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Everyone looked up and found a black spot moving through the sky. It created a large shadow on the ground which covered up the wharf.

Great Magician Telucci looked at it and asked in surprise, “What is this thing”

Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Youll know once you take a look.”

After saying this, Xu Yi invited Great Magician Telucci. He used the Wind Control Spell on himself and flew towards the cliff.

Great Magician Telucci had a curious look, but he also flew over to take a look.

The weakest among them was Still who was a Sixth Grade Magician, so naturally she could fly herself. They all flew up and after a while, the strange “black cloud” in the sky flew to the cliff, landing at the open area outside Xu Yis manor.

Still who was the slowest had just landed when the “black cloud” in the sky also landed.

When it landed, everyone looked over and found that this “black cloud” was a round ship that was thirty meters long and ten meters wide.

“This thing…..is it a Magic Airship”

Great Magician Telucci curiously went around the Magic Airship as his face was covered in praise.

“Camilla told me before that your company was currently developing a Magic Airship that people could ride, but when he mentioned it, he said that it was only several meters wide and could only fit one person. But this ship now…..I think it can take at least ten to twenty people”

“The limit for people is eighteen right now, it isnt at twenty yet.” Xu Yi explained with a faint smile.

“That is quite incredible still.” Great Magician Telucci couldnt help saying in surprise, “Eighteen people, if everyone is at an average of fifty pounds, that added up is close to a ton. Being able to bring a ton of things into the sky and being able to fly this quickly, this is simply astounding!”

Xu Yi laughed, thinking that an airship with a weight of less than a ton was enough to shock Great Magician Telucci like this. If he could see the giant cargo liners on earth, wouldnt he faint from fright

The Magic Airship suddenly gave a soft sound and the door that could fit two people opened, as Akali charged out from inside.

“Sir chairman, were back!” Akali waved her hand at Xu Yi. Then she looked at the others and when she saw Still, she charged over to take Stills hand, shaking it as she excitedly called out.

“Still, you really should come with us on the Magic Airship, it really is exciting! I never thought that I would be able to look down from so high up and its so steady, its simply incredible!”

Still looked at her, “You can use flight magic to fly in the sky, why are you this excited”

“This isnt the same.” Akali shook her head, “Although you can also fly in the sky with flight magic, at the highest you can only go…..no more than ten floors. Its around twenty meters, no more than thirty meters. But sitting in the Magic Airship, you can fly up several hundred meters! Let me tell you, looking down from several dozen meters and looking down from several hundred meters, this is completely two different things!”

“Of course, dont you know When you look down from several hundred meters, the people on the ground are as small as ants, you cant see them clearly at all! When I was looking down, I felt like I had suddenly become giant!”

Even if Akalis words were exaggerated, this was Stills first time seeing her this excited because of something, so she became a bit interested.

“Alright, when the Magic Airship sets off next time, Ill give it a try. Xu Yi, is that alright”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “You shouldnt ask me this, you should ask Evita. After all, she is the one in charge of the Magic Airship project, so she has the most right to speak since she is the expert. If she agrees to let you go, I dont have any objections.”

Evita had just walked out of the Magic Airship and seeing Xu Yi throw the problem to her, she nodded with a faint smile, “No problem. After all these tests, Im certain that the Magic Airship is secure to a certain degree. Then again, Still is a magician, so if something happens, nothing will happen to her.”

Still looked at Xu Yi and Xu Yi nodded, “Alright, since Evita has agreed, then I wont object.”

Ignoring Still and Akali who discussed the feeling of riding this Magic Airship, Xu Yi came to Evitas side and asked in a low voice, “Is it done”

Evita nodded and reached into her chest, taking out a thick leather scroll and giving it to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi didnt open it when he took it, he just called Great Magician Telucci who had been looking over the Magic Airship and gathered the group to head into the manor.

Everyone came into the most inner room of the manor and Xu Yi opened the leather scroll Evita gave him, spreading it on the table in the room.

This leather scroll wasnt that small when it was rolled up, but when it was opened, it was over two meters long and one meter wide.

There were all kinds of lines and labels on the surface and when Great Magician Telucci looked over it carefully, he was suddenly surprised.

