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Lampuri Thirteenth was silent for a bit before saying with a sigh, “Eric is my son, why would I send him to death”

Viscount Leslie slowly shook his head, “I dont know, but your majesty, I think that you are trying to do this now. Eric is my friend who I grew up with, so as his friend, I have to come and ask you this.”

Lampuri Thirteenth revealed a smile that had a bit of ridicule to it.

“I know that after you left the northern guard, Eric invited you to his place for a bit. But the problem is, this isnt Eric who had you come ask me this, right”

Viscount Leslie revealed a bitter smile as he said with a sigh, “Indeed he didnt make me come ask, this was my own decision.”

“Then did you tell Eric your analysis Did you advise him not to attack the Sack Kingdom” Lampuri Thirteenth asked.

Viscount Leslie was silent for a while before giving a sigh and shaking his head.

“No, Eric is confident in his attack on the Sack Kingdom, so he wont listen to any objections. So I hope that your majesty can give the order for him to stop.”

Lampuri Thirteenth tapped the armrest of his chair and looking at Leslie, the ridicule in his smile became deeper.

“Then do you know that Eric being this confident is actually because of the support of those people in the kingdom Which naturally includes your father.”

Viscount Leslie became even more silent. Of course he knew what part the Stagg Family represented by his father played in this.

He was even more clear that in order to support his highness leading the northern army to attack the Sack Kingdom, the Stagg Family had already invested at least five million gold coins in funds and resources.

As for the human resources of the Stagg Family, it was impossible to calculate.

Other than the Stagg Family, the other major nobles that supported his highness Eric also provided all kinds of support for the northern army. Right now the northern army had plenty of equipment and it could be considered the most abundant time in the northern armys history.

It was because of this that his highness Eric was filled with confidence in attacking the Sack Kingdom. He felt that with the support of the major nobles in the kingdom, he would definitely be able to easily defeat the Sack Kingdom, setting the record for the most amazing military exploit in the history of the Lampuri Kingdom.

With this military exploit, naturally he could beat Seveni and the other prince Mifam that everyone ignored, becoming the only royal successor.

Seeing that Viscount Leslie had nothing to say, Lampuri Thirteenths smile disappeared. He gave a soft snort and said in a deep voice, “Leslie, do you know that even if It was me, I cant order Eric to stop his attack on the Sack Kingdom”

Viscount Leslie thought about it before giving a sigh and nodding.

At this time, his highness Eric leading the northern army to attack the Sack Kingdom had reached a point of no return, they had to send it.

Even if his highness Eric suddenly changed his mind, the large families behind him wouldnt let him do this.

Otherwise the large amount of manpower and resources the large family had invested in the northern army would all be wasted.

It wasnt exaggerated to say that whether it was his highness Eric, the northern army, or even the large nobles that were supporting his highness Eric, they had all been tied to the same chariot.

This chariot had to drive to the Sack Kingdom and no one could stop them.

Even his majesty with the most power in the kingdom couldnt stop this chariot by force.

After all, even if it was the most prestigious king, he couldnt stop a bunch of large noble families that were represented by the Stagg Family.

Thinking of this, Viscount Leslie couldnt help giving a sigh. He looked at Lampuri Thirteenth and couldnt help asking, “Your majesty, I dont believe that you didnt know about this beforehand. But why didnt you stop it ahead of time If you immediately gave the order, I think you could have stopped it.”

Lampuri Thirteenth was silent for a bit before replying, “Sending the three of them out was a test for them. This is Erics choice, I of course will not interfere.”

Viscount Leslie suddenly became angry as he shouted, “But this isnt just related to Eric alone, its related to the millions of soldiers of the northern army! Could it be that you want to watch those innocent soldiers of the northern army send themselves to death”

Lampuri Thirteenth looked at Leslie before suddenly revealing a smile.

“It seems like your two years in the northern army has created some emotions for the northern army. Not bad, not bad……”

Seeing that Lampuri Thirteenth avoided his question, Viscount Leslie became even more angry, but his reasoning told him that he definitely couldnt keep forcefully asking the king questions. He suppressed his anger and took a deep breath, forcing himself to calm down.

After staring at Lampuri Thirteenth for a while, Viscount Leslie said, “Your majesty, I dont know what ideas you have, but…..Please forgive me for being disrespectful, but I feel your current approach is wrong. If you continue doing this, our Lampuri Kingdom will suffer large losses and these losses are something that even you cant withstand.”

Lampuri Thirteenth turned his head and looked to the northwest, as a sad look appeared in his eyes.

“Yes, I might not be able to bear the loss of this, but compared to an even more terrifying loss, I have no other choice. Leslie, these two are both very serious, but one is a loss that can be used to exchange for something, so which would you choose”

Viscount Leslie was silent for a bit before saying in a deep voice, “I only know that dead people cant come back to life, I hope that your majesty can seriously consider this.”

Lampuri Thirteenth revealed a faint smile, “Dead people are just a small loss. Leslie, you are still young, you dont understand.”

