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Chairman Pompeii had personally come this time to send the production magic machines needed to set up the Frestech Chamber of Commerces cement factory and steel mill in Sowell City.

Other than this, since this place was just too far from Banta City and they would be cooperating with the Drake Duchy, Xu Yi planned on building a magic machine workshop here, producing some production magic machines that werent convenient to ship this far.

The most important thing was to prepare for building the weapons factory.

Of course, the core components wouldnt be something that Xu Yi produced outside the Falling Rain Valley.

Although Sowell City had Count Sean as the City Lord and it was safe to a certain degree, this place was too close to the Sack Kingdoms borders. If the Sack Kingdom had any thoughts towards Sowell City, then it was hard to guarantee that a problem wouldnt happen.

Even if Count Sean patted his chest and gave his guarantee, Xu Yi had to be discrete and naturally couldnt help but worry about this.

After boarding the Magic Car with Count Sean and chairman Pompeii, the car started moving. Xu Yi felt the chill that was inside the carriage and couldnt help tightening the coat he was wearing.

Seeing Xu Yis actions, Count Sean also tightened his neckline. He turned to look around the Magic Car and asked Xu Yi with knit brows, “Xu Yi, chairman Pompeii was right just now. Since people are riding this Magic Car, you should consider making it more comfortable. For example, adding a Magic Air Conditioner would feel much better. Also, I feel that there are parts of the car that are letting in the cold wind.”

“It isnt hard to add a Magic Air Conditioner, but to put it together with the car isnt easy.” Xu Yi explained, “Our companys development center is currently testing this. I believe that not long now, we will be able to improve on the Magic Car. As for drafts……theres no other way. Our welding technology isnt at the right level right now.”

“Speaking of this…..chairman Xu, since your company has called this a medium sized Magic Car, then does that mean there will be small and large Magic Cars” Chairman Pompeii on the side asked.

“Thats right.” Xu Yi nodded, “Compared to the medium sized passenger Magic Car that can seat thirteen people, our companys planning on making smaller Magic Cars that can only seat a few people or even just a single person. It would be a Magic Car that a person could drive alone. Other than this, there are some bigger ones that can seat several dozen people.”

“Only one person” Chairman Pompeii was surprised, “How much is your company planning on selling this small Magic Car”

“Its not certain yet, but this Magic Cars price isnt determined by how many people can ride in it, there are also many other factors. So the small Magic Car that youre asking about could have a price of several hundred gold coins or a price of tens of thousands of gold coins.”

“Tens of thousands” Count Sean couldnt stay calm, “Xu Yi, are you kidding It can only seat one person, you want to sell it for tens of thousands Who would be silly enough to spend that much to buy an impractical thing”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Lord City Lord, other than practicality, there are many people who chase after comfort and enjoyment. For example, if you had a Magic Car that you could sit in feeling as comfortable as your own home and going over a hundred kilometers an hour, or even two hundred kilometers, would you spend tens of thousands to buy it”

“One to two hundred kilometers an hour How is that possible!” Count Sean and chairman Pompeii were both shocked.

Chairman Pompeii said in an excited voice, “Chairman Xu, if your company can really develop such a fast Magic Car, not to mention tens of thousands, even if it was hundreds of thousands, there would be many people who would buy it!”

Count Sean knit his brows and shook his head.

He was a noble that cared about practicality, so he looked down on excessive luxury. Someone who didnt want to spend irrationally couldnt understand the strong attraction this Magic Car had on people who pursued luxury.

But that didnt stop him from agreeing with chairman Pompeii.

Right now most transportation was done with horse carriages, which could only reach a top speed of thirty kilometers an hour.

The Magic Car developed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce only went forty kilometers an hour and it was greatly welcomed by everyone in the Lampuri Kingdom.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could create a Magic Car that could reach one to two hundred kilometers an hour, it would definitely create a stir on the continent.

There were rich people all over the continent. For these people, not mentioning tens of thousands, even if they spent hundreds of thousands, for a Magic Car that could reach incredible speeds wasnt a problem at all.

