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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 56

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In the end, chairman Farsak left Banta City feeling very satisfied.

The reason why he could leave assured naturally was not just because Xu Yi had explained the problem with the Magic Fan to him. He had also promised to also send several other skilled workers to help him increase the quality of his Farsak Chamber of Commerces Magic Fan.

To a well qualified merchant like chairman Farsak, something that could satisfy him naturally brought him enough benefits.

To obtain these benefits, he had signed a new contract between his Farsak Chamber of Commerce and Xu Yis Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

This contract was for an even deeper cooperation compared to before.

According to this contract, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would provide more complete technical support for the Farsak Chamber of Commerce. At the same time, when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had a new magic machine product available, the Farsak Chamber of Commerce would have the rights to cooperate with them first.

For example, on chairman Farsaks trip to Banta City this time, he had heard about the small Magic Harvester. Other than coming here for the matter of the Magic Fan, his main reason was to collect information on the small Magic Harvester from Xu Yi.

Xu Yi very cleanly gave him all the information on the small Magic Harvester, but he rejected the proposition of helping the Farsak Chamber of Commerce set up a small Magic Harvester production line.

Even if chairman Farsak was dissatisfied with this, Xu Yi was unable to help him.

The small Magic Harvester was not the same as the Magic Fan, the requirement in terms of forging technique was increased by several times. Currently, even in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, only the dwarves could complete this work.

Xu Yi had not invented a magic machine that could replace manpower in making the small Magic Harvester and of course he couldnt just give these dwarves to other people, so naturally he had no way of helping chairman Farsak set up a production line.

Chairman Farsaks request couldnt be fulfilled, so he could only take a step back. He proposed to Xu Yi that they would be the only distributor of the small Magic Harvester in Saltan City.

To this request, Xu Yi agreed right away.

With the Frestech Chamber of Commerces current scale and fame, it wasnt a realistic idea for them to break into the Saltan City market. Rather to enter Saltan City through this chairman Farsak who had enough strength and status would be much easier.

Letting chairman Farsak represent the small Magic Harvester, even if they lost a portion of the profits, it could allow the Frestech Brand and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gain fame in Saltan City. In short, it was a quite efficient deal.

Other than this, Xu Yi firmly refused chairman Farsaks suggestion of being the only buyer for the magic machines.

Even if this rejection made chairman Farsak very dissatisfied, Xu Yi didnt plan on making any concessions.

He was not just considering Saltan Citys side, he was also considering from a long term angle.

If he agreed to this request from chairman Farask, all the products of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be limited in the future.

With the precedent of chairman Farsak, if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wanted to sell their products to the entire Sines Continent, it would be hard to reject other merchants if they came with the same request.

Like this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be greatly limited and would even be controlled by others.

This was something that Xu Yi could never accept.

Chairman Farsak wanted to keep struggling and even implied some vague threats in his voice, but Xu Yis tone was firm and didnt allow a single concession, so chairman Farsak was helpless in the end,

After all, there was only the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that produced the magic machines right now and chairman Farsak saw enormous benefits from this. If he really had a falling out with Xu Yi from this negotiation and lost the chance to work with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it would be a great loss to his Farsak Chamber of Commerce.

So after two days of back and forth negotiation, they finally reached an agreement.

Although there were many conditions from chairman Farsak that wasnt accepted, from the negotiations, he could tell that the Farsak Chamber of Commerce would earn large benefits from this, so naturally he was satisfied when he left.

Compared to the relatively satisfied chairman Farsak, Xu Yis heart was not that relaxed and happy.

After sending chairman Farsak off, Xu Yi returned to the office. He looked at the Magic Fan on the desk that kept turning and fell into deep thought.

The Magic Fan that was turning now was not the Frestech Brand and was not the Farsak Brand, rather it was the Magic Fan produced by the Leo Chamber of Commerce.

It had to be said, the quality of this Magic Fan was definitely not high. Not only could it not compare to the Frestech Brand Magic Fan, it was even a bit worse than the Farsak Chamber of Commerces Magic Fan.

Over the two days he negotiated with chairman Farsak, Xu Yi had placed the Magic Fan on his table to turn without stop.

It had been two days and the Magic Fan was much looser than before. The Magic Fan kept trembling when the Magic Fan was set to the high speed setting and it made waves of ka, ka sound, like it would break at any moment.

For Xu Yi to be able to convince chairman Farsak, the performance of this Magic Fan had an important use.

Personally witnessing the Magic Fan produced by the Leo Chamber of Commerce being unable to withstand this performance, the worry in chairman Farsaks heart had scattered.

Different from chairman Farsaks heart filled with schadenfreude when seeing this, when Xu Yi looked at the Magic Fan, his heart was actually filled with great worry.

Although the quality of this Magic Fan was very lacking, it could even be said that they were nothing more than fake goods, this Magic Fan did represent a fact. That was that other than Xu Yis Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there were other people and other companies that had set their eyes on magic machines.

Xu Yi was always worried that because the industrial system on the Sines Continent was too weak and because the magicians had a high position, most people wouldnt place importance into the magic machine industry.

As a master mechanical engineer, it was very difficult for Xu Yi to accept a world with a weak industrial system like this. So he hoped very much that he could create a complete industrial system on the Sines Continent.

But building the foundation of an industrial system was an incomparably large project and it was impossible to complete with just a single person. Only if more people became involved and they worked together, could there be a hope in completing this idea.

Now that the Leo Chamber of Commerce had appeared, this meant the people of the Sines Continent recognized the importance of the magic industrial system.

Although the Leo Chamber of Commerce only produced this Magic Fan in hopes of earning money, as long as they kept participating, this meant that they had the same idea and there was hope.

Of course, this was not an especially surprising thing.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had earned over ten thousand gold coins in just two short months with the Magic Fan, so this kind of income would naturally make others jealous. So it wasnt a strange thing for them to follow along and enter the magic machine research sector at all.

Xu Yi was not worried that the Leo Chamber of Commerce would be any threat to them because one could see from their Magic Fan that the Leo Chamber of Commerce was only at the initial stages of research.

Even though Xu Yi was surprised that they could make the imitation magic machines, he had a rough understanding of the production process from this Magic Fan. The fake magic machines had a great inferiority, they couldnt compare to the magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce at all.

Xu Yi suddenly gave a sigh and reached out to touch the base of the Magic Fan.

“Based on the style of the Magic Array, this should be Wellas handiwork. Based on what Lotte said a few days ago, the company in Saltan City that she and Rem, as well as Cimirot went to should be the Leo Chamber of Commerce.” Xu Yi turned to look out the window in a northeastern direction, in the direction of Saltan City, “If it was in terms of magic machine research, clearly our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is better. Wella chose the Leo Chamber of Commerce because she was afraid that Rem would be unwilling to work under me. As for Cimirot…...

Xu Yi gave a cold snort. He looked at the Magic Fan on the table of the office and a trace of ridicule appeared in his eyes.

“Choosing this kind of company for quick success, youll deserve the bad luck you get.”


The Magic Fan on the table suddenly shook and the outer wire mesh of the fan was shaken off by the trembling of the Magic Fan. It slammed down on the table and made a deafening sound.-

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