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Volume 4 Perhaps Xu Yi would never realize Erics feelings.

Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been formed, he had a high prestige in the company and could be considered to be fully in power.

When he obtained the private territory from Lord Wein, officially becoming a lord of the Stantine Duchy, he had obtained the position equal to a king on this land. Of course it wasnt an empty throne like the one Eric had.

Because the Stantine Duchy was special, Xu Yi could change this land however he wanted to change it. He didnt need to worry that someone would suddenly cause trouble for him or even chase him off.

At least in the Stantine Duchy, there was no lord who would blindly provoke him.

All the lords, even including Duke Stantine were all trying to flatter Xu Y. They all wanted to create a good relationship with him and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

It was for nothing else, it was to purchase the military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Lord Wein and Count Frans battle had lasted four months and Lord Wein had won out in the end, taking all of Count Frans territory.

In the Stantine Duchy, the battle between Lord Wein and Count Fran who both werent considered weak wasnt considered common. Since they were both lords of the Stantine Duchy, their land, territory, and military power were considered around equal. Even conflicts between them were solved by small matters, there would rarely be a time when one side was completely destroyed.

The other lords of the Stantine Duchy thought that Lord Wein and Count Frans battle would be the same. They never expected that after two months of normal fighting, since the start of the third month, Count Weins private soldiers would suddenly become stronger. Count Frans forces couldnt fight back at all and in just less than two months, they were destroyed by Lord Wein and Count Fran was even killed.

This was a result that no one had expected.

After asking around, the lords of the Stantine Duchy had learned the reason why Duke Weins soldiers had suddenly become stronger. It was because Duke Wein had bought a large number of military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Lord Weins private guards werent famous in the Stantine Duchy for being strong, but with the various military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, their battle strength exploded. Count Frans soldiers were completely routed and destroyed, which was enough to prove the might of the military magic machines.

At the same time, in the south of the Stantine Duchy, Viscount Anklos troops who had the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines had swept through several lords already. He had seized a large territory of over three hundred thousand square kilometers, which was even bigger than Xu Yis territory.

Viscount Anklos soldiers were also equipped with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines, which made them this strong. It wasnt hard to understand why Lord Weins soldiers had suddenly become stronger.

To increase the strength of their subordinates, the most direct and simple method was to equip them with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines.

So without waiting for Lord Wein to defeat Count Fran, countless lords of the Stantine Duchy sent people to connect with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They wanted to purchase the various military magic machines from them.

So it didnt matter if Xu Yi was willing or not, he had become an arms dealer like he had expected.

But he didnt sell his arms just to anyone. When he gave instructions to Kennard, he clearly stated that they couldnt sell military magic machines to lords who were currently in conflict with Anklo or Lord Wein.

As for the transactions themselves, he wouldnt care.

After sending off Leslie, he spent most of his time developing the Magic Boat. At the same time, he managed to find quite a bit of time to study magic with Great Magician Camilla.

According to Great Magician Camillas evaluation, his strength was already at the threshold of the Great Magician stage. As long as he worked hard and deepened his understanding of magic, he could break through at any time to become a Great Magician.

The difference between normal magicians and Great Magicians was too big. Even if Xu Yi didnt care about magic, he had to place importance on this matter.

It was a good thing that the resources he had now wasnt something most magicians on the Sines Continent could compare to. Not only did he have Great Magician Camilla who was a Fifth Grade Great Magician personally teaching him, he could even get regular consultations with Great Magician Telucci.

Other than that, whether it was the Night Song Tribes elder Illusia or the Moon Shadow Tribes elder Lisanya, they were both stronger than normal Great Magicians at the same rank. Moreover, the two of them were elves, so they had unique understandings of magic that surpassed humans, so it was without a doubt of great help to Xu Yi.

Because of the cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Night Song Tribe was filled with vigor and their birth rate had increased by several times, causing the tribes population to grow three years straight. Elder Illusia now approved of any cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, or rather Xu Yi.

But Xu Yi was a human, so she was worried that he would be limited by the lifespan of a human and would die soon. So she paid attention to Xu Yi becoming a Great Magician and increasing his lifespan.

Xu Yi had been unwilling before and didnt have enough time to focus on studying magic, so elder Illusia had no other choice.

But since Xu Yi was willing to study magic now, elder Illusia gave this even more attention to Great Magician Camilla. At the same time, she also convinced elder Lisanya to also give Xu Yi special counsel.

But thisspecial counsel method…..made Xu Yi very awkward.

“I say…..two elders, is there a need to take it all off” Xu Yi held the piece of underwear covering his lower part and his face was red and awkward as he spoke.

This was the bedroom of Xu Yis cliff side manor in the Stantine Duchy, but there were only Xu Yi, elder Illusia and elder Lisanya in this bedroom currently.

“Of course you have to take it all off, otherwise how can we tell the situation of your skeleton and the magic power conduction inside” Elder Lisanya had a confused look as she looked at Xu Yi.

“But…..This seems disrespectful to you…..” Xu Yi said in a difficult voice.

“Disrespectful” The two elders were surprised. Elder Illusia thought about it before shaking her head with a smile, “Chairman Xu, youre thinking too much. You are a human and we are elves, we are different species, so you dont need to feel embarrassed. No to mention that based on your human concepts, Lisanya and I are old women of several hundred years, do you need to be embarrassed in front of us”

Elder Lisanya understood Xu Yis meaning and slightly knit her brows before shaking her head, “Theres no need to use your useless human shame with us elves, we arent filled with dirty thoughts like you humans.”

After saying this, elder Lisanya looked at Xu Yis lower half, “Could it be that chairman Xu in front of us two old elf females, you will feel aroused You humans….or accurately speaking, you human males, you really are an unbelievable being.”

Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes, this was normal for humans, alright

The two elders called themselves old women, but no matter what, their appearances were similar to human girls who were only in their early twenties. How could people connect them to people who were several hundred years old

Moreover, the two of them were elven elders. Not only did they have the beauty of elven girls, they also had the nobility and mysteriousness that normal elven girls didnt have, making them more attractive than normal human girls.

As for different races and different species…..elves werent like beastmen. To humans, because they had ruled the continent before, they had been a goal that people chased.

In the days after the race wars, the elves had hidden from the humans because many humans took pride in having elven slaves. They captured large amounts of elves, forcing the elves into having no choice but to hide.

“Alright, chairman Xu, stop wasting time and strip.” Seeing that Xu Yi was still hesitating, elder Lisanya urged him.

Elder Illusia had been with Xu Yi rather longer, so she had respect for him and didnt urge him.

But she was looking at Xu Yi and the meaning in her eyes were clear.

Seeing that these two werent planning on compromising and he would be forced back by Great Magician Camilla if he left now, Xu Yi gave a helpless sigh. He took off the final piece and revealed a brave look as he stood there looking unafraid of death.

Elder Illusia and elder Lisanyas gazes swept over Xu Yi from head to toe, going back and forth several times. Then the two of them revealed looks of joy as they looked at each other and nodded.

“Very good, chairman Xu, your body is very good. As long as there is no problem with your magic power conduction, I think that you should be able to learn the unique magic meditation method of us elves. This will be very helpful in making you a Great Magician as soon as possible.”

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