Viscount Leslie took a deep breath and shook his head. He gave Lampuri Thirteenth a bow and turned to leave.

After walking out of the royal palace, Viscount Leslie looked at the somewhat overcast skies over Anvilmar City today, feeling that his mood was as dreary as the sky.

He didnt obtain the results he wanted in his talk with the king, but it made him more clear on the kings thoughts.

And the more he knew, the more terrified he was.

If his majesty knew the consequences and didnt take any action, that meant that he was already prepared to make a move against his highness Eric.

But it was this that made Viscount Leslie scared.

His highness Eric was his majestys son, he was really planning on sitting and watching his son go into danger

“If Eric was me and his majesty was my father, what would my father choose”

Viscount Leslie fell silent and discovered an even more terrifying fact.

If he went against the interests of the Stagg Family, then he was certain that his father would definitely give him up without any hesitation, even being more heartless than his majesty.

“This is the fate of being born in a large noble family” Viscount Leslie shook his head with a bitter smile.

When he turned, he saw that by the street outside the royal palace, there was a shop that had magic machines being displayed in the window.

Inside there was a Magic Air Conditioner that kept running, blowing out warm air, causing a layer of condensation to form over the windows that was very cold from the winter chill.

Seeing these household magic machines, Viscount Leslies heart that was as cold as the season filled with a bit of warmth.

Because seeing these household magic machines, Viscount Leslie thought of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and once he thought of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he naturally thought of Xu Yi.

Strictly speaking, he and Xu Yi werent in contact for long, but he could see that Xu Yi was someone with a long term goal and was filled with fervor because of this goal.

And the goal in his heart was something that Viscount Leslie praised, so whenever he thought of Xu Yi, there would be a bit of comfort in his heart.

“If everyone in the kingdom could be like Xu Yi, working hard to improve the lives of everyone, how much better would the living standards of the kingdom be.”

After thinking for a bit, Viscount Leslie laughed at himself.

He was clear that even if it was Xu Yi, it was impossible to have such naive ideas.

Looking around, Viscount Leslie got into a horse carriage and arrived at Count Seans residence in Anvilmar City.

Seeing Viscount Leslie suddenly appear, Housekeeper Lahm was surprised as he came forward.

“Lord Viscount, when did you come back”

“I just came back yesterday.” Viscount Leslie said with a smile before looking inside, “Is Alex here Have him come out, I have something to discuss with him.”

Housekeeper Lahm shook his head, “Alex went back to Banta City a month ago, didnt you know Oh, right, you just came back yesterday, so of course you didnt know. Look at my stupidity……”

“Returned to Banta City” Viscount Leslie was stunned, “Did he go back temporarily Did he say when he would come back”

“No, hes already no longer the Frestech Chamber of Commerces manager in Anvilmar City. He said that after returning to Banta City this time, he wouldnt have a chance to come to Anvilmar City again.” Housekeeper Lahm said.

“Not the manager anymore Why” Viscount Leslie was a bit curious, “Wasnt he sent out by Xu Yi Could it be that hes being promoted this time”

“Im not clear, but it shouldnt be a promotion. Rather it seemed……It seemed like he was being punished……” Housekeeper Lahm said in an uncertain voice, “When chairman Xu came to Anvilmar City before, he didnt have a good expression when he looked at Alex. I think that Alex did something that made chairman Xu unhappy.”

“Xu Yis expression was bad” Viscount Leslie knit his brows, “To let that fellow who has a good temper have a bad expression, it seems like Alex really did something wrong. Alright, now that hes here, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce should have sent someone to take over, right Whos the manager now Do you know where they are”

“The one who took over is manager Flaime, but this morning……Yi Isnt that manager Flaimes horse carriage, hes back!”

Viscount Leslie turned around and saw a thirty year old man jump down from a horse carriage.

Before Viscount Leslie could speak, manager Flaime already came forward with a smile and gave Viscount Leslie a bow, “Lord Viscount, if sir chairman knew that you were back in Anvilmar City, he would definitely be very happy. I think that when he comes back from Sowell City, he will definitely make a trip to Anvilmar City to see you.”

“You know me” Viscount Leslie asked in a surprised voice.

“Ive seen the Lord Viscount several times in Banta City, but of course the Lord Viscount wouldnt remember a small person like me.” Manager Flaime said with a smile.

Viscount Leslie nodded, not caring about this question and asked, “You are the new Frestech Chamber of Commerce manager here Then do you have the power to represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

Manager Flaime hesitated a bit before saying, “I can represent the company on basic things.”

“Good, I came this time to discuss cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. I want to open a magic machine factory, can you make this decision”

Manager Flaime looked at Viscount Leslie in surprise. After thinking about it, he asked, “Lord Viscount, are you representing yourself or is this on behalf of the Stagg Family”

Viscount Leslie replied with a faint smile, “Im only representing myself.”

Manager Flaimes expression immediately became very strange.

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