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Xu Yi reached out his hand in a confused manner and found that Great Magician Camilla had tossed a silver white metal box that was twenty centimeters long and five centimeters wide.

This metal box felt very light, so it should have been made from the new light rare earth element alloy that had just been developed.

This new rare earth element alloy was not only light, it was also very firm, and it had a very good magic penetration. When Magic Arrays were placed on this rare earth element alloy, the Magic Array would have a better effect compared to when it was on a normal metal.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines were gradually using this rare earth element alloy for their Magic Array core, as well as updating all their previous products.

The new generation of bladeless variable speed Magic Fan that were going to the market this summer, the core Magic Array for them would be made from this rare earth element alloy.

According to the results of the magic research facility, because of this change, the new Magic Fans output would be increased by 17%. It was even better than directly increasing the grade of the Magic Array by one.

Because there werent many rare earth elements from the Mirando Duchy, there werent many alloys made. So the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was careful with the use of these alloys, they were even stingy. They only used it to build the power supply and to perform a few magic experiments.

Great Magician Camilla was a top researcher of the magic research facility and had the rights to use various research materials, but even he wouldnt casually use them.

Then…..what was this metal box used for

“Youll know if you inject some magic.” Great Magician Camilla pointed at the metal box as he said this to Xu Yi with a smile.

“What is this new magic machine that you developed” Xu Yi was very confused because he couldnt tell what kind of machine this was.

“Try it, youll know after you try it.” Great Magician Camilla urged him.

Xu Yi was speechless at how Great Magician Camilla became more childish as he aged. He rolled his eyes before sending his magic into the metal box.

The box as expected released the glow of a magic array.

But unexpectedly, the light that came from the slit in the metal box wasnt the glow of the four normal magic elements, rather it was a strange purple glow.

While Xu Yi was stunned, there was a familiar voice that suddenly came from the metal box.

“Xu Yi…..can you hear me Hey Are you there Xu Yi, is grandfather beside you”

“Still!” Xu Yi was instantly shocked.

Although it was a bit different from the original voice, Xu Yi could easily tell that this was Stills voice.

Xu Yi looked at the metal box in his hand in surprise. Could it be that this thing could record voices Did it record Stills voice

However, he found that his guess was wrong.

Stills voice came from the metal box again.

“Is that you, Xu Yi I heard your voice, are you beside grandfather Did grandfather give you his Magic Communicator”

Xu Yi was stunned.

Could it be that this thing didnt record, but rather transmitted Stills voice in real time

Xu Yi calmed himself and said into the metal box, “Right, its me. Still, are you also holding another Magic Communicator Are you having a real time conversation with me”

“Right, how did you know” Stills voice had a bit of surprise, “Did grandfather tell you”

Xu Yi looked at Great Magician Camilla and found that there was a bit of surprise on his face.

“No, grandfather just gave me this thing. Are you at home right now”

“Un, Im at home. Akali is with me, she brought this Magic Communicator to me and said she wanted to give you a pleasant surprise.” Stills voice showed a clear joy, “This thing really is good. Although Im at home, I can talk to you, it really is convenient.”

“Un, it is indeed convenient. But you should tell Akali for me that as a researcher of the magic research facility, shes actually hiding research results from me, the chairman. I will deduct her bonus this month.” Xu Yi said.

“Based on what!” When Still gave a laugh, Akali said in a worried and unconvinced voice, “Chairman, this was Great Magician Camillas idea. He wanted to hide it from you, why dont you take his bonus away first!”

Xu Yi laughed, “I dont care, Im taking your bonus away this month!”

“I didnt do it, chair…..”

Akalis voice suddenly stopped, but it was Xu Yi who stopped injecting magic into the metal box.

Seeing the normal looking metal box in his hand, Xu Yi looked at Great Magician Camilla with a face filled with pleasant surprise.

“Grandfather, how did you think to study this thing What is the Magic Array inside this Is there any hope of making it popular What is the maximum range of this communicator How many people can talk at the same time Can it divide between different peoples frequencies Can you set up a middle station and…..”

“Wait!” Great Magician Camilla raised his hand and cut off Xu Yis questions.

He knit his brows as he looked over Xu Yi before Great Magician Camilla asked with a confused look, “I thought that you would be very surprised by this new thing, but Ive found that you dont seem surprised at all and even feel familiar with it Could it be that someone told you ahead of time”

Xu Yi gave a laugh. This cell phone was very popular on earth, this thing was just as crude as a walkie talkie, so it could never surprise him.

But to be honest, he was a bit surprised. Only he wasnt surprised by this Magic Communicator itself, rather he was surprised that there was a Magic Array that could have this effect.

If this thing could be developed in the way he wanted, could it be that he could create cell phones in this world

Thinking of a cell phone in a magic world like the Sines Continent, Xu Yis expression couldnt help becoming a bit strange.

“No one told me ahead of time, but didnt you mention before that you wanted to make a magic machine that makes it easier to contact each other” Xu Yi asked.

“Did I” Great Magician Camilla knit his brows to think, why couldnt he remember that he had mentioned this to Xu Yi before

But this wasnt important. Compared to this, Xu Yi had just mentioned several things that he cared about.

“Theres a small Space Array inside this. This array is a transfer array, but after studying it, I changed it to a Magic Array that only sends sound through space.” Great Magician Camilla said.

“Space Array” Xu Yi took a deep breath.

Space Arrays were something that one could come in contact with after becoming a Great Magician. However, even for Great Magicians, space arrays were still very difficult.

A Great Magicians grasp of Space Arrays was a demonstration of his strength.

Among Space Arrays, Transfer Arrays were a difficult kind of magic.

Before this, the magicians of the Sines Continent had used this Transfer Magic to create Transfer Arrays, which were used to transport humans.

But a complete Transport Array was very hard to build and it was very expensive to maintain. So on the entire Sines Continent, there were only a few countries that had kept less than twenty Transfer Arrays.

Even the City in the Sky where the Magicians Guild headquarters was only had two Transfer Arrays left.

Great Magician Camilla being able to use Transfer Arrays wasnt surprising, but the fact that he could change it into an array that could only transfer sound, it really was too shocking.

Xu Yi wasnt a Great Magician and couldnt use Space Arrays, so he didnt understand how Great Magician Camilla had achieved this.

But that didnt stop him from understanding how difficult this was.

The cell phones on earth could contact each other using precise mechanical instruments to decode sound waves before sending them off and turning them back into sound at another cell phone.

The complexity of that was self evident.

On earth, the cell phone had taken many discoveries to create. But for this place, Great Magician Camilla just changed a single Magic Array and finished this experiment, which made Xu Yi feel was incredible.

Looking at the metal box in his hand, Xu Yi suddenly had an idea.

“Grandfather, did you work together with Akali for your research this time”

“Un, so I had Akali give the other Magic Communicator to Still while I came looking for you.” Great Magician Camilla said with a sigh, “Based on her voice, Still seemed quite happy, but you werent surprised at all by this. It really makes me disappointed.”

Xu Yi laughed, “I am very surprised, but my surprise isnt the same as Stills. Grandfather, since you are working with Akali, you should know about the Magic Array resonance that she normally studies, right If my guesses arent wrong, the Magic Array inside the metal box that Still and I have should be the same, right”

Great Magician Camilla revealed a faint smile, “This kid, you really are smart. Right, this thing has this design, what Do you have some opinion on this”

“I dont have any opinions right now since I only learned about this thing today.” Xu Yi shook his head and said with a sigh, “But grandfather…..you cant imagine just how much influence this thing will have on the world.”

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