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After watching Evita leave, Xu Yi came to old man Sarkozy and the small nobles on the side.

It was completely different from how they were arguing before. Both sides had smiles now and they were much calmer.

Seeing Xu Yi come over, the small nobles took the initiative to reconcile. They said that their horse carriage wasnt driving properly and hit the Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport Magic Car, it couldnt be blamed on old man Sarkozy.

Old man Sarkozy knew that he was being bathed in the light of the “Frestech Chamber of Commerce” and Xu Yi. He was very willing to compensate the small nobles for their losses, including the repair fees for their two horse carriages and the medical costs for their injuries.

The small nobles naturally acted like important people, saying that old man Sarkozy didnt need to compensate them, they didnt care about this small matter at all.

Everyone was happy, so one of the small nobles said with a smile, “These two horse carriages have high repair costs, so you might not be able to afford them. Giving chairman Xu some face, we wont haggle with you that much.”

These words made old man Sarkozy angry as he shouted with wide eyes, “What Youre looking down on this old man Your horse carriages cost a lot to repair Then tell me and lets see if I can afford it or not”

That small noble also realized that he had misspoke, but he wasnt willing to lose face in front of an old farmer, so he raised his neck and said, “What One horse carriage costs three hundred gold coins to build, can you afford that”

“Not just three hundred gold coins, its just six hundred gold coins for the two horse carriages and I thought it was a lot of money.” Old man Sarkozy gave a cold snort and dug in his chest, taking out a sparkling golden bill, “Here, theres a thousand gold coins there! Give me four hundred in return!”

The small nobles looked at this gold bill and found that it was indeed for one thousand gold coins, as well as coming from the Chimera Chamber of Commerce. This instantly stunned them.

To these people, old man Sarkozy was just a normal old farmer. Even if he earned a bit from transporting cargo for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he wouldnt earn that much. How could he take out several hundred gold coins

But they never thought that old man Sarkozy would take out a thousand gold coins!

The small noble who argued with old man Sarkozy swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He reached out for the gold bill, but a hand from the side stopped him.

“Old man Sarkozy, take back your money.” Xu Yi grabbed the small nobles hand and looked at him, forcing that small noble to shrink his head back, “You do have to compensate them since they are injured, but based on what you just discussed, old man Sarkozy, you just need to pay them a bit of repair fees and mental damage compensation. I think…..fifty gold coins should be enough. Do you guys have any objections”

The small nobles all shook their heads.

Although their horse carriage had fallen to the ground and seemed seriously damaged, it wasnt that exaggerated. It would be no problem as long as they brought it back for repairs.

As for their injuries…..It was just a few scrapes, what injuries were there

As for the mental damage compensation that Xu Yi mentioned, they didnt know what it meant at all.

In short, fifty gold coins had already surpassed their expectations.

They thought that old man Sarkozy didnt have money at all and they couldnt gain anything. It was no use even if they killed old man Sarkozy, so they were prepared to count it as bad luck.

But of course they were satisfied with fifty gold coins as compensation.

Old man Sarkozy naturally didnt have any objections.

When he took out the thousand gold coin bill, he actually regretted how impulsive he was. Now that Xu Yi had helped him mediate, of course he would take advantage of this opportunity. He dug around in his purse and took out fifty gold coins for the nobles.

With both sides reconciling, Xu Yi nodded and prepared to leave.

He had planned on heading back to have lunch with Still, but he had wasted quite a bit of time on this matter.

When he turned to leave, the small nobles stopped him.

“This…..Chairman Xu, can you tell us, this…..Un…..This old man Sarkozy, does he just help your company transport goods” A small noble pointed at old man Sarkozy and asked.

“It cant be considered that because old man Sarkozy bought the Magic Car for himself and was only helping our company transport goods this time. Normally he would be helping other companies.” Xu Yi replied.

The small nobles all looked at old man Sarkozy.

Old man Sarkozy nodded, “Un, I help transport goods for many companies in the city, but Ive helped the Frestech Chamber of Commerce more.”

