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Magic Industry Empire Volume 4 Chapter 7 - Daughter

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Everyone was waiting for Xu Yi to make a rare appearance, but Xu Yi was outside a bedroom in the Falling Star Manor, anxiously pacing back and forth. He kept looking at the door from time to time with a look of hope.

The door to the bedroom was shut tight and he could only hear the occasional screaming coming from inside, as well as Stills moans.

The human females of the Sines Continent were no different from earth, they also carried their children and would give birth to them nine months later.

Thats right, Still was about to give birth!

Xu Yi didnt know what mood he was feeling, he just felt it was very complex and hard to describe.

When he was on earth, he focused on his research and had few opportunities to come in contact with girls, not to mention dating. But after arriving on the Sines Continent, he had bumped into Still and not only did he get married, he was about to have a child with her!

Although he already expected this when he married Still, for it to really come, Xu Yi felt a bit stunned and didnt know what to do.

He was about to become a dad

But what should he do as a dad

Would the child Still gave birth to be a boy or a girl

What should he call it if it was a boy What if it was a girl

Would they take his surname

If the surname was Xu, what should be the name


A bunch of questions filled Xu Yis mind.

He had been in this world for more than six years, but this was Xu Yis first time not thinking about machines.

However, when the door was opened, all those questions turned into a single question.

“How is Still Is anything wrong with her” Xu Yi looked at the nurse who was in charge of Still and asked with a nervous look.

Since Still felt pain from her stomach last night, the private doctor that Xu Yi invited said that she would be going into labour. Now close to ten hours had passed, but Still hadnt given birth yet, so Xu Yi was worried.

The nurse didnt seem nervous at all, rather she comforted Xu Yi with a faint smile, “Be assured, chairman Xu, madame Still is still very healthy. Her strength is fine, she shouldnt havent any problems.”

“Then why hasnt she given birth yet” Xu Yi asked.

The nurse revealed a smile, “Chairman Xu, do you think its easy giving birth How could it be that fast This is madame Stills first child, its impossible it would go that smoothly. But you can be assured that her body is fine and nothing will happen to her.”

Hearing the certain tone of the nurse, Xu Yi calmed down a bit.

“Alright, dont disturb them, let them focus on helping Still.” Great Magician Camilla on the side patted Xu Yis shoulder, telling him to calm down.

“Un.” Xu Yi nodded, letting the nurse go back in.

When she left, the door was suddenly opened again.

Xu Yi quickly turned over and saw Agnes walking out.

“Hey, Agnes, did you see how Still is” Xu Yi quickly asked her.

Agnes had a strange look on her face, “Shes quite good, I think that she should have no problems…..But chairman you humans give birth to a child just like us elves. I thought that it would be different for different races.”

Xu Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry, “What Youve seen your clansman giving birth before”

“Un, in our tribe, giving birth is an important matter that the elder attaches importance to. But there are only a few elves in our tribe, so at this age, Ive only seen less than ten children being born.” Agnes replied.

Although Agnes looked like a twenty year old girl, she was actually already over eighty years old. Xu Yi couldnt help understanding the issue that elder Illusia had complained to him about many times.

The fertility of elves was too low, in the years that Agnes had understood things, there were only ten kids who were born. That really was a pitifully small number.

It was no wonder that elder Illusia was worried that without influence from the outside, the elves would be eliminated by their low fertility rate.

After looking at Agnes, Xu Yi suddenly thought of something.

“Right, Agnes, you should have reached the age you give birth, right Is there any handsome male elf that you like Have you thought about getting married and giving birth to a child If you like a male elf from your tribe, I can help introduce you.”

Agnes didnt look shy like a human girl being asked this question, rather she seriously thought about it before shaking her head, “No, Ive never thought about being with someone from my tribe. To be honest, chairman, I rather like you.”

Xu Yi was stunned before waving his hand, “No, no, no, Im a human and youre an elf, how can you marry me That is clearly impossible.”

