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Just doing the preliminary examination of this land already took an entire morning.

Camby and the others stayed to continue investigating while Count Sean and Xu Yi headed back to Sowell City first.

Count Sean wanted to bring Xu Yi back to the City Lord Manor for lunch while also discussing the schedule of the production base, but once they came into the city, they bumped into the representative of the Sowell City Business Union who invited Xu Yi to a feast.

“You go, its good to talk to your peers in the city.”

Seeing Count Sean leave after saying this, Xu Yi gave a shrug and had the representative lead the way, arriving at the biggest restaurant in Sowell City.

This entire restaurant had been completely booked by the Sowell City Business Union. Almost all the merchants with a bit of status in the city were all here and only Xu Yi was the only guest that was alone.

Seeing this, Xu Yi naturally had his awareness and was polite with everyone, showing a humble stance.

When the lively banquet was half over, the president of the Sowell City Business Union, who was also the chairman of the biggest company, the Meierda Trading Company, Ladis Sampson who was sitting with Xu Yi raised his cup to toast him before drinking it all. Then he revealed a friendly smile.

“Chairman Xu, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce building this production base in Sowell City is something that me and my companions all welcome. Weve already heard that all the large and small companies of Banta City have earned quite a bit from cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce over the recent years. I wonder if youll lead our Sowell City peers like you have helped the Banta City companies on your trip to Sowell City this time”

“Its finally here.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and looked around. He saw that all the representatives of the large companies of Sowell City cared about this.

“Chairman Sampson is too serious. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is new here, there are many things that we need help from you old companies of Sowell City, how could we be qualified to talk about leading”

“No, no, no, in terms of magic machines, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is definitely qualified. Even in the entire Lampuri Kingdom or the continent, there is no company that can compare to your company in this.” Chairman Sampson waved his hand as he said this.

“Right, chairman Xu, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is without a doubt the leader of the magic machine industry. Our small companies hope that we can cooperate with you, we just want to get a bit of that soup.” A chairman on the side echoed.

“Right, right.”

“Chairman Sampson is right. Since youre here in Sowell City, were colleagues and shouldnt we help each other”

“Right, everyone cooperating will bring benefits all around. Its good for everyone, dont you think, chairman Xu”


Seeing the representatives of the large companies echo this, Xu Yi revealed a smile.

Some of them were moved by emotions and some by reason. Although there were some that werent direct, the meaning in their words clearly had some coercion.

But no matter what, they had the same idea, which is that they wanted a part of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machine business.

Xu Yi was already prepared in his heart, so without them mentioning anything, he was already planning on having the other companies of Sowell City participate.

His idea for the magic machine industry couldnt be completed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce alone, so if other companies were willing to join the industry, he would always support them.

“I understand everyones thoughts very much, so before coming to Sowell City, when I was corresponding with the Lord City Lord that I indicated that I hoped that when our Frestech Chamber of Commerce came, we could develop the magic machine industry in Sowell City. It wont just be our Frestech Chamber of Commerce earning money, that would go against my wishes.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile.

Hearing this, the eyes of the surrounding people all lit up.

Chairman Sampson immediately asked, “That means…..Chairman Xu, youre planning on giving our companies technology to let us enter the magic machine industry”

“Of course, why not” Xu Yi nodded. He took out a small booklet from his chest for chairman Sampson, “In this is the magic machine technology that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is willing to transfer this time. Chairman Sampson and the other friends of Sowell City can take a look. If there are any pieces of technology you are interested in, you can discuss with our company any time.”

Chairman Sampson quickly took the book to look over.

The other chairman couldnt wait and came up behind chairman Sampson, lowering their heads to look at the small book in his hand.

Hearing the breathing of chairman Sampson and the other chairmen becoming heavier, the smile on Xu Yis face became wider.

Because Sowell City was close to a thousand kilometers away from Banta City, it was very far for the Sines Continent that didnt have a developed transport system. It could be considered as far as the horizon.

So even if the magic machine industry had developed in Banta City and the surrounding cities, there wasnt a single trace of the magic machine industry in Sowell City even now.

Even the magic machines in the city only gradually increased after Count Sean became the City Lord.

But even like this, it still couldnt compare to Banta City. It couldnt even compare to most of the other cities that had a trace of the magic machine industry in them.

But no matter what, the companies of Sowell City had better news compared to normal people and naturally knew that magic machines were popular in other places in the kingdom. After knowing that this was the kingdoms most promising industry, of course they also wanted a piece.

If it wasnt Xu Yi being invited by Count Sean and being fully supported by him, these companies wouldnt have dared to move randomly. They might not have used a simple method like inviting Xu Yi to this feast and tactfully telling his ideas, rather they would have used different methods to contact Xu Yi.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi suddenly felt that he was very lucky.

When he created the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in Banta City three years ago, meeting the enlightened Count Sean in the beginning allowed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to develop to this degree.

Although there were some difficult times when Count Stagg took over as the City Lord, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce already had thick foundations and the support of her highness Seveni. Not only did they hold on, they had even forcefully changed Count Staggs thoughts.

Now that they were in Sowell City and were being supported by Count Sean, he didnt need to consider these trivial things and could focus on how to develop.

While Xu Yi was pondering this, chairman Sampson and the other merchants had finished reading the booklet.

Chairman Sampson gave the book to others and after thinking for a bit, he asked Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, the list of technology in the list, are they all things your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is willing to transfer”

“Yes. Other than some specially labeled that can only be produced by working together, the transfer of the other pieces of technology can all be discussed.” Xu yi said with a nod, “Chairman Sampson, do you have any other questions”

“Un…..Chairman Xu, can we step aside to talk”

Xu Yi agreed and walked to a secluded balcony with chairman Sampson.

After the door was closed, all the sound from inside was cut off.

Although the balcony wasnt high, it was still on the third floor and with the cool breeze, it was a bit cold.

Seeing Xu Yi shrinking his neck back, chairman Sampson said with an apologetic smile, “Sorry, chairman Xu, my question cant be heard by others, so I made it hard for you.”

“This is a small matter, theres no need to mind.” Xu Yi waved his hand, “I wonder, what question does chairman Sampson have”

Chairman Sampson hesitated a bit before saying, “Chairman Xu, I seriously looked over the list on the small booklet you took out and I found that above the household magic machine related technology, there werent any other magic machine technology available.”

“Oh” Xu Yi looked at him in surprise as he thought that chairman Sampson should have properly investigated the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. He actually knew that these pieces of technology were all related to the household magic machines, “Chairman Sampson, are you interested in other technology”

Chairman Sampson said with a smile, “Actually Im more interested in technology other than magic machines. For example…..the steel producing technology.”

Xu Yi narrowed his eyes and looked over chairman Sampson who was skinny and looked like a normal withered old man. He thought that his eyes were quite keen, being able to see that steelmaking was the basis of the industrial system.

Seeing that Xu Yi didnt say anything, chairman Sampson continued, “Chairman Xu, I heard that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce charges around hundreds of thousands of gold coins when transferring household magic machine technology, the most expensive is no more than five hundred thousand gold coins, right”

“Thats right.”

Xu Yi was even more sure that this chairman Sampson already investigated the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, otherwise he wouldnt be so clear on this.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi had a bit of vigilance towards chairman Sampson.

He had investigated this clearly and even mentioned the steel making technology, what was his goal

Chairman Sampson took a step closer and lowered his voice, saying in a voice that only Xu Yi could hear, “Chairman Xu, if youre willing to transfer the steel making technology to me, Im willing to pay a million gold coins as a fee. What do you think”

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