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Seveni smiled while listening to the two talk as her heart filled with joy.

Although the thin man named Ronnie felt pain because it cost five gold coins to join the insurance program, with Shaqs persuading, he was moved and began seriously considering whether he should add his entire family into the program.

If she didnt want to hide her identity, Seveni wouldnt have been able to take it as she would have explained that out of all the programs Xu Yi proposed, this was the first one she implemented after considering it.

According to Sevenis thoughts, she was planning on not having the citizens pay five gold coins a year and would have tried to finance this program with Banta Citys finances alone.

But Xu Yi had stopped Seveni from doing this.

Perhaps in the beginning stages, the Banta City residents wouldnt consider visiting the doctor when they were ill out of habit, but once the insurance program was in place and if the citizens found that it didnt cost much to see the doctor, they would definitely properly use this system.

If this situation appeared, no matter how good Banta Citys finances were, they wouldnt be able to support this.

Even with Xu Yis suggestion, with each person paying five gold coins a year, according to the estimates of the City Lord Manor, even if it was the hospital that the City Lord Manor built outside the city last month, it would cost them close to two hundred thousand gold coins a year.

In order to ensure the quality of the Banta City Citizens Hospital, Seveni had personally acted and invited several skilled doctors from Anvilmar City.

Of course, these doctors received high wages, with the lowest being a thousand gold coins a year.

This money was naturally paid for by Banta City as part of the investment for this hospital.

Shaq and Ronnie discussed for a while and the next public transport Magic Car stopped. The two of them stopped and got into the car, while Seveni followed behind them.

This public transport Magic Car went from Banta City to the terminal station of Fallin Rain Valle. If one took the entire trip, the Fersen Carriage Company charged thirty gold coins. Seveni later announced that Banta City would be paying a subsidy for this and each trips fare would be reduced to twenty five gold coins.

Although it was just five gold coins, this policy from the City Lord Manor was immediately praised by everyone in Banta City.

Even though she had been the City Lord for less than half a year, Seveni already had high prestige in Banta City. She was called the “great, respected, and beautiful Lord City Lord” by the «Banta Times».

There were even some Banta City citizens who had called her the other “Banta Goddess” following Still.

But it was different from Still who obtained the title from her beauty and fame, Seveni obtained this title because of the gratitude and love the Banta City citizens had for her.

Shaq and Ronnie continued discussing after getting in the Magic Car. After talking about the policy of the City Lord Manor, naturally they began praising Seveni.

Hearing the praise from the two, although it was all the truth, Sevenis face couldnt help turning a bit red as she lowered it.

If people recognized her as the City Lord, it would make people feel awkward.

After the carriage drove off, it picked up a few more people from other stops.

Some passengers heard Ronnie and Shaqs discussion and couldnt help joining in. The group of people enthusiastically discussed the various policies that City Lord Manor implemented.

Among them, most of them praised the policies, but there were some that didnt like them and spoke out against them.

For example, when it came to the Banta City renovations, most people felt that it was a good plan. However, there were two people who said that there were constructions all over the city, creating large amounts of dust and noise. They were even working at night which affected their rest.

Also for example, the agriculture and business plans that Seveni had come up with, some people didnt agree that they could develop together.

To them, Banta City was currently focusing on business. Even if large numbers of people came from abroad, they were working for the various companies of Banta City and wouldnt come all this way to farm.

Since it was like this, City Lord Seveni should be more bold and transform Banta City into a business city and fully support the companies.

As for agriculture Isnt there the Cantona Chamber of Commerce, just give it to them.

Hearing these people who were clearly small merchants that could be seen in the city recently discussing the Cantona Chamber of Commerce, Seveni couldnt help revealing a smile.

Xu Yi had made a bet with her before, claiming that the Cantona Chamber of Commerce would pay over two hundred thousand in taxes by the end of the year, but Seveni didnt believe it at all.

Because the taxes from the Cantona Chamber of Commerce added up before was only fifty thousand. To Seveni, it was impossible for them to reach two hundred thousand in taxes in just four months.

