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Xu Yi put down the report Harts group sent and fell into thought. He had Liz on the side take a pen and write down a letter for the messenger that was waiting there.

“Send my orders to Hart, have them increase their vigilance while also investigating the situation in the Black Rice Wasteland as much as possible. See how many beastmen are cooperating with the Sack Kingdom. Also have them bring this news to the Lampuri Kingdoms west guards. As for this letter, bring it to the chief officer under her highness, he will find a way to send this to her highness.”

The messenger agreed and after taking the letter, he had some doubts.

“Sir chairman, why not directly send it to her highness There might be problems if it changes hands midway.”

“No need, this is a very special period, I should have less direct contact with her highness.” Xu Yi shook his head.

The messenger was more doubtful, thinking that if there really was a downside to contacting her highness, why did you have her highness guards come purge the Black Rice Wasteland

Then no matter what, in the minds of the people of the Lampuri Kingdom, Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were deeply connected to her highness Seveni, so theres no way of downplaying their relationship.

But Xu Yi didnt explain, so naturally the messenger didnt dare ask too much. Seeing that Xu Yi didnt have any other orders, he gave a bow and left.

After the messenger left, Xu Yi revealed a smile.

He could naturally see the doubt and understood why there was this doubt.

Indeed, the relationship between him and Seveni was hard to weaken and he didnt plan on weakening it.

But he had decided to reduce the relationship between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Lampuri Kingdom. Doing this was all for the people of the Lampuri Kingdom.

Since the other side clearly didnt want the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to have influence in the Lampuri Kingdom, he would clearly tell the other side that he didnt care about this.

“Perhaps Seveni will have a large objection towards this” Thinking of how Seveni kept coming to complain to him, Xu Yi couldnt help revealing a bitter smile.

After thinking this, Xu Yi shook his head to stop considering this and he turned to a corner.

“Avril, why did you stop Continue.”

Avrils two fox ears shook a bit before she said with a smile, “I saw that sir chairman was considering something, so I was afraid of disturbing you.”

“Oh, its nothing and its not important.” Xu Yi waved his hand, “Practice one more time and let me hear it. Youll be performing at the banquet later and if you make a mistake, Archie and Leia wont be happy.”

“Alright.” Avril nodded. She raised her hands again and the ten slender fingers fell onto the piano keys in front of her, creating a beautiful flow of notes.

The other aspects of the Sines Continent wasnt as developed, but since the elves ruled the continent before, music was very developed and there were many kinds of instruments. There was even the piano that was the same as the one on earth.

The first magic machine that Xu Yi made after coming to this world wasnt the Magic Fan, rather it was automatic piano model that could play a few notes that he had made at the Senkaiser School.

Still had only agreed to keep Xu Yi at Great Magician Camillas Magic Tower because she saw this piano model.

As proof of the twos meeting, that piano model was hidden by Still like a treasure and she wouldnt easily take it out.

But Still had many different real instruments, they were all being used by the girls of the New Moon Troupe for training.

With these instruments, Avril chose the piano.

It had to be said, her choice was very correct.

The piano was a very elegant instrument and with the natural charm that Avril had a fox race beastman, it created a very different kind of charm.

Xu Yi was certain that if the current Avril played her piano in front of everyone in Anvilmar City, she would definitely create a large stir.

But before the New Moon Troupe finished their training, Avrils only true performance was for Xu Yi alone.

It was comfortable to listen to and with the flow of music that came out, Xu Yi gave a satisfied nod from time to time while focusing on listening.

This piano song came from his memory, it was a famous wedding song from earth.

This song was very lively, but it was also serious, so it was suited for playing at a wedding.

Today was Archie and Leias wedding and Afaylia had sent Xu Yi an invitation. Xu Yi decided to go with Still and then Avril suddenly came to Xu Yi after asking what kind of gift to give them.

After Avril came here, she bumped into Leia and now they were good friends. Now that it was Leias wedding, naturally she invited Avril.

After Xu Yi seriously considered it, he felt that instead of having Avril give them a flashy and impractical gift, it was better to give them a piano performance which had a more special significance.

Avril agreed with Xu Yis suggestion very much, but she was worried about which song to choose. Xu Yi suddenly had an inspiration and extracted this wedding song from his memories for Avril.

After practicing for a few days, Avril had already gotten used to this song. Although she still made a few mistakes while playing, Xu Yi believed that anyone who hadnt heard it before wouldnt be able to recognize a difference.

Before Avril finished, still walked in.

Xu Yi turned and his eyes lit up.

Because she was going to a wedding, Still had dressed up for once.

She was already beautiful, but with these clothes, she glowed even more. It made one unwilling to look away for a single second.

“Hey, Still, youre dressed this beautifully, are you planning on stealing Leias spotlight” Xu Yi couldnt help saying with a smile.

Still knit her brows and reached out to pull at her waist.

“I dont think so. These clothes feel a bit tight now, it seems like Im fatter compared to before.”

“Its not good to be too thin.” Xu Yi came over and took her waist gently as he began rubbing around. With a laugh, he said, “It feels better to touch with a bit more meat, right”

Still rolled her eyes at him, “Avril is still here.”

“Avril isnt an outsider, right” Xu Yi turned to Avril whose face was a bit red, “Alright, Avril, youre already quite good with this song. Its about time, we should head off.”{

Avril nodded before standing up.

Xu Yi looked at her and shook his head with a bitter smile, “I think that Afaylia will regret inviting you two to his sons wedding. Im sure that you will attract everyones attention at the wedding, no one will look at the new bride Leia.”

Because Avril was going to the wedding, she had carefully dressed up.

With her natural charm as the fox race, she was covered in a strong charm.

Even standing with Still, she was only a bit weaker, which made Xu Yi let out this emotional sigh.

Avrils face was a bit red after being praised by Xu Yi. She lowered her head and followed Xu Yi.

Seeing Avrils appearance, Still couldnt help smiling. She moved to Avrils side and said in a soft voice, “If Xu yi can accept you, I dont mind.”

Avrils face turned even more red and she lowered her head, not saying a word.

Xu Yi was already almost out the door, but he heard Still mutter something behind him and turning to see Avrils shy appearance, he was confused.

But there was no time to ask. He urged the two of them and the three left the manor, heading to the living area of the Frestech Farm.

Archie and Leis wedding couldnt compare to Xu Yi and Stills wedding form before, but it was still quite grand.

Because they were the first couple to get married out of the people who came from Banta City and they were conducting it in foreign land like the Stantine Duchy, Xu Yi felt it had a great significance. He had sent the regards of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and came as the chairman.

Since Xu yi was coming with his wife Still, the high level members of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were naturally all here.

Other than the high level members, even the lord of this place Count Wein had personally attended.

For him as a lord of the Stantine Duchy, coming to the wedding of the Lampuri Kingdoms citizens was rare.

Of course, this was without a doubt giving Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce face.

But no matter what, having so many important people come to his sons wedding, although his daughter in laws spotlight was stolen by madame Still and young miss Avril, Afaylia was still very happy.

He felt that meeting Xu Yi in the past really was the luckiest moment in his life.

And the decision to migrate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to the Stantine Duchy was the right one.

The wedding was very grand and Afyalia and the other guests all had smiles, looking very happy.

However, not everyone could enjoy this happy atmosphere.

For example, Xu Yi and Count Wein.

The two had a conversation during the wedding which made the atmosphere around them a bit tense and even a bit unhappy.

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