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As night gradually fell, this courtyard fell into silence.

Hearing the sounds of the beastmen girls laughing and playing gradually fade, Xu Yi had a flash of disappointment on his face.

He had been waiting for two hours, but not a single beastmen girl had come looking for him.

Of course, he wasnt waiting for the beastmen girls to come offer themselves, rather he wanted to see if there was some consciousness among the beastmen girls.

Two hours ago, Xu Yi had announced to the beastmen girls that he would be returning to Banta City tomorrow and if there were any girls that wanted to come with him, they could go together.

He had also said that after returning to Banta City, he would discuss the future plans of the New Moon Troupe. If any girls wanted to stay with the New Moon Troupe, of course they could stay. If they didnt want to stay and wanted to find another path, he would also welcome it and do his best to plan this for them.

In order to let these beastmen girls understand his meaning, Xu Yi had clearly told them that he wanted the New Moon Troupe to be a method for beastmen to demonstrate themselves to the humans of the Lampuri Kingdom, changing their image in the minds of humans. He didnt want it to be a simple springboard to help them live a better life in the human world.

“To put it simple, I dont want you to become the toys of human nobles or merchants.” In the end, Xu Yi even threw down these direct words.

However, after saying all of this, Xu Yi patiently waited in the room Hannas prepared for him, but there wasnt a single beastmen girl who came looking for him.

Xu Yi was naturally very disappointed.

But thinking about it, he felt that his request for the beastmen girls was too high.

For these beastmen girls, because they lived the rough life on the Black Rice Wasteland, now that they had arrived in Anvilmar City and experienced the better lives of humans, being seduced by this was something that was natural. Xu Yi shouldnt force his request on them, this wasnt reasonable.

“Perhaps I should have been more cruel” Xu Yi looked at the final Magic Lamp dim where the beastmen girls were resting and a bit of hesitation appeared in his heart.

Since this New Moon Troupe contained his expectations, when the New Moon Troupe went in a direction that went against his expectations, he should forcefully turn them back.

If he and Still were to control these beastmen girls, it would have been easy.

But Xu Yi thought of the happy smiles of these beastmen girls when they talked about living in Anvilmar City and Xu Yi felt a bit unable to make this decision.

“Has there never been a human who considered this much for beastmen before Since this is the path theyve chosen, then just let them be…..”

Xu Yi gave a bitter laugh and slowly shook his head. He stood up and prepared to go to sleep.

When he opened the door, he saw a white figure appear on the path in front of the door.

Looking at Avril walking over, Xu Yi couldnt help revealing a smile.

“What Avril, youre not asleep yet”

Avril shook her head and her furry ears trembled in the night wind. It gave her a naughty look and adding in her fine features, it was no wonder all those nobles and merchants chased after her.

“Sir chairman, can I disturb you for a bit”

“Come in.”

When they entered the room, Avril took the initiative to pour Xu Yi a cup of tea before respectfully standing in front of Xu Yi. Only when Xu Yi indicated for her to sit down did she sit down.

“If you have something you want to say, just say it.” Xu Yi had the same gentle tone and expression as he spoke.

Avril gritted her teeth and looked a bit hesitant. After a while, it was like she made her decision and gave a strong nod.

“Sir chairman, actually……Actually, we understand what you said just now and everyone is very grateful towards you because we know that based on the way youve treated us, youre a rare human who treats us equally. As for those nobles and merchants who are chasing us, they are just treating us as toys.”

Xu Yi looked at Avril in surprise for a bit, thinking that these beastmen girls really did have a brain.

“It seems like youre the representative theyve sent” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Alright, tell me your ideas and decision.”

“Sir chairman, actually……Actually, you may look down on us, but to us, even if were being treated as toys by the human nobles and merchants, were willing to be toys as long as we can live a better life…..This isnt anything……”

“Then say it clearly what you want.” Xu Yi nodded, “If this is your final decision, then I have no objections. But I must tell you, if anyone makes this decision, they must withdraw from the New Moon Troupe because I need to maintain the purity of the New Moon Troupe.”

