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“A million gold coins” Count Sean gave a heavy snort, “This Sampson, when I discussed Sowell Citys renovations with him, I wanted him to take the lead in investing in this project, but he avoided it in every way possible. He kept saying that this Meierda Company didnt have this amount. Now hes actually taking out a million for this piece of technology.”

Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Lord City Lord, the city construction project isnt a matter of his company, so of course he isnt willing to take out money. As for the steel making technology…..I feel that his price of one million is actually too low.”

“One million is too low for you” Count Sean looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “Is the steel making technology worth that much”

“Of course.” Xu Yi gave a certain nod, “Lord City Lord, you should know about our companys two steel mills at the Falling Rain Valley, right”

“Un, the second mill wasnt finished when I left. What Has it already started producing” Count Sean asked.

“Right.” Xu Yi revealed a meaningful smile, “Lord City Lord, can you guess how much profit our company earned last year from those two steel mills”

Count Sean knit his brows and said in a thoughtful voice, “Look at your proud look, it shouldnt be little. In a year…..You said before that the monthly profit of a single steel mill was a hundred thousand gold coins. Then if this steel mill is a bit bigger than before, it should be around two hundred thousand a month, so in a year……”

After calculating in his mind, Count Sean was stunned.

Because he found that with his calculations, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce earned three hundred to close to four hundred thousand gold coins from the steel mills each month!

If they had the same profit for an entire year, that meant that just with two two steel mills, wouldnt the Frestech Chamber of Commerce be able to earn four to five million gold coins in profit

Count Sean was completely shocked by this number.

In the two years he was Banta Citys City Lord, although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed quickly, he thought that their background and abilities could match the old companies of the city.

But looking at it now, he found that while their backing wasnt as good since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was newly founded, in terms of the biggest representation of a companys strength, in terms of profits, they might have surpassed all the other companies in Banta City!

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce could earn four to five million a year just from two steel mills. If he added in the large amount from the other magic machines, with their terrifying profit, wouldnt that mean that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was earning over ten million gold coins a year

“This…..Although the profit is considered good, Lord City Lord, our company spends a lot in other places.” Xu Yi gave a yawn before continuing, “Look, my initial estimates in the investment in Sowell City was already a million gold coins. After adding everything together, I think that we need to spend at least five million gold coins.

Count Sean glared at him and said with a cold snort, “You think that I dont understand you Kid, with your abilities, youll definitely earn back several times your investment.”

Xu Yi laughed and didnt refute it.

Count Sean waved his hand, “Alright, its good that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce earns more, there are more benefits for me. I actually want to see you guys earning more and more. But Xu Yi, are you planning on transferring the steel making technology to the Meierda Company”

Xu Yi shook his head, “No, I said it already, one million gold coins is too little. Although this chairman Sampson has boldness and foresight, he still hasnt seen the large profit from the steel making technology in the future.”

“Then if he increases the price Will you sell”

“Still no.” Xu Yi revealed a smile before saying with a serious look, “To our company, there are many technologies that can be transferred, but there are technologies that cant. One of them is the steel making technology.

Count Sean was a bit confused, “Why I think that steel making is very simple, its far less complex to study compared to the household magic machines, so why can you transfer the household magic machine technology and not the steel making technology”

“Because steel products are the foundation of industry. Steel making is a core component of the magic machine industry, so if this is transferred, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be losing a large advantage.” Xu Yi said, “Moreover, I dont feel relieved giving other companies this technology. Materials are the most important things in the magic machine industry, especially steel. There are too many places where it is used, so if the quality is lacking, it would be a heavy hit to the magic machine industry. I definitely will not allow this to happen.”

Seeing the serious look on Xu Yis face, Count Sean gave a slight nod.

“Since you think this, then well follow your ideas. The magic machine industry was built by you alone, so other than you, there isnt anyone else qualified.”