“Just this” The small nobles kept asking, “You didnt do anything else”

“What do you mean by that” Old man Sarkozy was confused by their questions, “Im only responsible for transporting goods, what else can I do”

“You can earn that much money from transporting goods” The nobles didnt believe this, but they had no choice but to believe when they thought about how old man Sarkozy took out a thousand gold coin bill earlier.

After whispering among themselves for a bit, the small nobles asked Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu…..Do you think…..if we gathered a bit of money, can we buy a few transport Magic Cars from your company”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, “You can, why cant you What You were moved after hearing that old man Sarkozy earned all this money from transporting goods”

The small nobles laughed. It was clear that Xu Yi had hit their ideas.

Old man Sarkozy looked at the nobles and gave a snort, “Just with your soft appearances, how can you suffer at all”

The small nobles angrily glared at him, “What You think that we cant compare to you”

Old man Sarkozy gave a cold laugh and said nothing else.

Seeing his appearance, the nobles became more angry, but they didnt argue with him as they turned to Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, then weve decided. We will buy two or three Magic Cars first and make the order with you now, how about it”

Xu Yi gave a sigh and said in a helpless voice, “I do welcome this, but right now our companys Magic Car capacity is limited and there are many unfinished orders. Im afraid we wont be able to sell personal Magic Cars for a while.”

The small nobles were surprised as they pointed at old man Sarkozy and asked, “Where did he buy it from”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “To put it accurately, old man Sarkozys Magic Car doesnt belong to him, rather to the Cantona Chamber of Commerce. Old man Sarkozy just bought it from the Cantona Chamber of Commerce to use for transporting.”

“Its like this……” The small nobles thought for a bit and looked at each other. They didnt keep asking questions and bid farewell to Xu Yi.

When they drove the other horse carriage that wasnt that badly damaged away, old man Sarkozy said with knit brows, “Chairman Xu, if you tell them this, Im afraid Cantona will be bothered to death by them.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Cantonas in the Stantine Duchy right now, they can go find him if they have the skills.”

Old man Sarkozy couldnt help breaking out in laughter.

After laughing for a while, old man Sarkozy looked to the southwest and a sad look flashed on his face.

“Speaking of this, that fellow Cantona isnt back even now. Could it be hes not planning on coming back for new years”

Xu Yi laughed, “This fellow is living quite well in the Stantine Duchy, of course hes not willing to come back.”


Cantona didnt feel like he was living well at all because he was just too busy.

Taking the hundred thousand hectares of land under the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was without a doubt a large opportunity. In his opinion, it would be a good chance to turn the Cantona Chamber of Commerce into a first class company.

But for this large piece of land, there was a lot of work to do to properly manage it.

At the beginning of the year, there was less than forty thousand hectares of land reclaimed and Cantona was busy from morning to night. He didnt have time to rest at the beginning of the year, not to mention spending several days returning to Banta City.

As for going back to Banta City to celebrate new years, this was a very luxurious thought for him since he didnt have time at all.

But he didnt have many relatives and because of the things here, they already moved with him from Banta City. Adding in the fact that there were many people from Banta City here, he didnt feel that lonely with everyone here.

Moreover, because Xu Yi required Cantona to open ninety thousand hectares of land next year, only leaving behind ten thousand hectares to use on other things, Cantona took his task even more seriously.

As soon as he opened his eyes each day, his mind was thinking about how to reclaim land. He was even thinking about this while eating and going to the bathroom, never idle for a minute.

This morning, he had woken up early and went to inspect the farmland like usual. When he came to the road connecting to the farm, he waited for something with other members of the Cantona Chamber of Commerce.

After waiting for around half an hour, there was dust in the distance. There were over ten Magic Cars that were currently driving over.

Seeing this motorcade, Cantona was shocked and went forward with his subordinates.

Although this motorcade had the signs of the Fersen Carriage Company, they were transporting Frestech Chamber of Commerce goods.

Cantona was clear that the cargo was agricultural magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

To reclaim even more farmland, naturally they needed the help of agricultural magic machines.

But these agricultural magic machines werent bought from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce because Cantona couldnt afford to buy them. Rather they were directly sent to the Frestech Farm in the Stantine Duchy, used to reclaim more land.

The first transport Magic Car stopped by Cantona.

Seeing the driver that jumped out, Cantona was surprised.

“Why is it you”

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