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The guard was surprised and wanted to dodge, but he was forced to stop once he started to move. He had no choice but to take Xu Yis tap directly.

The sparks of electricity came from Xu Yis finger and when it touched the surface of the armour, it immediately created a light blue glow from the armour which scattered the dazzling lightning.

“Un, very good. It seems like the Magic Barrier is quite firm.” Xu Yi nodded in satisfaction as he reached his hand out to the guard, “Come, give me your weapon.”

The guard was surprised before understanding. He quickly gave the sword at his waist to Xu Yi with both hands.

“Are there any problems” Xu Yi took the sword and asked.

“No problems!” The guard patted his chest and said in a confident and loud voice, “Sir chairman, please chop down, it definitely wont injure me!”

Xu Yi laughed, “Alright, then Ill do it.”

Swinging with both hands, the sword in his hand fell down on the guards chest.

Just like before, the moment the sword touched the surface of the armour, there was a light blue glow that stopped it.

Xu Yi felt like he was cutting down on something soft. Not only did it not make impact with the armour, there was something that stopped him from using force, feeling quite strange.

“Very good.” Xu Yi was even more satisfied. He pulled back with a nod and handed the sword back to the guard. He patted him on the shoulder and headed towards the magic machine development center.

“Sir chairman!” The guard behind him suddenly called out.

“Un” Xu Yi was surprised as he turned back, “Is there something you need”

The guard hesitated a bit before saying with a smile, “Sir chairman, can you add people to the list heading to the Black Rice Wasteland Look, Im wearing such good armour and have such a good weapon, if I just stay here watching the gates, this…..wouldnt be too good, right”

“Just tell me if your hand is itchy. Dont you feel off trying to justify it” Xu Yi scolded with a smile, “Let me tell you, guarding the magic development center is very important work. Letting you watch the gate is my trust in you, you shouldnt look down on this work.”

“No, no, no, Im not looking down on this work, just……I finally got this good equipment and if I dont fight, I feel like its a waste. Dont you think so” The guard said with a laugh.

“So you want to go fight, right” Xu Yi asked back.

The guard rubbed his head with a laugh, neither confirming or denying it.

Xu Yi couldnt help shake his head, “Relax, were not just clearing out the blind beastmen on the Black Rice Wasteland, were also letting you get some experience with this new equipment. I want everyone to get some experience, so naturally it wont be lacking your share. Just wait and after the first group comes back, it might be your turn.”

The guards revealed a look of joy, “Really”

“Nonsense.” Xu Yi snappily looked at him and was too lazy to care as he walked into the magic machine development center.

When he walked through the door, Xu Yi heard a loud “tong” sound.

Looking over, he found that in a corner of the magic development center, there was a tattered Magic Sedan that had crashed into a wall made of iron.

Based on the tattered front of the Magic Sedan, it had been moving quite fast when it crashed into the wall.

Xu Yi walked over and saw the only elf engineer Yldan come out of the front. He was shaking his head like he was about to collapse from dizziness.

“How is it How is it” Camby and the other dwarf engineers on the side came forward, “Do you still feel good Are you injured”

Yldan stood there for a while before taking a deep breath. He was back to normal when he opened his eyes and said with a faint smile, “It should be no problem, I dont feel like Im injured.”

The surrounding dwarf and human engineers cheered at the same time.

“This is great! Its a success!”

“Ha, ha! I never thought it would be this easy, this really is great!”

“It really is great, the experiment is a success!”


Watching these cheering engineers, Xu Yi shook his head. He came over with large steps and shouted, “What is there to be excited about!”

The engineers were stunned and stopped cheering. They turned to look at Xu Yi and Camby came forward with a smile.

“Chairman, this Magic Sedans protection system has been finished, why shouldnt we be happy”

“Happy your head.” Xu Yi glared at him, “Tell me, did you have Yldan sit inside for the entire experiment”

“Thats right, only Yldan has the same figure as humans, we cant do the same with us dwarves.” Camby replied with a natural look, “As for Cuff and the other humans, they cant take the tests.”

