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A row of over twenty transport Magic Cars and one passenger Magic Car quickly moved across the road in the northeast province of the Lampuri Kingdom.

The cars were much faster than horse carriages, so when the cars jolted on the ground, they couldnt help shaking.


There was another deep hole and the relatively small passenger Magic Car trembled, shaking the over ten passengers sitting inside.

Xu Yis butt fell back down on the seat. Even if the specially made soft seats could balance out most of the shock, it still hurt his butt. He couldnt help knitting his brows.

“This road really is too poorly made……” Camby sitting by Xu Yi had the strong body of a dwarf, but he couldnt help complaining.

“This kind of road can be considered a public road”

“Thats right, its much worse compared to the roads by our Banta City. It cant be that the Amrit Chamber of Commerce skimped on too much labour and material when they built this road, right”

“Who is the one who owns this road If the road is this bad, I think that theyre the ones who should take the main responsibility. This isnt related too much to the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.”

“How is it not related This road was built by the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, the person who owns this road cant have them build it this poorly, right”

“That isnt certain……”


The other Frestech Chamber of Commerce researchers who came from the magic machine development center all rubbed their butts and complained.

Hearing their complaints, Xu Yi opened the window and poked his head out.

He looked over the surface of the road and the road in front and Xu Yi deeply knitted his brows.

It was fine if it was just one or two parts that were bad. After all, the Amrit Chamber of Commerces road building techniques couldnt compare to earth, so the quality of the road would definitely be worse.

But now that Xu Yi looked over the road, he found that there were bumps all over the road. Other than it being covered in cement which showed that it was a road, it was simply worse than the dirt roads that had been all over the Lampuri Kingdom before.

Xu Yi turned to the side of the road and after taking two looks, he couldnt help giving a cold snort.

This road wasnt even ten centimeters thick, it was no wonder it became this tattered after such a short time.

That was also because currently the Lampuri Kingdoms main source of transportation was still horse carriages, so their cargo didnt surpass one ton.

Trading in this area meant that the cargo vehicles were holding several dozen or even a hundred tons, so they would instantly shatter the cement road under them.

After criticizing a few times in his heart, Xu Yi took his head back and closed the door, avoiding the cold breeze blowing in. Then he looked down at the map in his hand and searched for a bit, pointing at a label on the map.

“We should be here, right” Xu Yi pointed at the map.

Camby looked over, “Un, thats right. Well be in Lamarte City soon.”

“Lamarte City……” Xu Yi thought for a bit before slightly knitting his brows.

According to the information he gathered before, the City Lord of the Lamarte City was from the Will Family. The Will Family were one of the stubborn traditional families and had long announced they were supporting prince Eric, so their attitude towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was bad.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wanted to expand before, building a production base in every city of the Lampuri Kingdom, even proposing to set up a factory in Lamarte City, they had been decisively rejected by the City Lord.

“I wonder if the state of the road is connected to this……” Xu Yi muttered. He turned to Camby to say, “Camby, write this down. After going back, we have to develop a shock mitigation system for the Magic Cars. We cant count on every road on the continent to be as flat as the Falling Rain Road, so we have to make sure that the Magic Cars we produce can adapt to all situations.”

“Shock mitigation system” Camby was stunned, “What do we do with this thing”

“Un…..Its hard to describe it, Ill do some research with the magic research facility when we head back. The preliminary idea is to use cushioning Wind Magic for the body, weakening shock from the road being not flat. As for how to do it, I have to study it first when we get back.”

“It mitigates shock for the body” Camby knit his brows, “Then you need to create a space for the Wind Magic, but how will you connect it to the body of the car”

“Do you still remember the suspended structures I proposed before” Xu Yi reminded him, “Although the passenger Magic Car we are riding now is using this technology, I found that it isnt enough after traveling on this road. Since there is something as convenient as Wind Magic, we should use it.”

“Un…..Using Wind Magic to make a cushion, it is naturally better than hard springs. But as for how to make this structure……” Camby fell into thought for a bit before talking to the researchers beside him.

These researchers werent all dwarves, it included the human researchers who were talented in mechanical engineering who joined after. After hearing Xu Yi propose the shock mitigation system, they excitedly gave their ideas.

Suddenly, the car was filled with enthusiastic discussion.

Hearing the lively discussion of Camby and the others, Xu Yi revealed a smile. He didnt get involved and went back to the map in his hands.

This map of the Lampuri Kingdom was similar to the one in his study at the Falling Star Manor, there were also parts that were coloured red on it.

The places that were covered red represented the cities that magic machine related companies had entered.

In the area around Banta City, there was a large red spot that covered all of Banta City, as well as Karma City, Saltan City, Norton City, Canberra City, Cramer City, and Anvilmar City. It spread out to several hundred kilometers away from Banta City, which represented the fact that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce or a company related to magic machines had entered those cities.

Other than the cities being developed, there were many cities in the Lampuri Kingdom marked with a small red circle. It represented that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce or magic machine related companies were about to invest in a factory in those cities, integrating them into the influence of the magic machine industry.

However, there was a large part of the map that remained the same, not being dyed with red.

Lamarte City was a part of that.

Seeing this part that wasnt moved at all, Xu Yi deeply knit his brows.

These places werent influenced by the quickly growing magic machine industry because these places all belonged to prince Erics sphere of influence.

The reason why they rejected the magic machine industry was to oppose her highness Seveni and show their support to his highness Eric.

This was just a political reason, there were no other reasons.

Xu Yi hated this situation very much, but he was helpless.

Political factors werent something that he could influence, so right now he could only wait and see.

As for the king who played a decisive role in this, he had gone into hiding during this time. There were no sounds or any instructions from him.

Xu Yi was most confused by the fact that even though his highness Eric was reorganizing the northern army to attack the Sack Kingdom, the king didnt oppose at all.

Although major MacConley said that during the times her highness and the two his highnesses were City Lords,the king wouldnt meddle in their decisions, the Lampuri Kingdom attacking the Sack Kingdom was related to the entire kingdom. Yet his majesty didnt say a single word, this was clearly very strange.

Even if Xu Yi didnt know anything about the military, when the northern army faced the Sack Kingdom before, they could only barely keep up their defenses. When they attacked the Muerto Mountains in the beginning of the year, it was all because of the support of their new equipment.

Now that prince Eric refused to buy the various military magic machines that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce produced, the northern armys battle efficiency couldnt compare to before. How could they be able to attack the Sack Kingdom

Xu Yi didnt believe that his majesty couldnt see this, but his majesty didnt say anything about prince Erics actions. This really was too confusing.

“It cant be that his majesty is planning on watching his highness Eric send himself to his death, right……”

Xu Yi was scared by the terrifying thought that appeared in his mind and quickly shook his head.

This thought was just too absurd. Even if his majesty was merciless towards his highness Eric, the northern army was innocent. His majesty wouldnt let the northern army be buried with his highness Eric.

“Perhaps his highness Eric has some other plans His majesty should have some idea, so he didnt express his opinion”

Xu Yi had just come up with a reasonable explanation when the car shook and stopped.

“What happened” Xu Yi looked up in surprise, finding that the entire motorcade had stopped.

There were the sounds of arguing that came from in front.

Xu Yi the voice of Ankhto who was in charge of the motorcade up front and couldnt help knitting his brows.

After a while, one of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces staff in charge of transporting goods ran over.

Seeing Xu Yi who poked out his head to look at the situation, he said while gasping, “Sir chairman, to road ahead has been sealed!”

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