“I want to take out this Magic Car now, but its a real pity that right now…..At least we cant achieve this for a few years.” Xu Yi shook his head with regret.

Right now the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Cars use the Wind Magic Engine. Although this engine was good in terms of endurance and was very stable, it didnt have enough explosive power.

According to Xu Yis calculations, the limit of the Wind Magic Engine was around eighty kilometers an hour and it was hard to break one hundred kilometers, so there was no need to mention two hundred kilometers.

To reach this high speed, the only thing Xu Yi thought could reach it was the Fire Magic Engine.

But the development of the Fire Magic Engine was just beginning and there were many problems that needed to be solved. When this Fire Magic Engine took shape and could be used, Xu Yis most optimistic estimate was at least in five years.

With normal estimates, it would take at least ten years.

Hearing Xu Yis reply, Count Sean and chairman Pompeii were not just not disappointed, they let out a sigh of relief.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce really could make a heaven defying Magic Car in this short period of time, they may have to suspect that Xu Yi wasnt a person.

The motorcade passed Sowell City and went to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces production base to the citys west.

The motorcade Xu Yi had brought before came here and had already built workshops.

They just needed the corresponding production magic machines and they could officially start production.

This was the part that was more convenient on the Sines Continent compared to earth.

Because all production magic machines used Magic Crystals as power, they didnt need to be connected with electric wires like in factories on earth.

As for the issue of water, because they were close to the river, it was easy to solve.

These days, Camby and the other workers from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had already put together the first batch of goods.

Camby and the others had even established a small magic machine development center, testing how these magic machines would operate in these new working conditions.

The results showed that since Sowell City was in the north and winter was very cold, the magic machine would be affected by the cold winter weather. They would be affected and couldnt operate like normal.

This wasnt hard for Xu Yi. In the batch of magic machines that chairman Pompeii had delivered, there were a bunch of household magic machines, which included ten Magic Air Conditioners.

After these Magic Air Conditioners were installed in the workshops and enough Magic Crystals were placed in them, they began blasting out warm wind and it didnt take long for the workshops to warm up.

Feeling the warm wind coming out of the Magic Air Conditioners. Xu Yi couldnt help asking chairman Pompeii who was curiously looking around, “Since you were cold on the road, why didnt you take out the Magic Air Conditioners first”

Chairman Pompeii looked at Xu Yi in surprise.

“Chairman Xu, are you doubting me Our Fersen Carriage Company is a specialized logistics company, how could we use the cargo that our customers entrust us to deliver This would seriously affected the reputation of our company!”

Xu Yi laughed and gave a nod of praise. He turned to Count Sean, “Lord City Lord, look, the Fersen Carriage Companys reputation is quite good. You really should consider giving them the Sowell City transport business.”

Hearing Xu Yis words, chairman Pompeii gave Xu Yi a grateful look before expectantly looking at Count Sean.

Count Sean pointed at Xu Yi as he found this a bit funny, “Tell me, what advantages has the Fersen Carriage Company given you to make you endorse them this much”

“Im just telling the truth, arent I” Xu Yi gave a shrug before continuing, “Lord City Lord, Im serious. As more and more relationships develop between Banta City and Sowell City and as Sowell City develops, they will have relationships with other cities, the Drake Duchy, and even other countries. You will need a specialized logistics company to take care of this.”

“Then why cant I look for a local Sowell City company” Count Sean asked back.

Xu Yi signaled chairman Pompeii with his eyes who immediately patted his chest and loudly said, “Lord Count, our Fersen Carriage Company intends to set up a branch in Sowell City and ask for the Lord Counts support!”

Count Sean looked at chairman Pompeii before turning back to Xu Yi.

“Xu Yi, actually you should know that its no use if I agree. In the northeast province, there isnt just our Sowell City. Did you forget what happened to you on your way here”

Xu Yis eyes had a cold glow, “I will not give those people another opportunity.”

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