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When Xu Yi entered Count Seans office, he saw Count Sean putting down the newspaper in his hands and knitting his brows with a bit of worry.

“Did something happen” Xu Yi asked. His eyes fell onto the newspaper and found that it was the «Banta Times» he was familiar with, so he couldnt help being a bit surprised, “When did the «Banta Times» start selling here”

“Of course it doesnt.” Count Sean shook his head, “I have someone gather it each week and specially deliver it from Banta City.”

“Specially deliver”

Xu Yi was secretly speechless.

Banta City was over a thousand kilometers away. Even if one took a Magic Car, they would have to drive without stopping all day, so it would take at least two days to deliver it over here.

The most important thing was that arranging someone to purchase the «Banta Times» would require a shocking amount of money.

Count Sean was not a noble that liked luxuries, but he put in this much money and effort for a «Banta Times», it could be seen that he was still very concerned about Banta City even after leaving the post for a year and a half.

“This isnt strange.” Count Sean said with a smile, “I have been the City Lord of Banta City for over ten years, so I should have deep sentiment there. Not to mention…..her highness is the current City Lord, so I should care about that.”

Xu Yi nodded to show he understood before asking, “Then what has happened in Banta City”

“Take a look.” Count Sean pointed at the «Banta Times» on the table.

Xu Yi picked up the newspaper and saw that based on the date, this «Banta Times» should be from three days ago.

Looking at the front page headline, Xu Yis eyes lit up and his heart filled with joy.

“Ha, her highness is finally putting importance on this issue Great! With this vocational training school and the other training facilities, the human resource issue in Banta City should be soon solved. It would be a great help in the development of Banta City and the entire Lampuri Kingdom.”

“Xu Yi, did you give this idea to her highness” Count Sean asked.

“Un, actually I already noticed this problem last year, but Count Stagg was the City Lord and I didnt raise it to him. When her highness took over, I mentioned this before, but her highness didnt care about this matter before, so it had been delayed. Now that her highness is finally putting importance on this matter, it really is great.”

Count Sean shook his head and said with a sigh, “Did you notice when her highness started attaching importance to this”

Xu Yi was surprised. He carefully read through the article and noticed that her highness making this decision was because something had happened in Banta Ciuty which was in another report.

Flipping the page, he found that there was a detailed report on the second page of the «Banta Times».

Reading through the lines about the Sanglang River farmland, Xu Yi thought about it and confirmed that this matter had indeed happened.

Chairman Porter had asked for his help before, but he didnt care. He just told Kennard to arrange things and didnt pay it any attention.

He never thought that this matter would develop into such a serious incident.

According to the report in the «Banta Times», this matter had not just aroused interest in Banta City, even many other cities had paid attention to this and several newspapers in Anvilmar City had reported on this.

After he finished reading the report, Xu Yi thought about it before giving a shrug and saying with a smile, “Although the influence of this matter isnt good, it made her highness pay attention to training human resources, so it can be considered a good thing.”

Count Sean narrowed his eyes to look at Xu Yi before asking with knit brows, “Do you really only think this”

Xu Yi was taken aback, “What about it”

Count Sean shook his head and said with a sigh, “Kid, it seems like youre really not suited for politics, you actually cant see the matter hidden in this.”

Xu Yi looked at the «Banta Times» in his hands with confusion and asked in a confused voice, “What is the problem”

“You havent thought that even though this matter is a small matter, its caused so much trouble” Count Sean asked back.

“How is this matter small……”

Xu Yi suddenly stopped when he had just started.

Because he suddenly realized that he had neglected a problem.

This was the Sines Continent, it was very different from earth.

If this matter happened on earth, it would be reported as a very serious matter. It would definitely have a serious impact on the Banta City local government and would seriously damage the accountability of Banta Citys leaders.

But on the Sines Continent, because the farmland taken for the canal belonged to the Lampuri Kingdom and not the farmers themselves, they didnt have any rights to cause trouble.

