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Magic Industry Empire Volume 3 Chapter 165 - Settling down

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Although Xu Yi was in name a normal merchant, being at most a viscount, no one looked at him this simply.

Just with the close relationship between him and the City Lord her highness Seveni, it was enough for these small nobles to be respectful to him.

Seeing that Xu Yis expression didnt look good, the nobles that were just cursing old man Sarkozy gave Xu Yi a smile, “This…..Chairman Xu, I wasnt saying that the Magic Cars arent good, I was just saying he wasnt driving well. Look, we were planning on going to the Falling Rain Valley to test for our license and to get a Magic Car to play with……”

Xu Yi waved his hand, “Alright, stop wasting words. Argue on the side, dont block the way here. Dont you see how many people you are delaying”

Looking back, old man Sarkozy and the small nobles revealed embarrassed smiles. Then looking at the two horse carriages on the ground, they revealed difficult looks.

“Chairman Xu, this horse carriage is very heavy, how will we move it……”

Xu Yi shook his head. He came to the side of the two horse carriages and leaned over, using his magic. He slid his finger across the horse carriages and soon he laid down two Magic Arrays.

Sending magic into the Magic Arrays, the two lit up with a light blue glow and the two horse carriages floated into the air, easily floating there.

Old man Sarkozy, the small nobles, and the surrounding people were stunned.

Although everyone knew that Xu Yi was a magician, because of his identity as the chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, people always forgot about this fact.

However, seeing the scene in front of them, everyone knew that Xu Yi was not just a magician, he was also a powerful magician.

Otherwise, how could he casually make two horse carriages fly up with just a few flicks of his finger

Moreover, the two horse carriages were firmly floating in the air without shaking at all. It could be seen that Xu Yi had very good control of this Magic Array, clearly having good skills with magic.

Not to mention that with this amazing magic was something that no one had even heard of before.

“Chairman Xu can actually develop this amazing magic on his own, he really is too strong!”

If Xu Yi knew what people were thinking, he definitely would have been embarrassed.

Because this Magic Array wasnt something he developed, it was something he learned from Evita.

Evita had been researching the Magic Airship recently. She had reached the peak of this Floating Array, it far surpassed the normal magicians understanding of this Floating Array.

Xu Yi had learned a portion of it from her, which was enough to achieve this amazing effect.

These two horse carriages floated at waist height and Xu Yi pushed them. These two horse carriages that were over five hundred kilograms added together floated to the side of the road.

A few pushes cleared the road and Xu Yi put down the horse carriages as he stopped his magic.

“Alright, you wait here and discuss what just happened. Ill be back to listen to the results later.”

Xu Yi said this and entered old man Sarkozys Magic Car. He opened up the road before coming back to direct the traffic.

Although Xu Yi never did this before, he had seen this countless times on earth, so he did it decently after learning a bit.

Not long after, the vehicles that were blocked for several hundred meters were cleared and the road was unobstructed again.

Several horse carriages and Magic Cars passed. A normal looking horse carriage stopped in front of Xu Yi.

The curtain opened and it revealed Evitas pleasantly surprised face.

“Sir chairman, I never thought I would see you here.”

Xu Yi was also surprised, “Evita, shouldnt you be going back home Why are you still in Banta City”

“I did go back, but I came back.” Evita smiled with a rarely seen teasing tone to it.

“Why are you back” Xu Yi was more confused, “Arent you planning on celebrating new years with your parents”

“Its not that……” Evita shook her head. After thinking for a bit, she had the driver bring the carriage to an open spot on the side of the road before jumping off.

There were two people who followed her, but they were a middle aged man and woman. Based on their appearance, they seemed like a couple.

Looking over the middle aged couple, Xu Yi found that their appearances were similar to Evitas.

He looked at how close Evita was with this middle aged couple and Xu Yi instantly understood.

“These two…..would they be your parents” Xu Yi asked.

Evita nodded with a faint smile, “You really are sir chairman, you guessed it right away. Sir chairman, let me introduce you, they are my parents. I went back a few days ago to pick them up from my hometown, were planning on spending new years in Banta City. Dad, mom, this is the sir chairman that I mentioned before.”

The middle aged couple had respectful and nervous smiles as they gave a bow to Xu Yi.

