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“Your majesty, I thank you for your support and your help, but wouldnt doing this be…..too forceful Those parliament members, they will definitely have some opinion on your approach.” Xu Yi asked in a careful voice.

Lampuri Thirteenth looked at Xu Yi, “What You really want your status as a noble to be taken away”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “I dont care that much about my noble status, its better to just let it be taken away. The issue is your majestys methods, it might make the Royal Parliament dissatisfied with you. Just for a single viscount title, this doesnt seem worth it.”

“Its fine if I feel its worth it.” Lampuri Thirteenth slowly shook his head. He took a deep look at Xu Yi and asked in a deep voice, “Xu Yi, if I didnt pay attention to this matter and you lost your title as a noble, as well as losing your personal territory, what would you have done”

“I wouldnt do anything.” Xu Yi shook his head, “I cant go against the decision of the Royal Parliament and since they must do this, I can only give them back the territory.”

“What about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce How would you plan on handling that” Lampuri Thirteenth asked.

“I could develop the Frestech Chamber of Commerce from nothing and now that theres our current foundation, Im definitely confident I can develop it in another place.” Xu Yi said with a confident smile, “The place doesnt matter, as long as Im here, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce will be there.”

“Your confidence is quite strong.” Lampuri Thirteenth gave Xu Yi a nod of praise, “But while you dont care where you develop, I care very much. For something as important as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, if I let it leave our Lampuri Kingdom, I would be considered a criminal to the country.”

Xu Yi was surprised, “Your majesty, I never thought that you placed such importance on our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“How could I not” Lampuri Thirteenth patted a pack of documents on the side, “Theres endless data here that proves the positive effect the development of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has on the kingdom. If I dont put importance on you, how am I qualified to be the king”

Xu Yi laughed before thinking, “Your majesty, since you put such importance on our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, how about giving us some rights”

Lampuri Thirteenth found it a bit funny, “This kid, you know how to play, but Ill give you a chance. Speak, what right do you want If its reasonable, I can agree.”

He never thought that Lampuri Thirteenth would be this easy to talk to. Xu Yi was overjoyed in his heart as he quickly said, “Your majesty, although you authorized our Frestech Chamber of Commerces free trade rights, I feel that this right isnt enough.”

“Oh What else do you need”

“Un……Although our company can freely trade with other countries and regions with this free trade right, trading with enemies is strictly forbidden, so……”

Lampuri Thirteenth narrowed his eyes, “What Could it be that you want to do business with the Sack Kingdom Could it be that you think the Sack Kingdom isnt strong enough Do you want to give them money to make them stronger”

“Of course not.” Xu Yi shook his head, “Your majesty, although our Frestech Chamber of Commerce always creates deals that benefits both sides, that is for doing business. To only make money from the other side isnt that hard. When trading with the Sack Kingdom, it wont make the Sack Kingdom stronger, rather it will drain their resources and money, weakening them.”

“Is that so” Lampuri Thirteenth was shocked as he asked in a curious voice, “How would you do it”

“To give an example. Your majesty, if our company sells one Magic Air Conditioner to the Sack Kingdom, would that increase their power”

“Of course not.” Lampuri Thirteenth shook his head, “The Magic Air Conditioner can only be used for daily life, it clearly doesnt help increase the strength of a nation.”

“But our companys current Magic Air Conditioner is worth twenty eight gold coins. If we sell one to the Sack Kingdom, that would be taking twenty eight gold coins from the hands of the Sack Kingdom. This is equivalent to weakening the finances of the Sack Kingdom and strengthening our own company.”

Lampuri Thirteenth thought for a bit before giving a slight nod, “I understand what you mean, but the Sack Kingdom wouldnt be that dumb. They will want what you sell them, but there will be restrictions.”

Xu Yi said with a laugh, “Your majesty, I think that even you should know about smuggling, right”

Lampuri Thirteenth face sunk and he gave a cold snort, “A companys chairman is talking to me about smuggling, you really are bold!”

Xu Yi wasnt afraid, rather he said with a cheeky smile, “Your majesty, not only am I mentioning smuggling, the right that I wanted is related to smuggling.”

