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Magic Industry Empire Volume 4 Chapter 17 - Drunk driving

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After inspecting the fertilizer factory, Seveni didnt drive off and went with Xu Yi in the golden Magic Sedan to Koror Village that Xu Yi mentioned before.

Although wheat and rice was the basis of agriculture, Koror Villages fruit trees were considered an important industry. Moreover, it had developed quickly in two years and brought quite a bit of income to the people of Koror Village, so naturally it drew Sevenis attention.

“Based on the fall harvest last year, I feel that there should be a shocking harvest this spring.” Looking over the golden fields, Xu Yi said in a thoughtful voice, “Seveni, I feel…..that Banta City has enough basic food products, so we can definitely try developing new agricultural businesses like the canned fruit factory.”

“If youre only considering Banta City, theres no problem. The problem is that were not just considering Banta City.” Seveni shook her head, “Although because of your Frestech Chamber of Commerces agricultural magic machines, a large amount of farmland has been reclaimed and the grain yield has increased, according to the stats of last year, it wasnt enough to support the needs of the kingdom.”

Xu Yi was a bit surprised, “It isnt enough even with the hundred thousand tons of grains we transported from the Stantine Duchy”

“Not enough.” Seveni shook her head, “According to the stats of the agricultural department, there are currently six to seven million people in the kingdom. Even if its just giving everyone a basic amount of food, that requires one million and two hundred thousand tons a year. The total grain yield of the kingdom from last year was less than million tons, so even with the hundred thousand tons you transported, it wasnt enough to meet our basic needs.”

Xu Yi couldnt help knitting his brows, he never heard this data before.

From Banta Citys situation, he had thought that the current Lampuri Kingdom wouldnt need to worry about food anymore.

“Could it be that…..there are still people starving to death”

“They arent starving to death, but they cant eat their fill.” Seveni looked at Xu Yi and revealed a happy smile, “Xu Yi, Ive always been grateful towards you. If it wasnt for you inventing the agricultural magic machines and greatly increasing the kingdoms grain yield, there would be many people who starved to death each year.”

“This isnt anything worth praising.” Xu Yi waved his hand before saying with a frown, “If you want to talk, we should promote the fertilizer. If every city in the kingdom was like our Banta City, then people would be able to eat their fills and not worry about food anymore.”

“This is your duty.” Seveni pointed at Xu Yi, “I know that this fertilizer factory isnt managed by your company and is managed by the elves, but Xu Yi, since you have the ability to attract the elves to open a fertilizer factory, I believe that you can make them set up even more factories. Enough to meet the needs of the kingdom or perhaps……learn the method of producing fertilizer from them.”

Hearing Sevenis clear words, Xu Yi gave a bitter laugh.

It wasnt that he didnt want to learn the formula from them, but the elves of the Moon Shadow Tribe werent dumb and were strictly on guard in terms of this. Every time Xu Yi came to the fertilizer factory, he never saw anything concrete. Even now, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce hadnt gained any worthy information on the formula.

But Xu Yi wasnt that worried.

No matter what, the Moon Shadow Tribe opened the factory under his name, it was impossible for them to strictly guard it forever.

Not to mention that Xu Yi had heard many people in secret that he should chase out the elves after getting the secret formula, it wouldnt be as dangerous to run the fertilizer factory himself.

This worlds fertilizer factory was different from the one on earth, instead of relying on chemistry to make fertilizer, it was all based on the ancient studies of the elves. A formula that came from the work of several thousand years.

There were many things that even if they took, other than the elves, the normal humans wouldnt be able to do properly.

So to Xu Yi, the best method was one where they could keep working together.

Letting the elves develop fertilizers based on the need of humans is the best way to use the value they had hidden.

Although the elves would earn some benefits, through the control and mediation of Xu Yi, these were all acceptable.

In the end, the demand of the elves and humans didnt conflict that much.

“Seveni, I feel that…..perhaps you should give me some more labour cards and I can have more of the Moon Shadow Tribe elves enter Banta City, starting another two fertilizer factories. Or perhaps……I can just start one in the Stantine Duchy instead. The Moon Shadow Tribe is there, so their production scale will be larger. Anyway, the road to the Stantine Duchy is now complete and with the large sized transport Magic Cars, itll be easier to ship it over.”