“This…..seems to be a map of the surrounding area”

“Right.” Xu Yi nodded with a smile before tapping on the leather scroll, “Look, this is Caraska Island. Un…..It seems rather far when staring at it riding a Magic Boat on the sea, but based on this map, it doesnt seem that far. Evita, what is the scale, you used to make this map”

“It should be one five hundred thousandth.”

“One five hundred thousandth Let me see…..If its like this, the distance between here and Caraska Island should be no more than one hundred kilometers.” Xu Yi thought about it before nodding, “Thats right, it takes two hours to get there with the Magic Boats, so it should be that far.”

Great Magician Telucci looked at this map before looking at Xu Yi with a confused gaze.

“Xu Yi, how did you get this map Moreover…..how did you make such a detailed map Other than this, theres also the entire Stantine Duchy, the Black Rice Wasteland to the north, and even the Sack Kingdoms coastline even further to the north. This really is too strange.”

“How did I get this I had Evita draw it from the sky using the Magic Airship. Otherwise, you think that a map could be this detailed Moreover, it has such a standardized size” Xu Yi asked back with a natural look.

“Un……This is indeed very detailed and as for the standard size…..it is also quite good. At least for the surrounding area, its like seeing it from the sky.” Great Magician Camilla on the side who had been carefully looking over the map nodded as he gave his praise.

Xu Yi laughed, “Perhaps its more accurate than you seeing it from the sky because you cant get that high when youre flying and you wont stay in the sky for that long when you have free time, right”

“That is true.” Great Magician Camilla didnt deny it, “If you fly high, you can naturally see higher. These Magic Airships can fly several hundred meters up in the sky, even a Great Magician like me can only reach around a hundred meters. It can see much further than me……”

When he listened to Akali describing the sensation of flying in the sky, Great Magician Telucci only half believed it. Now that he heard Great Magician Camilla confirm it, Great Magician Telucci became more shocked.

This was just a magic machine, but it could fly higher than a Great Magician, this really subverted his views.

The most important thing was that this Magic Airship wasnt slow at all.

Adding in the fact that it could take people who werent magicians into the sky, it was more useful than a magician.

“Great Magician Telucci, look here, this is Caraska Island. Have you noticed that Caraska Islands position is key” Xu Yis question pulled Great Magician Telucci back from his shock.

“Un Why is it key” Great Magician Telucci looked at the map for a while and he couldnt see anything.

He had grown up on Caraska Island, he had never seen any key positioning on this island before.

“Look at this…..” Xu Yi pointed with his right hand, first pointing at the spot of Caraska Island on the map before pointing out a few points on the coastline on the map, “Look, first, Caraska Island is less than a hundred kilometers away from us. Then, if you look here, Caraska Island is even closer to the Black Rice Wasteland, it isnt even a hundred kilometers away…..”

“Wait.” Great Magician Telucci raised a hand to cut Xu Yi off, “Its fine if you mention Caraska Island being close to here, but why are you mentioning the Black Rice Wasteland Is there any meaning”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. He pointed at the coastline on the Black Rice Wasteland closest to Caraska Island and said, “If we set up a harbour here, do you think there would be any meaning”

Great Magician Telucci looked at where Xu Yi was pointing and his eyes lit up before dimming again.

“This isnt realistic. If there really is an island, it would be of great significance to Caraska Island, but theres the Black Rice Wasteland here and its close to the depths, where the most savage beastmen tribes live. It would be basically impossible to set up a harbour there.”

“There isnt anything impossible.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Actually, I already solved this problem. As long as everything goes smoothly, we will take care of the beastmen who are the biggest problems sooner or later, then we can smoothly establish this harbour.”

Great Magician Telucci knit his brows, “We dont need to wage a war right The beastmen are quite strong and they are in the depths of the Black Rice Wasteland, so it is too difficult to take care of them. If it is for just Caraska Island…..even if it was me, I wouldnt find it worth it. Its better to think of another method.”

“No, your excellency Great Magician. I am not just doing this to improve the living conditions of the Caraska Island citizens, there is another important reason. But right now to me, the most important reason for me to do this is the strong strategic significance of Caraska Island.”

“Strategic significance” Great Magician Telucci looked at Xu Yi in surprise.

For someone like him who had been born on Caraska Island, all the appraisals he heard of it was negative. This was the first time that someone had linked it with “strategic significance”.

This Xu Yi…..was he being serious

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