Lampuri Thirteenth found this funny, “What Your Frestech Chamber of Commerce wants to smuggle”

“Thats right, but I want it to be legal smuggling.”

“Whats legal about smuggling Are you joking” Lampuri Thirteenth looked at Xu Yi.

“Of course not. Xu Yi said with a serious look, “As long as it is approved and supervised by your majesty, it would naturally be legal.”

Seeing that Xu Yi wasnt joking, Lampuri Thirteenth thought for a bit before suddenly revealing a slightly sly smile to Xu Yi.

“Chairman Xu, since you are a merchant, you should know that you have to pay a price for benefits, right”

Xu Yi gave a bitter laugh and spread his hands, “Your majesty, Im already here, so please butcher me however you want.”

Lampuri Thirteenth laughed, “Then I wont hold back.”


When Xu Yi returned, Viscount Leslie and Baron Hannas were waiting for him.

When they saw Xu Yi, they had strange expressions.

Although there werent many people watching at the Royal Parliament, for the noble circle of Anvilmar City, the matters of the Royal Parliament werent a secret, especially one that was this shocking.

His majesty had personally come out to forcefully maintain Xu Yis title as a viscount!

Manager Dema had announced the kings orders in front of everyone, so for the nobles of the city, this was like two slaps on the face of the Royal Parliament.

Although the Lampuri Kingdom had several hundred years of history, with the king and the Royal Parliament not seeing eye to eye many times, even directly clashing, something like this where the Royal Parliaments face was directly slapped rarely happened.

The king had simply told everyone that they couldnt touch Xu Yi.

Before this, although many people knew that the king placed importance on Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, no one had thought that the king placed this much importance on Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. He didnt even hesitate to slap the face of the Royal Parliament.

This one matter made Xu Yi the noble who received the most attention in the Lampuri Kingdom noble circle, it made countless people admire him.

However, when Viscount Leslie and Baron Hannas saw Xu Yi, they didnt look that happy.

“Xu Yi, I feel that you are being used by his majesty.” Baron Hannas shook his head and said with a sigh, “Although forcefully protecting you from the Royal Parliament is very imposing, guaranteeing that no one will easily move against you, this will make the fellows at the Royal Parliament hate you to their bones and will cause more trouble for you in the future.”

Xu Yi said with a smile, “You think they wouldnt cause trouble for me for no reason The decision of the senate wasnt suddenly decided.”

Baron Hannas thought about it before saying with a smile, “Thats right, those old men in the Royal Parliament stand on his highness Erics side, so they will definitely mess with you. His majesty using you is to give them a warning.”

“So that means its fine to be used. You have to know, there are many people who want to be used by the king and arent qualified.”

“You have seen this through.” Viscount Leslie couldnt help smiling, “I was worried that you would be dejected because of this attack, but now it seemed like you arent influenced by it at all. Im relieved.”

“Its not right if Im not completely influenced.” Xu Yi shook his head and said with a sigh, “At least Ive understood one thing through this matter. It is that whether Im willing or not, Ive already been marked with her highness Sevenis mark. Just like you, Leslie, now matter what you think, everyone will always think you are someone from the Stagg Family.”

Viscount Leslie shook his head with a faint smile, “It isnt just this, if I can cooperate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, everyone will think that the Stagg Family has suddenly changed their stance. The chain reaction of this will definitely be very interesting.”

Xu Yi and Baron Hannas looked at him in surprise. Baron Hannas couldnt help asking, “Hey, Leslie, it cant be that youre doing this because you thought of this, right”

Viscount Leslie just smiled without saying a thing.

Xu Yi said with a frown, “Leslie, if you really do this, isnt this clearly going against your family”

“Why not” Viscount Leslie gave a shrug, “If I didnt do this before I was kicked out of the house, wouldnt it be a waste of the status of the eldest son”

Seeing Viscount Leslie revealing a self-deprecating smile, Xu Yi and Baron Hannas looked at each other and they could see the helplessness in each others eyes.

They knew that once Viscount Leslie decided to do something, it wasnt easy for someone to change his mind.

And based on his appearance, he had clearly planned out this matter and wouldnt be influenced by others.

But the problem was, even if he was the Stagg Familys eldest son, resisting the Stagg Family like this would bring about his own destruction.

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