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Seeing Great Magician Camilla walk away with an angry look, Still laughed.

“Grandfather really is something, why does he seem more like a child the older he is”

Xu Yi had a helpless look, “Thats right. He opposed magic machines so much before, but now that his attitude has changed, hes more positive than anyone. Especially a strange new thing like the Magic Sedan, hes more passionate about it than anyone. Moreover…..he actually wants to race cars! The Magic Sedans highest permitted speed is only fifty kilometers an hour, but hes actually driving more than sixty kilometers an hour!”

Still said with a smile, “Who told him to be a Great Magician With his magic, just with his Wind Magic, he could go faster than sixty kilometers an hour, so naturally he feels it is slow. Moreover, hes so strong, he doesnt need to worry about danger like others.”

“Humph, such an old person and wants to study the same stimulating things as young people, I really dont understand.” Xu Yi gave a soft snort.

Still couldnt help smiling as she tapped Xu Yis forehead.

“You say that grandfather is like a child, but what about you Youre clearly in your early thirties and youre like an old man all day, isnt that very boring Actually compared to this, I prefer how high spirited you were before, always being filled with excitement.”

Xu Yi gave a sigh, “Theres no other way. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce is no longer a small company and Im no longer a small person, so I have to consider my every move, so naturally Ill seem older. Actually Im not willing to be this way, but there are many people I have to consider, so I have no choice, dont you think so What about our darling daughter”

“Dont use your daughter as an excuse.” Still rolled her eyes at him and sat back down. She patted beside her and said to Xu Yi, “Come, you came right on time. I want to discuss a few things with you.”

Xu Yi gave his sleeping daughter to Liz on the side and sat down with Still without any courtesy.

“Speak, is it related to the beastmen”

“Un.” Still gave a nod before knitting her brows, “Ive heard that you are planning on making an expedition with chairman Cruise and the others to clean out the beastmen on the Black Rice Wastelands”

“I am planning this.” Xu Yi replied with a nod, “Recently the beastmen have harassed us at the production base and have plotted against us many times. In order to avoid any more trouble and to make it safer for the workers, Ive decided to show the beastmen our strength. I want them to be afraid so they wont dare do these things in the future.”

“Then……how far are you planning to go” Still asked.

Xu Yi looked at her and after thinking about it, he asked back, “Are you asking for the beastmen”

“Un, this news has spread on the Black Rice Wasteland and all the beastmen are a bit worried. The beastmen girls under our New Moon Chamber of Commerce are all very worried, they are afraid that their tribes will also be targeted by you. So there are many people who want me to ask you about this. Also there are many beastmen tribes that have good relationships with me that want to know the situation so they can handle it.”

Xu Yi laughed, “What Now they are afraid Relax, as long as they are beastmen who are friendly to humans, of course they wont be our targets. This plan is just to shock them and not to create any real trouble. In the end, our foundations on the Black Rice Wasteland arent deep enough.”

Still was silent before giving a nod.

“Un, I understand most of it, I will tell the beastmen on the Black Rice Wasteland.”

“If youre gonna tell them you might as well also tell them that the goals of our companies are to earn money, so as long as the beastmen dont stop us from making money, were not interested in making trouble for anyone. In the end, as long as they properly cooperate with us, everyone can receive benefits, so why are they causing trouble”

“Theres no use talking to me about this.” Still gave a shrug, “The beastmen who talk to me are all willing to be friends with humans. The beastmen that attack the production base wont even listen to your words.”

“There are some things that letting the beastmen tell each other is better than us telling them.” Thinking of this, Xu Yi suddenly turned around, “Also pass on some more words for me. If I find that the beastmen tribes that are attacking our production base are related to the ones working at it, I wont be polite.”

Still looked at Xu Yis rare serious expression and was a bit confused.

“Xu Yi, why are you putting this importance on the beastmen tribes of the Black Rice Wasteland If youre really not satisfied with them, cant you just stop making contact with them and stop hiring beastmen workers”

Xu Yi gave a sigh, “I dont have the strength to remove the beastmen from the Black Rice Wasteland and Im not willing to do this even if I was strong enough because what I desire the most is all the races of the Sines Continent focusing on developing magic machines.”

