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Four months had passed of year 3784 and even on the north of the continent, it was currently entering spring and the cold weather was leaving.

However, in the south Stantine Duchy, it was becoming a bit warm and dry.

The sweat flowed from Xu Yis forehead and condensed on his chin, falling down as drops of sweat. It fell bit by bit on the lab bench in front of him, creating a patch of sweat.

Evita on the side took a towel and cautiously helped him wipe off that sweat, as her eyes filled with worry and concern.

If it was normal, Xu Yis mind might wander from Evitas actions, but currently he didnt have any thought to spend on her. He was completely focused on the Magic Array on the bench, he wasnt even blinking.

After looking at the Magic Array for a while, Xu Yi slowly reached out his hand and took the Magic Array materials that Evita had prepared.

When Xu Yi took this, he used his magic and instantly refined these materials. With the surging magic that came from him, there was a faint blue glow that appeared on the magic wand in his right hand.

Xu Yis hand came down and the glow touched the half finished Magic Array. The blue light flowed along every line and instantly lit up the entire Magic Array.

The wand moved along the Magic Array, creating a new line that continued to develop the Magic Array.

As Xu Yis hand kept moving, the lines of the Magic Array came out, making the Magic Array more and more complex.

Evita focused on watching Xu Yi as her heart filled with admiration.

Although this Wind Magic Array was only a Seventh Grade Array, so it wasnt considered that high a level that even she could draw it at her level.

She definitely couldnt move as smoothly as Xu Yi. He didnt make a single mistake from the beginning and each line of the array was the same as the blueprint, without the slightest bit of deviation.

Moreover, from the magic that came from Xu Yi, his level of magic had already surpassed the normal Ninth Grade Magician.

Even if Great Magician Camilla said that he wasnt at the level of a Great Magician, Evita thought that he wasnt far.

Xu Yi wasnt even thirty five this year, so at the rate of his improvement, there was no problem with him becoming a Great Magician before he turned forty.

To Evitas knowledge, in the history of the Sines Continent, there had never been a magician who became a Great Magician before forty.

If Xu Yi really became a Great Magician before turning forty, he would be making history.

Not to mention that Xu Yi had never spent all his time on studying magic. Rather he only spent a bit of time on it, so little that even Evita felt it wasnt right.

But even like this, his magic level was increasing this quickly.

It had to be said, this was a difference in talent.

But Evita also admitted that studying magic machines was actually very good for increasing knowledge towards magic.

Not mentioning the researchers, just Evita herself.

She was only a Fourth Grade Magician when she joined the magic research facility.

And now that she had been here for three years, she was already close to becoming a Seventh Grade Magician.

She was certain that even if she spent all her efforts and time into studying magic, she wouldnt have been this fast.

Evita didnt understand why this was, but a talk with Xu Yi had answered her doubts.

Xu Yi told her that in truth, magic in the end was just magicians using magic to combine magic elemental energy.

Studying magic machines meant needing finesse, logical thinking, and awareness of spatial structures. If one could grasp these, they would be able to combine the appropriate magic elemental energy and it would be easier to create spells.

Evita had thought through Xu Yis words and found that this explanation seemed correct.

When studying magic machines, she found that she had learned these strange things from Xu Yi.

This not only included aerodynamics, high level algebra, and basic physics that she learned when she was studying the Magic Airship, she found that she had also learned logical inference and reverse thinking which helped increase ones thinking process.

As she studied magic machines, Evita felt that it was easier for her to study magic compared to before.

Moreover, compared to when she was at a lower level, now that she was learning high grade magic, it was easier than when she studied the low grade magic. She had to admit that there was some merit there.

But every time she considered this problem, Evita felt admiration towards Xu Yi.

The strange knowledge that Xu Yi had in his mind, Evita was certain that no one else on the Sines Continent had the same.

And he naturally had this knowledge, so it could be seen that he was an outstanding talent.

At least when it came to magic machines, Evita felt that she was lacking compared to Xu Yi.

For example, the “Phase Shifting Hurricane Array” that Xu Yi was currently making. It was a Magic Array that Evita had developed to change speeds for the Magic Airship.

But when it came to the experiment, Evita found that no matter how she adjusted it, she couldnt let the Magic Array fuse perfectly with the Magic Airship. She couldnt change the Magic Airships speed like she wanted.

At first Evita had asked Great Magician Camilla about how to adjust the Magic Array to fix this problem.

But Great Magician Camilla still couldnt achieve the effects that Evita wanted with his adjustments to the Magic Array, so Evita could only ask Xu Yi.

It had to be said, no matter how much the researchers of the magic research facility or the magic machine development center grew, when it came to combining magic and machine machines, no one could compare to Xu Yi.

After being requested by Evita, Xu Yi had recognized the problem with just a single glance and quickly gave the solution.

The two had been studying together for a week and had finally created this Magic Array.

Because this Magic Array was too complicated, Evita didnt have the confidence to finish in one time, so she gave the first time to Xu Yi.

After around twenty minutes, Xu Yis hand finally stopped and he let out a long breath.

Evita quickly came over with a towel in hand, wanting to wipe Xu Yis sweat.

Xu Yi didnt react at first, but when Evitas hand touched his face, he was awakened. He quickly took the towel from Evitas hand and wiped his face.

Evita had a look of disappointment in her eyes before turning her attention to the Magic Array.

After carefully looking it over and finding that there were no mistakes, Evita reached out a finger.

With the injection of magic, this Magic Array immediately lit up with a dark blue glow before a breeze came from it.

When Xu Yi felt this breeze, he felt much cooler. He looked at the Magic Array before nodding to Evita, “Shift the gears.”

Evita agreed before adjusting the Magic Array with her left hand while her right hand injected magic, causing the wind from the array to change.

Then Evita made several adjustments and each adjustment would make the wind from the Magic Array stronger.

When they reached the final one, the wind from the Magic Array was already making the bottles shake on the table.

“Very good, its a success!” Xu Yi laughed and had Evita stop, “Evita, you just need to combine this Magic Array with the Magic Airship now.”

“Un, many thanks for sir chairmans help.” Evita said with a faint smile, “If it wasnt for you, I dont know when I would solve this problem.”

Xu Yi shook his head, “Even without me, I believe that you would have solved it sooner or later. Actually, I wasnt willing to solve it for you because you know that Ive always wanted you to solve your own problems. Only I want to develop the Magic Airships a bit faster, so I agreed to your request.”

“I understand.” Evita nodded before asking with a bit of doubt, “But sir chairman, you are clearly better than anyone when it comes to magic machines, why are you researching less and less now I feel that if you spend more time on research like before, we would be able to develop many more products.”

“I said just now, I want you to solve your own problems because I am just a single person, I cant participate in everything. I want to see you developing new products on your own and I just need to wait to enjoy them.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “In the end, this world cant be changed by me alone, right”

“Is it the same thinking that made you not care about the Lampuri Kingdom” Evita asked.

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before giving a sigh, “It can be said like this. But the Lampuri Kingdoms matters are more complicated, I cant just do whatever I want with them.”

Seeing that Xu Yi wasnt willing to discuss this, Evita tactfully changed the topic and began discussing the Magic Array again.

When they finished, Xu Yi left Evitas personal lab and came to the Frestech Farm. He looked to the east side of the farm and found that on the road, there were a bunch of Magic Armoured Vehicles stirring up the dust as they headed over.

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