Avril shook her head, “Sir chairman, youre mistaken. Actually we just want a peaceful and comfortable life since everyone has lived on the Black Rice Wasteland in poor conditions before, you should know this. Now that they have a chance to get a better life, they wouldnt want to miss it.”

Xu Yi gave a soft snort, “I already said it, this is your decision, I wont interfere. But I have the right to interfere in this performance troupe.”

Avril gritted her silver teeth and revealed a bitter look. She shook her head and said, “Sir chairman, you still dont understand our meaning. Actually, we…..we are very anxious.”

“Anxious” Xu Yi looked at her in surprise. Seeing the mix of fear, hesitation, and anxiousness on Avrils face, he gave a nod, “You have come from the Black Rice Wasteland to live in our human world, it is normal to be anxious. But I feel that putting your hope in the nobles and merchants chasing you isnt a good choice.”

“We also understand this, but sir chairman, what choice do you want us to have” After saying this, Avrils eyes looking at Xu Yi revealed a bit of bitterness, “Actually…..Sir chairman, we sisters have chatted in secret and we believe that compared to the nobles and merchants of Anvilmar City, you are countless times better. If youre willing to take us, we would be very happy.”

Seeing the expectation in Avrils eyes, there was an awkward look on Xu Yis face. He gave a cough and waved his hand, “If I did this, how would I be any different from those nobles and merchants who just treat you as toys So dont mention this again.”

Avril had a disappointed look. She gave a sigh and shook her head, “No, sir chairman, you are different because you want to treat us equally. You arent like those nobles and merchants from Anvilmar City who only respect us on the surface.”

“Since you think that I treat you equally, it is even more impossible for me to do this.” Xu Yi took a deep breath and said with a serious look, “Alright, I understand your thoughts. I also said that I wont interfere with your decisions, but I can promise you one thing.”

Avrils large eyes calmly looked at Xu Yi.

“If you choose to remain in the New Moon Troupe, then I will do my best to find a path for you to independently walk in this world without needing to depend on other humans. I cant guarantee there is a 100% chance of this, but I will do my best. If you believe me, stay. If you dont, I wont interfere with your other choices.”

Avril opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but she didnt say it after pausing.

After thinking for a bit, Avril gave Xu Yi a respectful bow and left.

When Avril left, Baron Hannas came into the room.

“Xu Yi, why are you doing all this for these beastmen” Baron Hannas knit his brows and revealed a confused look, “Actually, isnt your goal just to have other people in the kingdom accept other race workers I feel thats very simple, there are many other race workers in your company and everyone already knows the benefits they bring, so it isnt that hard to accept.”

“This is different.” Xu Yi shook his head, “Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has me, thats why we accept other race workers this quickly, but other people are different. Even in Banta City, the other race workers are still being discriminated against.”

Baron Hannas still said, “Do you think its possible for humans to treat other races equally That is definitely impossible.”

“How do you know without giving it a try” Xu Yi looked at him.

Hannas was a bit confused, “Xu Yi, I still dont understand. Why are you trying to let humans coexist with other races If you want something from the other races, with the advantage that we humans have right now, you can just force them to take it out. Why are you putting in this much effort”

“You dont understand. The other races are other races, so that means there are some differences between them and humans. There are some things that we humans cant learn even if they take them out. Forcing them could give us some benefits, I could never obtain the thing I really want. So in order to gain the best thing from them, we need them to willingly give it up.”

“What Has your Frestech Chamber of Commerce received many benefits from other races” Baron Hannas asked.

“Of course. I can even say that the other races have contributed quite a bit to how fast our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has developed. If we didnt have their work, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt have become this powerful.”

Hearing the confidence in Xu Yis voice, Baron Hannas couldnt help laughing.

“Alright, powerful Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu, I hope that you can still smile like this when you see those old fellows of the Royal Parliament tomorrow.”

Xu Yi deeply knit his brows.

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