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The Frestech Chamber of Commerce built a production base at the Frestech Farm, while at the same time, to the north of a farm, in a place that was twenty miles away from the Black Rice Wasteland border, they had opened a stretch of land to create barracks for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards.

The place that Xu Yi and Seveni was talking was at this base.

When the two came out, there were two neat groups that were gathered on the drilling grounds. The ones on the left were the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards and the ones on the right were Sevenis five hundred private guards.

Based on this, the idea that Anklo always felt emotional about and Xu Yi deeply understood that “the Stantine Duchy wasnt a real country” was very accurate.

Otherwise, how could a princess of the Lampuri Kingdom like Seveni bring five hundred private guards into a country under anothers sovereign, that would be impossible.

But for here, Xu Yi just told Count Wein about this before Seveni easily brought her private guards into the Stantine Duchy.

The people on the drilling grounds were in two lines, with a clear difference between them.

Sevenis five hundred personal guards were all the same. They were wearing the same symbol of the Lampuri Kingdoms royal family and the most important thing, they were all humans. Standing in a line, it looked very uniform and it was a complete square formation from as far as the eye could see.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards were a bit chaotic.

The most obvious thing was that it was quite a mix when it came to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards.

There were also five hundred people, but only a hundred of them were humans. Of the other four hundred, there were a hundred and fifty elves, two hundred dwarves, and the remaining fifty were beastmen guards who had just been recruited not long ago.

Moreover, because each race had a different custom, these guards were all wearing different equipment.

The elves were used to wearing soft armour, the dwarves preferred armour that was as heavy as possible, the beastmen didnt like putting on armour at all. If Xu Yi didnt force them to wear the Magic Barrier Armour, they wouldnt fear going into battle just wearing cotton clothing.

Those hundred humans were all wearing the same armour, which had the Magic Barrier ability, but their weapons were strange. There were all kinds of weapons.

Xu Yi had asked the human guard leader Hart about this before, feeling that these random weapons might affect their battle strength, but Hart confirmed that it wasnt an issue.

Having the same equipment was necessary for a large army, but there was no need for a small group of guards.

If they really wanted to discuss battle strength, for a mixed group of guards like this, because there were elves, dwarves, and beastmen warriors with powerful battle strength, they were far stronger than human warriors of the same scale.

Not to mention that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards had all kinds of military magic machines. The battle strength of just a single guard was not something a normal human warrior could match.

Seeing the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards equipment, Seveni couldnt help sighing in her heart.

“Xu Yi, when you said that they wanted to change the equipment of my five thousand guards, were you planning to equip them like this”

“Un…..Probably not this far because we hadnt developed much of this equipment yet. For example, the miniature Magic Repeating Crossbow and the Magic Rupturing Arrows, they were developed not long ago.” Xu Yi replied.

“Miniature Magic Repeating Crossbows and Magic Rupturing Arrows” Seveni looked over the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards, but she couldnt find these equipment anywhere.

“Only the human guards are equipped with this, they are all hiding it and wont take them out easily.” Xu Yi explained with a smile, “Other than the human guards, the guards of the other races disdain small things and it doesnt suit them, so they didnt equip it.”

“Its like this……” Seveni nodded and paused before asking, “If my guards were equipped with the same equipment, how much would it cost”

Xu Yi looked at her and laughed, “This…..If they each had their individual military magic machines, it would cost three hundred gold coins each right now. How about it Your highness, are you interested”

“Three hundred gold coins!” Sevenis eyes opened wide, “This expensive! Your companys guards already surpass one thousand people, right If each guard gets one set, isnt that over three hundred thousand gold coins This…..This is close to our Lampuri Kingdoms royal armys yearly budget!”

“If we were to compare expenditure with the royal army, we would without a doubt surpass them.” Xu Yi replied with a faint smile.

Seveni naturally understood the meaning in Xu Yis words and after a moment of silence, she sighed and shook her head, “I also want to equip my guards with this set, but I never thought each one would cost three hundred gold coins. For five thousand sets, that is a full one and half million gold coins, I dont have that much money.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Actually I dont have that much money either, so the only ones who are equipped fully with military magic machines are the hundred human guards. As for the guards of the other races, they just picked the equipment they liked the best.”

“That is more like it.” Seveni gave a sigh. She looked over the two rows of guards before continuing, “Alright, since you are all prepared, then lets begin this operation.”

Xu Yi gave an inviting gesture, “Please, your highness.”

Seveni nodded and went onto the prepared stage. She looked over the guards and cleared her throat before saying in a clear voice, “Warriors, you are gathered here today because some beastmen have committed a crime that cant be forgiven.”


When Seveni ended her brief and empowering speech, the Magic Cars entered the drilling grounds.

These Magic Cars were different from the Magic Cars from before. Their body was covered in thick steel plates and were completely sealed, with two pieces of thick glass right in front.

These Magic Cars looked fierce no matter what angle one looked at it from, people felt that it was releasing a dangerous aura.

Seeing these strange Magic Cars come in, Seveni was surprised before asking Xu Yi, “This is the Magic Armoured Vehicles you mentioned before”

“Right, the cars are custom made whether it is the body or the tires, they can take a certain amount of damage without affecting the people inside, so it is very suitable for carrying soldiers to the battlefield.” Xu Yi replied.

Seveni looked at the fifty Magic Armoured Vehicles that came forward and was a bit speechless.

This was calledable to take a certain amount of damage

Just with the thick steel plates, it was enough to stop any kind of attack, alright

Not to mention that there was the glow of magic on these steel plates, there were clearly Magic Arrays engraved on them.

There was no need to guess, these were definitely barrier arrays. They could greatly increase the defense of the Magic Armour Vehicles, even being able to resist the effects of magic spells to a certain degree.

Sitting in this Magic Armour Vehicle meant one could charge right onto the battlefield!

“Its not that exaggerated.” Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “Dont forget, even ignoring the powerful magicians, there are also the powerful Magic Trebuchets.”

“How could magicians of this strength act freely Attacking these Magic Armoured Vehicles is a waste of ones magic.” Seveni glared at Xu Yi before turning back to these Magic Armoured Vehicles, then she couldnt help shaking her head with a sigh, “If the Lampuri Kingdom had the same equipment as your Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards, theres no need to worry about the Sack Kingdom at all.”

“This…..” Xu Yi gave a dry laugh, “That is clearly impossible. Ive spent over five hundred thousand gold coins just on the equipment of my guards, not to mention the other expenses, as well as the supplies and training equipment. One average, each guard costs over eight hundred gold coins, can the royal army really spend that much”

Seveni gave a sigh, “The army headquarters doesnt even have five hundred thousand gold coins a year, how could they be as luxurious as your Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards.”

“The most important thing is that those fellows in the kingdom, they wouldnt spend their money on the army, rather they would prefer stuffing it in their own pockets.” Xu Yi revealed a cold smile, “Ive heard…..the management bureau in the name of promoting the magic machine industry is planning on decreasing the tax rates on those ten companies Hei, this fellows, when making money for themselves, they dont want any face.”

Seveni knit her brows and shook her head after a bit of silence, “I dont want to discuss this. Xu Yi, have them begin.”

Seeing Sevenis tired appearance, Xu Yi gave a sigh on the inside. He stood on the stage and looked over the prepared guards. After giving a nod, he shouted, “I now announce the purge of the Black Rice Wasteland will begin!”

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