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“Aiya.” Still suddenly called out as she slightly knit her brows.

Liz who was helping Still prepare for bed on the side suddenly asked her in a concerned voice, “What is it Madame Do you feel uncomfortable”

Still shook her head with a faint smile, “Its nothing, its just this little fellow kicking me again.”

Liz revealed a smile, “It seems like the young master is more mischievous than the master, he likes to cause trouble in the stomach when hes bored.”

Still shook her head, “Its not certain that itll be a boy. Actually, I would rather have a daughter.”

“But a daughter cant be a successor. The master not only has a title, he has the large Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Does the madame not want a son to inherit this” Liz said.

Still knit her brows as she looked at Liz. She wanted to refute this, but she knew that Liz was right.

Although there were female successors and even queens on the Sines Continent, according to tradition, it would be normally the son who inherited the family property.

Otherwise, his highness Eric wouldnt be able to be in a much higher position than her highness Seveni with the support of the traditional nobles.

“Its still good. Xu Yi always said that he preferred a daughter, so even if it is a daughter, he would be very happy.” Still touched her belly as she comforted herself.

Perhaps it could feel the touch of its mother, the child in her belly became restless again which made Still knit her brows.

“This little fellow…..Theres still two more months, he just cant wait to come out” Still couldnt help smiling. Thinking about it, she stood up, “Forget it, Liz, lets go walk around a bit and let him stop.”

“Alright, well take the young master for a walk.” Liz supported Still with a smile and headed out.

After Xu Yi left, the Falling Star Manor lacked its master and seemed more lonely than usual. Then after Linda was sent off by Still, it became even more lonely. Now that it was night, there were only four people in the manor including Vivian and Teresa, so it was naturally very quiet.

But Still liked this quiet. Adding in the fact that she didnt like outsiders, she never agreed to Xu Yis idea of hiring more servants.

Looking at Liz beside her, Still thought that although Liz was a slave brought back by Xu Yi from the Stantine Duchy, Xu Yi had never treated her and Linda like slaves. He had always treated them like family like Vivian.

Now that everyone had been together for a long time, Still was used to them and had also treated them like family.

Thinking of Linda, Still suddenly asked Liz, “Liz, I sent Linda this time and kept you here, so do you hate me”

Liz had a smile on her face, but when she heard Still asked this, she jumped up in fear. She had a shocked look and kept shaking her head, “Madame, how could I hate you Please dont misunderstand, I would definitely not! Really!”

Seeing Liz panic, Still patted her hand with a smile and comforted her, “Dont be nervous, I didnt mean this. I just wanted to ask you, are you a bit dissatisfied that you didnt get to go take care of Xu Yi with Linda Be honest.”

Seeing Stills serious expression, Liz hesitated a bit before nodding, “Un…..Im very jealous of Linda. She can serve master alone and be with master…..Ah, no, madame, I dont mean that I dont like serving you, I also like being with you……”

“Its fine, its normal that you like to serve Xu Yi since he is your master.” Still said with a smile.

“Un…..Actually Im very jealous of Linda mainly…..mainly because……Master is out there alone and is lonely at night, so Linda can be with him…..” Lizs face turned red and she lowered her head.

Still gave a soft laugh, “You dont need to be jealous, you dont know if that blockhead Xu Yi can understand Lindas intention and will accept her.”

Hearing this, Liz couldnt help raising her head and saying to Still with a bitter smile, “Madame…..dont be angry if I tell you the truth.”

“Speak, what is there to be angry about”

Liz hesitated a bit before saying, “Actually there are many times where Im curious if master is slow in this aspect. Back then…..how did you get with him Of course, you are the most beautiful woman I have seen, but I feel that master shouldnt care about appearance.”

“Youre right.” Still said with a nod, “This blockhead Xu Yi, he really is slow when it comes to this. I got together with him because we had a lot of contact in the beginning, I knew him before the others. If we were put on the same playing field, Evita might have even a bigger advantage.”