“Many thanks for the Lord City Lords approval.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “But Lord City Lord, while Im not planning on transferring the steel making technology, I am planning to build a steel mill here. Before I was preparing to invest in it alone, but hearing that chairman Sampson wishes to buy the steel making technology, I have a better idea and it should be very helpful to you.”

Count Sean became interested, “Oh Let me hear it”

Xu Yi laughed as he revealed an expression like an old fox.

“Lord City Lord, are you planning on buying stocks of this steel mill”


After he finished talking to Count Sean, Xu Yi decided to head back to his room to rest.

He was tossing late last night and he woke up early today, so he had been feeling rather tired today.

He had things to do before, so he could hold on.

But now that there was nothing, his exhaustion caught up to him.

When he entered the small yard, he saw Linda was currently washing his clothes from yesterday.

Seeing the pained look on Lindas face and her knit brows, as well as her squatting on the ground, Xu Yi immediately came over and grabbed her hand that was preparing to enter the water basin. He shouted, “Are you crazy Why arent you resting, what are you doing!”

Putting his hand in the water, Xu Yi knit his brows even more.

“The water is this cold, do you not care about your own body”

Xu Yi took Linda into the room and took a towel to wipe off the water on her hands and body.

“Right now…..Ke…..Your body is weak, how can you just do work Youre not taking care of your body at all. Its just washing clothes, just give it to the servants of the City Lord Manor to handle.”

Seeing Xu Yi carefully fussing over her and the concerned look on his face, Lindas eyes misted over. Her heart skipped a beat and she couldnt help tightly holding Xu Yi.

“Master, I finally understand……why the madame likes you so much. You really are the best man in the world. I…..Giving myself to you was simply the best decision in my life!”

Xu Yi couldnt help laughing, “Alright, stop feeling moved and rest up. Just now…..Un…..That thing, you have to take care of yourself. I will have the Lord City Lord send some servants later, you dont need to do a thing over the next few days.”

“But I like washing clothes for master……” Linda said in a soft voice.

“Then you can wait a few days.” Xu Yi snappily said, “Alright, rest first, Ill go see the Lord City Lord……”

“No need, if you need servants, I can lend you two.” There was a clear and charming voice that came from behind.

Xu Yi turned around and found that Princess Caroline was wearing a tight fitting fur jacket today. Although it tightly hugged her body, it still revealed all her graceful curves. It made people want to look down her snow white neckline to see what was inside.

But compared to the flower like smile from yesterday, Princess Caroline had a look of hidden bitterness. She pursed her lips as she stared at Xu Yi, like Xu Yi had done something to wrong her.

Xu Yi looked at her with a slightly confused look and then seeing the two maids who followed her from the Drake Duchy, he shook his head, “I have to decline your good intentions. I only need a servant to handle some housework, it might not be convenient for your maids.”

Princess Caroline looked over Xu Yi and gave a soft snort, “What What isnt convenient Could it be that chairman Xu is worried that you cant hold back and would do something to my maids Of course, if you really want to do something, I wouldnt mind. As for my two maids, I think that they would be as willing as your slave.”

Xu Yi was a bit startled as he watched Princess Caroline pointing a slender finger at Linda, instantly understanding. Princess Caroline must know that something happened between him and Linda last night.

Thinking of this, Xu Yis face turned a bit red. He gave a cough and waved his hand before awkwardly saying, “What nonsense are you saying, how could I do anything to your maids I feel that since they are your servants, it isnt convenient for me to use them. I should still go talk to the Lord City Lord.”

Princess Caroline slowly shook her head as she said with a sigh, “Chairman Xu, do you really need to be this polite with me”

After taking another look at Xu Yi, she waved her hand and the two maids behind her left.

“Lets not talk about this. Chairman Xu, Im here to discuss serious business with you this time.”

Seeing her serious expression, Xu Yi thought for a bit before saying to Linda, “Alright, you go and rest.”

Linda gave a bow to Princess Caroline before heading back into the room.

When Linda retreated, Princess Caroline suddenly came in front of Xu Yi. She stared at him with a with a ghost of a smile, but her eyes were filled with sadness.

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