Who would have thought that when Seveni saw the tax report, she found that the Cantona Chamber of Commerce had already paid two hundred and thirty thousand in taxes already.

If they added in this months tax, it might even reach over three hundred thousand gold coins!

It had to be said, the Cantona Chamber of Commerce had really surprised Seveni this time.

Because even Seveni had thought that agriculture couldnt match business. The main business of the Cantona Chamber of Commerce was agriculture, so it was very difficult for them to gain a large profit, so their tax payments couldnt surpass the other small companies.

But the Cantona Chamber of Commerce could pay this much tax was mainly because of the new important product they had launched, the Green Source Fruit Juice.

This was fresh squeezed juice that was made with the unique formula of the elf race. Not only did it taste like fresh juice, the fact that it could be stored for a long time was welcomed by the market.

Not only could you find this juice of various flavours in Banta City, the Cantona Chamber of Commerce was selling large amounts of this product to various cities through the Walmart Chamber of Commerce.

The most important thing was that with this juice selling well, the Cantona Chamber of Commerce had the three villages they contracted better treatment, making theses three villages more enthusiastic about planting fruit trees.

The three villages from planting those fruit trees earned more than the other villages, so there were many villages that applied to the City Lord Manor to grow fruits next year.

If it was before where it was hard to guarantee basic food production, Seveni wouldnt have agreed to this request.

But now there was fertilizer and the grain yield was greatly increased. Only the Kambia Village of the three villages the Cantona Chamber of Commerce contracted produced basic grains, but the grains harvested was equal to the grains harvested from the three villages before.

Thinking of this, Seveni thought about the fertilizer factory the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had built in the Sandton Manor.

The fertilizer had demonstrated its strong use during the two harvest seasons. Although there were some people who doubted that there would be problems caused by the food grown by fertilizers, two months after the fall harvest, the fertilizer factory were receiving large amounts of orders from all over the kingdom.

According to what Xu Yi had told Seveni before leaving, currently the orders for the fertilizer factory reached a terrifying four million tons.

The current output was limited, so before the spring planting next year, they could only produce at most seven hundred thousand tons.

Other than leaving a portion for Banta City, Xu Yi gave the rest to Seveni to process, letting her decide which ones to complete first.

Seveni was clear that Xu Yi had given her a big favour.

Fertilizer was effective in increasing grain yield, so whichever city received the help of the fertilizer would have a rich harvest.

Currently for the Lampuri Kingdom that placed importance on agriculture, whichever city could satisfy their required grain yield would mean appreciation from the City Lord of that city.

To put it simply, Seveni controlled the distribution rights of the extra fertilizer, deciding which city would enjoy the benefits.

This would be very important in earning support for her.

Xu Yi understood this, so he gave the decision power to Seveni.

Thinking of this, Seveni couldnt help feeling deeply grateful and a strange feeling towards Xu Yi.

If it wasnt for Xu Yis existence, Banta City wouldnt have become this rich and Seveni would be able to see hope of changing the entire kingdom.

If possible, Seveni wanted to support Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce more, letting Xu Yi improve the entire Lampuri Kingdom faster. If the Lampuri Kingdom became stronger, the people could enjoy the same treatment as Banta City, not worrying about having enough food and would have extra income to spend on improving their lives.

But to achieve this, Sevenis current status was far from being enough.

If she really wanted to give Xu Yi the support he needed, Seveni need to take the throne that everyone was paying attention to.

As long as she became the queen, she would be qualified to truly support Xu Yi.

But to take the throne, other than receiving the support of the kingdoms nobles, she also needed the support of the citizens.

Hearing the approval for her in their conversation, feeling the gratitude and love, Seveni revealed a faint smile. She thought that if she could let everyone in the kingdom enjoy the same treatment as the people of Banta City, they would definitely support her like these people.

But at this time, there was a cold snort that filled the carriage.

“You fellows treat that Seveni as a god, but I think that shes nothing but **!”

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