“Chair……Sir chairman Xu, our Evita has always had you looking after her at your company and has caused you trouble……”

Xu Yi laughed as he raised his hand, helping the two up, “Evita is the most important magic research facility chief of our company, she has made a big contribution to our company and has helped me with many things, so how could she cause me trouble. To be honest, if Evita wasnt working at our company, I really would have a headache. Speaking of this, I have to thank you for raising such an outstanding daughter.”

Evitas parents clearly never thought that Xu Yi would be this polite to them and were immediately stunned, but hearing Xu Yi praise Evita like this, they couldnt help revealing proud and happy smiles.

After saying a few words to the two of them, Xu Yi turned to ask Evita, “You dont have any relatives in Banta City, so isnt it inconvenient spending new years here”

“Actually we dont have any relatives in our hometown.” Evita shook her head, “Moreover, sir chairman, I brought my parents to Banta City this time not just to spend new years, I want to let my parents settle down in Banta City.”

“Settle down” Xu Yi was a bit surprised, “Why”

Because transportation was inconvenient on the Sines Continent, most people rarely left their hometowns and it made people very unwilling to leave their hometowns.

If it wasnt for the fact that the average wage in Banta City far surpassed other places, there wouldnt be so many people who came from afar to Banta City.

But even if Banta City had over two hundred non-natives each year, there were few that were willing to settle in Banta City.

Most people would return to their hometowns during new years to spend it with their families and relatives.

Evita gave a sigh and replied in a low voice, “Because Im worried my hometown will be covered in the flames of war soon, so its dangerous for them to stay in our hometown.”

“Flames of war” Xu Yi thought about it and remembered that Evitas hometown was near Lorren City, moreover, it was quite close to the border.

If his highness Eric led the northern army to attack the Sack Kingdom, it was fine if it went smoothly, but if the Sack Kingdom fought back, the northern part of the kingdom would be covered in the flames of war.

Evitas worries werent unreasonable.

“Un…..This is also good. Banta City is much more prosperous compared to before, so if you live here, the living conditions should be better.” Xu Yi gave a nod with a smile to Evitas parents, “I represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in welcoming you and I hope that you have a happy life in Banta City.”

Evitas parents nodded and thanked Xu Yi with smiles.

“Sir chairman, you cant just welcome them, I also need your help.” Evita suddenly said, “I wanted to go to the Falling Star Manor to look for you, but we can talk here since I bumped into you.”

“Oh What do you need my help with Is it related to your parents settling down”

Evita revealed a sweet smile, “Un, sir chairman really is wise. I asked about it before and if people of other cities want to settle in Banta City, the procedure is troublesome. So I hope that sir chairman can help me talk to her highness and help my parents settle down”

“There shouldnt be a problem, Banta City is lacking people right now and her highness is welcoming outsiders to settle in Banta City. Moreover, the kingdom doesnt have any limit on people moving, so I think the procedure shouldnt be that troublesome.”

Xu Yi nodded as he replied. But after thinking about it, he found that perhaps settling Evitas parents was a small matter, but to deal with Banta Citys large transient population was a big problem.

“It seems like I have to raise this to her highness Seveni the next time I see her.”

While Xu Yi remembered the various methods from earth on how to deal with the transient population, Evita said, “Right, sir chairman, other than me, there are many people in my hometown who said that they also wanted to settle in Banta City when they heard about my parents moving. Sir chairman, do you have a solution for this”

Xu Yi thought about it with a frown and found that he had to solve this problem before his highness Eric led the northern army to attack next year, so time was quite tight.

“It seems like I have to discuss this with Seveni as soon as possible.” Xu Yi thought about it for a bit before nodding to Evita, “Alright, I will seriously consider this. Take care of your parents first, if something happens, come looking for me.”

“Un, thanks sir chairman.” Evita revealed a sweet and gentle smile before getting in the horse carriage with her parents and heading off towards the Sandy River.

Under Akalis urging and the enticement of the installment payment that chairman Cruise mentioned, she finally bought a villa in the upscale neighbourhood near the Sandy River bank.

Xu Yi had seen her busily fixing up her house and teased her that she seemed more enthusiastic about decorating than Akali when she was so opposed to buying it.

But now it seemed like Evita had already considered the problem of bringing her parents over to settle.

Watching the horse carriage head off into the distance, Xu Yi had a strong premonition in his heart.

Although Evitas parents were only two people, the fact that the two of them were here represented an important scene was coming.

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