnt accept other humans and I was the only one who has been approved by both tribes, so Im the most suitable.” Xu Yi explained.

“Its like this” Still knit her brows to think before nodding, “It was no wonder that you think this idea is filled with political reasons, its because the two elders are considering the future development of the elves, they dont care about feelings at all. I think….as long as you agree, they might casually choose two beautiful elf girls from their tribes. How about it, Xu Yi, are you moved”

“Che, have I seen few beautiful elven women in these past two years Not mentioning I can see Agnes frequently. Even yesterday…..”

Xu Yi was suddenly stunned.

Even if he didnt hold anything back from Still, he felt embarrassed telling her that he, elder Illusia, and elder Lisanya had been naked in front of each other yesterday.

But as the mistress of this manor, how could Still not know that something had happened yesterday Seeing that Xu Yi suddenly stopped, she immediately understood what he wanted to say and secretly laughed.

“What Xu Yi Could it be that you look down on the normal elven girls and like the two elders”

Seeing Still smiling, Xu Yi angrily slapped her butt and said in a low roar, “What nonsense is this! Alright, were not discussing this anymore. Anyway, I dont agree to this, so you shouldnt have random thoughts about this, understood”

Still rubbed her sore butt that Xu Yi had slapped before saying with a smile, “I saw the way the two elders looked at you before they left, Im afraid they wont give up that easily. The elves are famous for being stubborn. Since those two elders have made their decision and since it is for an important reason, they definitely will do everything they can to accomplish this goal.”

Xu Yi gave a cold snort, “I wont agree, could it be that theyll force me They wouldnt send out elven girls to rape me, right”

Still laughed, “That isnt certain.”

Xu Yi looked at her and after thinking about it, he stood up and put on his clothes before walking to the door.

“Where are you going now Youre not taking this time to rest” Still asked in a surprised voice.

“I suddenly thought of something, theres no time to rest.” Xu Yi waved his hand, “If you need anything, use the Magic Communicator to contact me.”

Xu Yi left the manor after saying this. He got in his Magic Sedan and drove to the newly built Frestech Chamber of Commerce administration center built on this territory.

Xu Yi directly found Kennard and had him list all the current cooperations between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the elves.

“Sir chairman, please look. Our company is currently focused on our cooperation with the Night Song Tribe. Among that is the Night Song Tribe Plastic Factory that the Night Song Tribe operates and provides technical support for, but draws support from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces marketing channels, which we also invested funds to build. Other than that, there are also many Night Song Tribe elves who are working in the other factories of our company, which is a partial cooperation.”

“What about the Moon Shadow Tribe” Xu Yi asked.

“There are fewer cooperations with the Moon Shadow Tribe, the main one is the fertilizer factory. But the fertilizer factory has been growing over the past two years and if we compare by the amount involved in this cooperation, it isnt less than our cooperation with the Night Song Tribe.”

“Then can you give me a concrete amount involved in the cooperation with these two tribes” Xu Yi asked.

Kennard slightly knit his brows, “Theres no exact stat for that, but according to last months financial reports, the project amount related to these two tribes should be around five hundred thousand gold coins. Our company is earning a profit of around a hundred thousand gold coins from those projects.”

“Then the Night Song Tribe and the Moon Shadow Tribe are also having profits of around a hundred thousand gold coins”

“According to the contract we signed with them, they should be earning a bit more than us. It should be around a hundred fifty thousand to two hundred thousand.”

Hearing this response, Xu Yis expression became a bit strange.

The Night Song Tribe and the Moon Shadow Tribe were earning a profit of less than two hundred thousand gold coins a month from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. This was already enough for elder Illusia and elder Lisanya to put down the constraints of the elf race. Not only did they help Xu Yi increase his magic power, they even wanted him to marry elven girls.

It seemed like the elves were not actually as proud as the legends said.

If these two elf tribes were to profit even more, wasnt it possible that they would work to death for him

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