“As for letting go of the Black Rice Wasteland……Im even less willing to do that. According to the survey of the dwarves, there are rich metal veins under the Black Rice Wasteland. To be more direct, theres basically a house of treasures under it. Could it be that you want me to just give it up”

Still tilted her head to think, “Alright, since you have already thought it through, I wont say anything. Ill just pass your words to the beastmen and hope that they wont be so stupid.”

After they finished discussing this, Xu Yi talked to Still about the New Moon Troupe.

The beastmen girls were beginning to learn about human culture, to make it easier for them to integrate into human society.

At the same time, they didnt stop improving their dance techniques. The schedules of the beastmen girls were currently packed.

They worked very hard. According to what Still said, they treasured this chance to learn new things and many beastmen girls even forgot to rest when they were studying.

Avril practiced singing until her throat went sore and Still convinced her to rest.

Hearing this, Xu Yis mood was much better.

When he was in Anvilmar City, forcefully bringing them back was the right decision.

He believed that after they trained like pop stars, they would definitely shock the crowd when they appeared in front of humans again.

“Alright, lets stop here. Ill go take a bath, her highness is coming so I need to prepare.”

Seeing Xu Yi walk in, Still waved with a smile, but when Xu Yi went in, her expression couldnt help change like she thought of something.

But after a while, it was like she thought of something else and she revealed a proud smile.

Xu Yi naturally didnt see Stills expression change. When he was with chairman Sampason, he went over some problems with Camby and the others related to the Magic Sedan, so he was covered in oil.

He didnt have time to shower at the Falling Rain Valley, he could only wait until he came back to the Falling Star Manor. Of course he wanted to see Seveni after he tidied himself up.

Coming into the bathroom, he took off his clothes and when he opened the door, Xu YI was suddenly stunned.

After a while, Xu Yi quickly turned around and said with an awkward look, “Liz, why are you also bathing I didnt hear a sound. That Still, really, she didnt tell…….”

Halfway through, Xu Yi suddenly felt a soft body press on his back. A pair of arms tightly wrapped around him as he felt two soft bundles on his back.

“Master……Are you…….Are you here for me” Liz didnt hear Xu Yis words at all and her voice was trembling, but it was also filled with pleasant surprise.

Xu Yis body was a bit stiff being hugged by Liz.

After a while, he forced himself to calm down and gave a cough before saying in an awkward voice, “That…..Liz, Im not……Im just here to bath and I didnt know you were in here. Sorry, I was careless……”

“No, master, you dont need to apologize to me. My being belongs to you, as long as you want to see, you can see any time!” Liz said this as she let go of Xu Yi and came in front of him.

Seeing Lizs completely naked body in front of him, Xu Yi wanted to turn his head. But then there was a thought in his mind as he didnt turn around, looking her up and down and appreciating the view.

Seeing Xu Yis reaction, Liz revealed a happy smile and spread her arms. Although her face was red, her smile was very happy.

“Master, does it look good”

“It does.” Xu Yi nodded, “But youll catch a cold if you stay naked like this.”

“Ah” Lizs face was covered in disappointment and she lowered her head when she heard this, “Master, you…..you arent willing to take me You already…..did that with Linda, but you still dont want me…..Could it be you dont like me”

Xu Yi shook his head and went forward to lift up Lizs face by the chin.

Seeing the tears in Lizs eyes, Xu Yi suddenly raised his hand and slapped down on her big and round butt.

Liz looked at Xu Yi in surprise and confusion.

“Alright, put on your clothes. I have to see her highness in a bit, I cant do it now even if I wanted you.” Xu Yi smiled and said beside Lizs ear in a soft voice, “Come find me tonight, youre not allowed to say now.”

Lizs eyes opened wide as she looked at Xu Yi in disbelief.

After a while, the tears came out, but there was a happy smile on her face.

Seeing Lizs reaction, Xu Yi gave a sigh in his heart.

When he accepted Linda, he was destined to also accept Liz.

Otherwise, Liz might not have a way to stay in this home anymore.

The two of them had already obtained Stills approval and were willing to give themselves to Xu Yi, so Xu Yi had no scruples about accepting them.

“Isnt this……considered a harem” Xu Yi couldnt help thinking.

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