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Magic Industry Empire Volume 4 Chapter 8 - Magic Car show

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Because it was in the south of the Lampuri Kingdom, which could be considered the south part of the Sines Continent, winter was already leaving Banta City in March.

When the morning sun came out, the entire city was filled with warmth.

Being under the sun was very comfortable for people.

Perhaps to enjoy the sunlight, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt hold their product release in one of the halls, rather they held it in the square on the banks of the Sandy River outside the city.

Of course, this was because there were too many products they were announcing this time, so they needed plenty of space and the conference halls of Banta City werent big enough.

When they rode the public transport Magic Car out of Banta City and came to the square, the first thing they saw was also a Magic Car.

However, compared to the public transport Magic Car, this one was much bigger.

The public transport magic cars were around five meters long and less than two meters wide, but this Magic Car was over ten meters long and was double the size of the public transport Magic Car, reaching close to four meters!

As for the height, it was even more exaggerated. The medium sized Magic Car was a little bit more than two meters tall and normal people could touch the roof if they jumped. As for this larger Magic Car, it was over three meters tall and normal people couldnt touch the roof no matter how they jumped.

“Everyone, please take a look, this is our Frestech Chamber of Commerces new large sized passenger Magic Car. It is arranged with thirty seven seats and can take thirty seven adults on a ride. If there is a special scenario, it can at most accommodate fifty people. Moreover, this carriage has the latest anti shock system, so its much more comfortable to ride compared to the old Magic Cars…..”

Hearing the beautiful young ladys introduction, everyones eyes lit up.

“This looks better than the medium sized Magic Car, its also this big and can carry that many people at once, its much more convenient.”

“Right, its much more comfortable to ride. If the Fersen Carriage Company changes to these Magic Cars for their long distance trips, it would be much better.”

“I will definitely suggest the chairman buy one! That way when our company goes out in a group, itll be much more convenient!”


While these people were looking at this large sized passenger Magic Car, there was a group of people staring at a super large Magic Car on the side.

This Magic Car from a single glance could be told it was a transport Magic Car.

But it was different from the medium sized transport Magic Car the Frestech Chamber of Commerce released before. This Magic Car was clearly much bigger compared to before.

“Hey, young miss, how much can be stored in this” A person who was wearing normal clothes, but revealing the eyes of an astute merchant asked the young miss beside the car.

The young miss said with a dazzling smile, “This sir, this large sized transport Magic Car has a standard load of ten tons.”

“Ten tons”

Hearing this response, everyone took a cold breath.

“God, can this carriage really carry ten tons We needed several trips for that before, now can we do that in just one trip” All the people couldnt help calling out in surprise.

“Isnt this too exaggerated! This car can really carry ten tons Can it really pull it” There were some people who were doubtful.

“Not only can it pull it, it can also maintain a speed of over forty kilometers an hour when it isnt carrying more than the standard load.” The young miss said with a smile

“You can go forty kilometers carrying this much Isnt this too exaggerated” This time, everyone was shocked and found it somewhat unbelievable, “Hey, miss, are you sure youre not boasting How many things is ten tons, this thing can go forty kilometers an hour carrying that Isnt this impossible”

The young miss was very professional and her expression didnt change at all, as she had the same kind smile.

“Sir, these are the facts that our company has proved after many experiments, there arent any lies at all. Please believe in the prestige of our company, we wouldnt intentionally tell any lies.”

Without waiting for the doubtful people to speak, the others started accusing them.

“Thats right, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has always done what they do, what is there to brag about

“Thats right, whats the point of boasting at this point They would be seen through right away.”

“The Frestech Chamber of Commerce has good prestige, I believe them.”

“Un, forget about the other companies, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is definitely the best when it comes to magic machines.”

Everyone kept talking and the person who raised the question couldnt say a thing. Then they began asking about the specifics of the large sized transport Magic Car with everyone else.

Once they went past the entrance and moved past the two giant Magic Cars guarding the gate, they came to the center of the hall.

Looking around, what attracted everyones eyes was a finely made Magic Car in the center that looked a bit strange.

This Magic Car was like a smaller medium sized Magic Car and whether it was in terms of length, width, or height, even the overall contour was finely made. The exterior lines were smooth and the surface was covered in a layer of sparkling paint.

Under the sunlight, beams of light were reflected off the Magic Car, making it even brighter. Many people were unable to look straight ahead, but they werent willing to look away.

No matter which angle it was looked at, it was much better than the medium sized Magic Car. With the luxurious design it had, it instantly made people feel like it was high class.

So naturally there were many people who surrounded this Magic Car, most of them were the nobles and large merchants of the city.

As for the normal citizens, just by looking at the appearance of the car, they knew that it was a high class good that they couldnt afford. They could only watch from afar, they didnt didnt even dare ask about it.”

“Nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine gold coins for one” Hearing the response of the miss, Baron Belil was a bit surprised, “Its this expensive”

But turning to look at this finely made Magic Car, Baron Belil felt that this price was very suitable.

Such a high class and beautiful looking Magic Car, if it wasnt a bit more expensive, how could it show off how special it was

He attended this product release other than being bored, he wanted to come here to cause a bit of trouble for Xu Yi. But he never thought that as soon as he came in and saw the Magic Car, he was immediately drawn in. He even forgot his goal and was seriously asking about the Magic Car.

After walking around the Magic Car, Baron Belil thought about it before pointing at it and asking, “Can I go and sit in it”

The miss opened the front left door with a smile and made an inviting gesture.

Seeing the other nobles and merchants looking at him, Baron Belil revealed a happy smile and carefully entered the car.

When he sat down, he immediately felt the leather under his butt and the soft cushion on it, it felt very comfortable sitting there.

When he leaned back, he felt the same comfortable cushion on his back. Moreover, there were special cushions that supported his waist, so he didnt need to use any strength at all as he sat up straight, feeling very comfortable.

Barong Belil felt that he wouldnt feel uncomfortable even if he sat there for an entire day.

“It really is good, just this seat alone is worth it!”

Baron Belil couldnt help praising. He raised his hands and found that he could only barely hold the steering wheel, so he couldnt help knitting his brows.

The miss who was on the side bent over and said with a faint smile, “Sir, if you think that this position isnt comfortable, you can adjust it at will.”

“You can adjust it” Baron Belil was surprised.

“Yes, do you need to adjust it”

“Un, move the seat a bit forward, its hard for me to hold the steering wheel.”

“Alright, please take a look here……”

The miss leaned under the seat and used a bit of strength, as Baron Belil felt that the firm seat became more relaxed.

His body loosened and the seat moved forward with his body.

Baron Belil praised this in his heart. He reached under the seat and grabbed the rod, then when he pulled it, the seat became loose again.

He moved it forward a few more times until Baron Belil found a very comfortable position.

Sitting straight, he placed his hands on the steering wheel and looking forward, Baron Belil thought this felt very good!

He turned to find that there was a small control panel on the side.

“What is this”

“This controls the Magic Air Conditioner, the Magic Lamp, the trunk, and various other parts.” The miss explained.

“Wa, theres even a Magic Air Conditioner and a Magic Lamp in here”

Hearing this miss response, not only was Baron Belil surprised, even the surrounding people were surprised.

“Isnt this too powerful” A merchant couldnt help saying, “Then isnt this no different from sitting in your house”

The miss revealed a faint smile, “Our Frestech Chamber of Commerces idea in making this Magic Car is to let the passenger feel hes bringing his home with him, allowing them to enjoy the warmth and comfort of home on a journey.”

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