And for the Sines Continent that had a half feudal and half slave society, if normal citizens were taken advantage of by nobles, how could they have the courage to complain

If this matter happened in any other country, or other cities in the Lampuri Kingdom, the City Lord Manor wouldnt even need to talk to the farmers before digging on their farmland. If they wanted to dig, the farmers wouldnt even dare talk and wouldnt dare complain, how could they come out in numbers to cause trouble.

If it was a tyrannical City Lord, it wouldnt have been a problem for them to cut the heads of the farmers who caused trouble.

Because according to the laws of the Lampuri Kingdom, gathering together to cause trouble and even threatening with weapons could be considered an act of rebellion, so the City Lord could deal with them as they wished.

Now these fellows not only had the guts to gather in Banta City, they had even made it a big matter and had the newspapers of the kingdom report on it. How could it seem like something normal citizens could do.

If it was said that there was no one supporting them and directing them, Xu Yi wouldnt believe it even if he was beaten to death.

Thinking of people supporting them, Xu Yi grabbed the newspaper and seriously read over the related reports.

This time, he found some problems that he hadnt noticed before in these reports.

For example, in the report of the «Banta Times», its said that these farmers used daggers to cause trouble. The leader had come alone and the rest had taken a Magic Car to rush over.

Not mentioning anything else, just the Magic Car was a big problem.

Based on the price of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Car, one could cost up to eight hundred gold coins. These farmers had lo9st their jobs and didnt have a source of income, so not mentioning buying one, they wouldnt even be able to take out the money to rent one.

Seeing this, Xu Yi couldnt help giving a cold laugh, “This means that someone wants to target her highness. They are using this matter to destroy the fame of her highness”

Count Sean gave a slight nod, “Youre not dumb. Take another look at these……”

Taking the pile of newspapers Count Sean pushed over, Xu Yi roughly glanced through them and found the articles related to this matter.

But the key points were different compared to the article in the «Banta Times». In these reports, they mainly described the poor conditions of the farmers, how the farmers were forced into doing this……It was like they were the farmers themselves.

If one only read the reports of these newspapers, they would feel deep sympathy for these farmers and would have a deep hatred for the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.

Although there wasnt any direct criticism towards her highness Seveni in these newspapers, with the meanings in between the lines, they disclosed that the Amrit Chamber of Commerce did these things because of the decisions of the City Lord Manor. Naturally the people who read these reports would feel dissatisfied with the City Lord Manor and her highness Seveni.

“Ah, these fellows really are bold, they dare move against her highness.” After he finished reading, Xu Yi didnt get angry and revealed a smile, “Since they have the courage to report this matter, why dont they just say that her highness doesnt care about peoples lives at all”

Of course they wouldnt dare.” Count Sean shook his head, “Slandering her highness, this could be treated as treason. But affecting her highness reputation like this is enough, they cant topple her highness at once because they know that it would be impossible.”

Xu Yi knit his brows and thought for a bit. Then he said with a serious look, “Lord CIty Lord, we have to fight back. It isnt good for her highness to act, so we have to help her.”

“You think that her highness is an idiot in politics like you” Count Sean said with a laugh, “Relax, her highness has already noticed the hidden problem and she has taken care of it very properly.”

After saying this, Count Sean revealed a look of praise as he said, “Speaking of this, although her highness is young, she is from the royal palace. Her abilities are far from what a fellow like you can compare to. This matter would affect her reputation, but with how she handled it, she has taken the opportunity to reveal her foresight in terms of governing and even helped you out.”

“Oh How did her highness handle it” Xu Yi couldnt help asking in a curious voice.

“Cant you see it yourself” Count Sean pointed at the «Banta Times» in Xu Yis hand.

Xu Yi curiously flipped through the «Banta Times» until he found a large heading.

“Importance of the magic machine industry to economic development.”

There was a subtitle under it.

“Developing human resources to enhance competition.”

It was signed at the end with Seveni Lampuri.

Seeing this title, Xu Yis expression became very strange.

Her highness Seveni, when did she steal the skill to write an article from him

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