“Chief Evita” Liz knit her brows in thought, “Madame, since you are worried about chief Evita, why do you have her have less contact with master”

“This matter, doing more makes it easier to create the opposite effect. And Xu Yi is just together with Evita for work, so how could I stop them” Still shook her head, “Xu Yi definitely wouldnt like me doing something as petty as this. I think the reason why he liked me in the beginning should mainly be because of my personality, so I have to remind myself that I shouldnt become someone he dislikes.”

Liz gave a sigh, “Madame, you really do love master, caring so much about his thoughts.”

“You say it like you dont care.” Still pinched Lizs cheek and felt how smooth it was. She remembered that Liz and Linda were only just a few years younger than her and she couldnt help saying in an emotional voice, “Although I look good, people will get old in the end. Xu Yi said that he cares about personality and not their appearance, so I hope that I can keep touching him like this. As for appearance, Ill let little girls like you and Linda touch him.”

Lizs face had a blush to it and she couldnt help knitting her brows, “But master doesnt seem to care about our appearance…..or our bodies.”

Still said with a faint smile, “Relax, even if he is a blockhead, isnt he a normal man in the end The child in my stomach, doesnt that clearly prove that Linda will be with him the entire way, I dont think he will be able to take it. When he and Linda comes back, Ill find a chance for you to be alone with him and whether you can seize that opportunity or not will depend on you.”

Lizs face was filled with joy, “Really Then I really have to thank the madame!”

Seeing Lizs happy face, Still shook her head.

Although Still acted very generously on the surface, as a woman, how could she not care at all if her husband was with another woman

But Still knew that with Xu Yis current position, there would be plenty of seduction he would face. Even if he had strong self control and his heart was firm, he wouldnt be able to hold on one day.

Since it was like this, it was better to give up these thoughts.

At least if Liz and Linda were with Xu Yi, Still wouldnt find it that hard to accept.

The two talked about whether something happened between Xu Yi and Linda while strolling through the manor.

After walking for around ten minutes, they had gone through most of the manor and approached Xu Yis study.

Seeing the door to the study, Still remembered how busy Xu Yi normally was. When he came back to the Falling Star Manor at night, he would be working in this study. She couldnt help feeling emotional and after thinking about it, she had Liz open the door to the study and she walked in.

The Magic Lamp lit up the room and Still looked around before sitting at the desk.

When she thought of how Xu Yi would be focused on working at night, Still couldnt help strongly missing Xu Yi. She leaned on top of the desk and tried to feel the warmth of Xu Yi being at home from the desk.

But when she leaned over it, Still knit her brows and a surprised look appeared on her face.

“Madame, what is it” Seeing the strange look on Stills face, Liz quickly asked this.

Still waved her hand and moved her hand away. She put her face on the desk and even moved it a bit.

Seeing Stills actions, Liz had a strange look.

But she knew that her madame wouldnt do this since she was bored, there had to be a reason.

Still put her face on the desk and fell into thought, as if she was considering something.

After a while, Still raised her head and carefully looked over the desk. She looked at the books and documents on the table before leaning over, looking all over the desk, while also opening the drawers to look through them.

Liz was a bit surprised, Stills movements made her look like a thief in this study.

But although this Falling Star Manor had no guards and was quite lax in security, the master and mister Xu Yi and Still were High Grade Magicians and adding in the fact that Stills grandfather was a powerful Great Magician, there were actually many complex Magic Array traps all over the Falling Star Manor. It was impossible for a thief to easily enter this manor.

After inspecting the desk, Still went to the bookshelf on the other side of the room and looked at a shelf in the center of the bookshelf.

Still didnt open the glass pane, rather she tapped her finger on it and sent out magic power, searching through the bookshelf.

After a while, a bit of faint blue light appeared on the pane.

In the beginning, the faint blue light was very stable, just like a small lamp on the pane, but after Still sent in her magic, this blue light gradually became unstable. It glittered for a while before suddenly disappearing.

Still opened the pane and looked at the small Magic Array inside as her face turned dark.

All the discoveries proved that someone had secretly entered this study.

But just…..who was that person

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