“Is it” Agnes was confused, “So humans and elves cant get married”

Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes, “Isnt this common sense Could it be that elder Illusia never taught you this”

“No.” Agnes shook her head and was a bit sad, “So elves and humans can be together, it really is a pity. I thought that since I like being with the chairman, I could have you agree to be my companion in the future.”

Xu Yi was defeated by Agnes. After thinking about it, he patted Agnes shoulder and said, “Dont be too disappointed. Actually youre quite beautiful and I like your personality, so you must be popular among the elves. Alright, stop thinking about impossible things. Ill give you a task, go and be with Still. If something goes wrong, immediately come out and tell me.”

“Alright.” Agnes gave a strong nod and turned back to head into the room.

When the door was closed again, Xu Yi knit his brows. He turned to Great Magician Camilla and complained, “I say, what is this damn custom Why is it that as Stills husband, Im not allowed to be with her at this crucial time I can only wait outside This is inhumane!”

Great Magician Camilla patted Xu Yis shoulder and comforted him again, “Its a very important and secret matter for girls to give birth, of course they dont want to be seen by men. Moreover, girls look very ugly when giving birth. Still isnt willing to let you see her with this ugly appearance, so just think of it as consideration for Still.”

Of course Xu Yi was still a bit indignant and he complained a few times, but he couldnt do anything and kept pacing outside the room.

But it was a good thing that good news came after half an hour.

“Chairman, the childs head is out!” The first one to come to report was Agnes who Xu Yi had just sent in.

“Master, the childs arm is out!” This was Vivian.

“Master, the child is halfway out!”

“Master, the child is almost out!”

“Master, the childs feet are out!”


Hearing these reports, Xu Yi became more and more excited.

After patiently waiting for a while, the door was suddenly opened again. The nurse that came to report came to Xu Yi with a smile, “Chairman Xu, congratulations, the child is out!”

Xu Yi was filled with joy and charged forward with a smile.

“How is Still right now What about the child Can I go in now Is it a boy or a girl What do they look like”

The nurse opened a slit in the door and signaled for Xu Yi to go in.

He never thought that the nurse would keep him guessing. Xu Yi immediately opened the door and went in.

The room was filled with people. Agnes, Vivian, Liz, and Linda were all surrounding the bed in the middle, crowding around Still lying in the bed.

Xu Yi forced his way to the side of the bed and seeing Stills pale face, his heart tightened. He quickly grabbed her hand and asked, “How is it Still How do you feel”

Still was a bit weak and she slowly opened her eyes to see Xu Yi, revealing a faint smile.

“Im good, but…..Xu Yi, Im sorry……”

Xu Yi was surprised, “Sorry Why are you sorry”

Still had a complicated expression, “Because I gave birth to a girl.”

Xu Yi was more confused, “Whats wrong with a girl Why are you saying sorry”

Still shook her head and closed her eyes, as if she no longer had the strength to speak.

Xu Yi looked at everyone else and found that other than Agnes who had a normal expression, everyone else including Vivian all had awkward looks.

Xu Yi knit his brows in thought before suddenly understanding.

After thinking about it, he leaned over and kissed Stills cheek. He looked into her eyes that opened again and said with a determined look, “Still, I already told you that you dont need to worry about this, I will make you feel at ease.”

After saying this, Xu Yi got up and spread his hands to the nurse, “My daughter Give it here, I havent even seen what she looks like as the father.”

The nurse felt the atmosphere was a bit strange. She looked at Xu Yi and hesitated a bit before picking up the child from the cradle beside the bed.

Xu Yi took the wrapped up baby and opened the cloth. Seeing her scrunched up face that was like that because she had just been born, which definitely couldnt be considered beautiful, there was a strange feeling that filled his heart.

This was his child

After staring at his daughter for a while, Xu Yi took a deep breath. He looked at Still who was on the bed and nodded at her before turning to Great Magician Camilla who just walked in and was beside the bed, finally he looked over everyone in the room and raised his daughter high up.

“From now on, I announce……”

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