“You all……” Xu Yi shook his head and said with a sigh, “Youre worried that Cuff cant take it, so why dont you worry that Yldan cant take it”

Camby was stunned, “How could that be Yldan is an elf, his physique is even a bit better than us elves, how could he not take a bit of impact Isnt that right, Yldan”

Yldan quickly nodded, “Yes, sir chairman. The impact in the experiments isnt considered anything to me, theres no problem.”

Xu Yi gave a cold snort, “So you can just use a live person in an experiment Camby, Im warning you, youre definitely not allowed to do this in the future, do you understand”

Seeing Xu Yis serious tone that they had never seen before, although Camby was confused, he still agreed.

“Actually compared to you using a living person, Im more angry that you used one of our companys top magic engineers, why cant you think this through If you want to experiment, it isnt that hard to make a dummy, why did you have Yldan take this risk” Xu Yi kept reprimanding them, “If something happened to Yldan, can you take this loss”

“But there wasnt an accident……” Camby muttered, but seeing Xu Yis dark look, he didnt continue trying to refute and kept nodding, “Un, I got it, Ill be careful in the future. But chairman, we cant tell the direct feeling if we use a dummy.”

“Its better than using a living person! This is something I definitely cannot accept, remember this for me! If I see you doing this in the future, do you believe that I wouldnt make you as the magic machine development centers manager take responsibility” Xu Yi angrily shouted.

Seeing that Xu Yi was this angry, everyone including even Camby didnt dare refute and just agreed.

Seeing that everyone was being good, Xu Yi calmed his anger and said with a sigh, “Camby, you have to remember, you engineers are more important than anything else to me. I cant accept any losses at all, so when you do experiments, I want you to place safety above everything. Moreover, for this kind of experiment, you can just have the Night Song Tribes factory make several plastic dummies for you, why are you testing it on yourselves”

“Because the dummies cant give us the same direct feeling that Yldan can.” Camby scratched his head, “I dont want to waste time on all those experiments.”

“The dummies cant get injured or even die like Yldan.” Xu Yi said with a cold snort, “Also, who said that dummies cant give you a direct feeling Ive always told you that the most important thing for magic mechanical engineering is data. Although dummies cant give you the feeling, you can control the quality of the dummies, so you can infer data about the impact based on that.”

“Un…..with the chairman saying this, I understand.” Camby patted his head, “Im still dumb. This is clearly a very simple problem, I just have to make the Night Song Tribe factory make dummies that are shaped exactly like humans.”

“You are not dumb, rather you didnt even think about this in the first place!” Xu Yi gave a cold snort, “Also, all of you, especially you Yldan, you actually went forward when Camby wanted you to test it out yourself. Have you not considered your own safety”

Yldan shook his head with a bitter smile, “I really never thought about it because I never thought that such a hit could hurt me.”

“Thats because the Magic Sedans arent fast right now. If it was a race car that can reach over a hundred kilometers an hour, would you still be fine from crashing it” Xu Yi asked.

Cambys group were stunned, “Over a hundred kilometers an hour How is that possible”

“Why cant it be possible” Xu Yi glared at them, “Before the Magic Sedans appeared, did you think that a Magic Car could surpass sixty kilometers an hour”

“But sixty kilometers an hour and over a hundred kilometers an hour are completely different things……”

“The Fire Magic Engine and the Wind Magic Engine are two different things.” Xu Yi said, “Let me tell you some good news, Great Magician Camilla is already focusing on developing the Fire Magic Engine. According to the report from the magic research facility, they have already made a major breakthrough in the most important Magic Array. As for you all, you just need to prepare to develop the structure for the Fire Magic Engine.”

“Really Thats great!”

Hearing Xu Yi arrange new tasks for them, the engineers didnt complain at all. Instead, they were all filled with excitement and even began discussing what they needed to do for the Fire Magic Engine.

Seeing their excited looks, Xu Yi felt happy in his heart.

It was because he had these engineers who were this enthusiastic about magic machines that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could make such large progress in developing magic machines, bringing him closer to his dream of establishing a magic machine industry.

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