“Un…..These two suggestions arent bad. Ill consider it and perhaps we can do both. Also I feel that……”

Seveni turned and as soon as she was about to tell Xu Yi her thoughts, she suddenly saw Xu Yis face change as he jumped forward.

“What are you doing…..”

Seveni had just said those words with a surprised look when Xu Yi pressed her down and then she heard a “tong” sound.

It was like Magic Sedan was hit by something. The car suddenly shook and slammed into the farmland by the road, only stopping when it hit the dirt.

When the Magic Sedan stopped, Seveni understood what had happened.

It was a car accident.

Seveni couldnt stop her mind from going blank.

Although she had many reports pertaining to traffic accidents, when it happened to her, she didnt know what to do.

However that only lasted a minute as she immediately came back to her senses.

“Xu Yi, are you alright”

The moment of the crash, Seveni had clearly heard Xu Yi give a grunt of pain.

Xu Yis arms were currently over her and they seemed powerful, but his expression was filled with pain. It seemed like his wounds were quite heavy.

“Si.” Xu Yi took a deep breath before spitting out. The expression on his face became more relaxed and seeing the worried Seveni, he shook his head, “Im fine. I had my magic defenses, it isnt much.”

“Is that so” Seveni looked at Xu Yi with doubt, but she didnt say anything else.

Xu Yi carefully looked at Seveni and after confirming that she wasnt injured, he calmed down.

However when he calmed down, he found that their position was quite bad.

If one looked at it from the side, Xu Yi was currently pushing Seveni down.

“Ke……Alright, lets get out first. If we just stay in the car, we might be in danger.” Xu Yi gave a dry cough and moved his body away.

Pushing open the door, they found that other than a bit of damage to the front of Sevenis golden Magic Sedan, there wasnt any other damage.

However, when they looked at the road, they found that on the other side, there was a Magic Sedan that was upside down lying there.

“I want to see which bastard was driving this crazy.

Xu Yi tightly knit his brows and went over to the Magic Sedan. When he looked at the drivers seat, he saw a young man who seemed to be around twenty years old unconscious there.

“Why does he seem a bit familiar” Xu Yi thought about it. He pulled on the door and carried the young man out of the car.

When he put him on the ground, he found that this young man was actually Baron Belil!

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

“This fellow has big opinions about me and our company, but he still cant resist the enticement of the Magic Sedan and bought one.”

Xu Yi leaned over and patted Baron Belils face, making him slightly knit his brows. He mumbled a few times before opening his eyes.

When he saw it was Xu Yi, Baron Belils eyes suddenly opened wide.

“Why is it you”

When Baron Belil spoke, Xu Yi could smell the strong scent of alcohol from him and he couldnt help giving a cold snort, “Why cant it be me Baron Belil, let me tell you, you caused an accident.”

Baron Belil turned to look at the Magic Sedan with difficulty and there was a bit of pain in his heart. When he turned back to Xu Yi, his eyes became fierce again and he gave a snort, “Accident Humph, even if I slammed your car, how is this considered trouble Chairman Xu, Ive told you many times, dont treat yourself so highly. You are just a lowly merchant, how are you qualified to act arrogantly in front of me”

Xu Yi laughed, “Alright, I am indeed a lowly merchant, but do you dare look down on her highness Seveni”

“Her highness” Baron Belil was stunned. He followed Xu Yis head and saw Seveni who came out of the other car in the fields.

Seeing the light gold colour of the Magic Sedan, Baron Belils expression changed.

This light gold Magic Sedan had caused quite a stir in Banta Citys noble circle because this was the only other colour than the black and white colours the Magic Sedans came from. It was the gold colour that nobles loved very much.

There were many nobles and merchants that ordered Magic Sedans that hoped they could get a light gold one, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerce rejected them on the premise it was only supplied to her highness.

So as long as they saw this light gold Magic Sedan, everyone knew that it was her highness personal car.

For Baron Belil who loved Magic Sedans and had also tried to get a light gold one, how could he not know this

He had actually hit her highness!

How would this matter end

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