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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 45

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Researcher in the research lab

It was already afternoon when he finished the meeting with Heinz and the others. The rainstorm was smaller than before and there were traces of light beams poking through the dark clouds.

Xu Yi hesitated a bit before braving the heavy rain to head back to Banta City.

He didnt immediately head back home, but rather he came to a small silent building in west of Banta City.

This was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces research laboratory.

According to Xu Yi initial plans, this magic research laboratory should have been built with the factory, allowing instant exchanges between the research lab and the factory.

But based on the special circumstances of the Sines Continent, with magicians always considering themselves higher than others and adding in the fact that the first researcher was a beautiful young girl like Still, Xu Yi rented this little building separately to be the research lab.

After Akali and Evita joined the research lab, Xu Yi wanted to rent out separate residences for them. Who would have thought that after the two saw the environment of the little building, they directly decided to live in the research lab.

Xu Yi naturally wouldnt reject them, so this quiet little building was not only the magic research laboratory, it was also considered the dorm for the researchers.

When the door was opened, Akalis round face appeared.

Perhaps she never thought that Xu Yi would brave the large rain to come here, but Akali was scared. After she reacted, she invited Xu Yi in.

Coming into the room, Xu Yi looked around and found that the living room of the house was quite disorderly. Not only were blueprints thrown all around, all kinds of magic material was placed all over. Other than this, there were several pieces of girl clothing scattered on the ground, with even a few pieces of underwear among them.

Seeing Xu Yi look around, Akalis face turned red. She quickly picked up the clothes on the ground and she threw them into the bedroom. When she came out again, she had a very awkward smile on her face.

Xu Yi also smiled not minding it at all.

Actually when he had gone to university, because he had been on day duty, he had gone to several female students dorms and found that they were not as clean as he had imagined at all. Rather, they were just as dirty as male students and some of them were even more dirty than male students.

After that, Xu Yi knew that female students werent that different from male students, there was also a separation between lazy and diligent.

Akali had a very open disposition, so her randomly throwing things around was not that surprising to Xu Yi.

Seeing the smile on Xu Yis face, Akali misunderstood that Xu Yi was laughing at her. Although her face was a bit red, she still couldnt help giving a snort and glaring at Xu Yi, “Sir chairman, why did you suddenly come here for Is there something you need”

“Un, there is. Wheres Evita Call her over as well, I have a research task for you.” Xu Yi said.

Hearing that it really was for work, Akali forgot her anger from her shame and had Xu Yi wait as she ran upstairs.

Watching her rush off, Xu Yi couldnt help shaking his head.

This Akali, she really was a child who had just graduated, she really didnt understand anything about this world.

No matter what, he was still considered a chairman. After coming here, she actually didnt even pour any tea for him and she just left him here alone.

Xu Yi casually picked up a few blueprints from off the ground and gave a slight nod.

These blueprints were related to the Magic Harvester they were currently researching. Based on the Magic Arrays draw on the papers, it seemed like they were already making progress on Xu Yis request.

It seemed like she and Evita had been working very hard lately, otherwise it was possible for them to have this kind of progress in this short period of time.

According to their current speed, they should be able to finish the core Magic Array for the Magic Harvester very soon. That way, there would be enough time for the magic machine workshop to work with the Magic Array and do plenty of practical experimenting.

There were sounds of footsteps from the staircase. Xu Yi looked over and instantly his eyes lit up.

Akali had a quite careless disposition, so she wouldnt care that much about her appearance in the research lab that was basically the same as her home. Not only did she mess up the living room, she didnt even tidy herself up.

Evita was completely different. Even if she was wearing a simple set of clothes made for wearing around the home, she had meticulously tidied herself, not showing a single bit of mess on her entire body.

She was already delicate looking and had a gentle aura. Adding in this kind of dress, compared to Akali, she was clearly more conspicuous.

Xu Yi had a look of praise in his eyes as he waved his hand at the two of them, “Come, Ill show you your research assignment.”

Evita slightly knit her brows, “Sir chairman, we are still currently researching the Magic Array for the Magic Harvester.”

“It wont conflict. This assignment can wait until youve finished researching the Magic Harvester and it is much simpler compared to the Magic Harvester, so it wont take much time. Come, take a look.” Xu Yi smiled as he gave them the blueprint he had just shown to Heinzs group of three.

Evita and Akali carefully looked over this blueprint and nodded at the same time.

“This is indeed much simpler.” Akali pointed at the blueprint and asked, “Chairman, can you tell me what this thing is used for This is a simple Magic Array, I cant see anything special or powerful about this.”

“Thats right, this thing is very simple, but you cant look down on this thing. Perhaps each family will use this thing in the future.” Xu Yi replied with a smile, “Come, Ill explain this to you……”


After around fifteen minutes, Akali and Evita had finished listening to Xu Yis explanations and they looked at Xu Yi with shocked gazes at the same time.

“Chairman, just what is going on in your head Why do you always have such strange creative ideas” Akali actually planned on lifting her hand to rub Xu Yis head, but smartly stopped herself.

“Akali, stop speaking nonsense!” Evita reprimanded her, “Sir chairman is naturally different from normal people, otherwise Still wouldnt have……”

Evita suddenly stopped.

“Still wouldnt have what” Xu Yi asked curiously, “This fellow must be talking about me to you guys behind my back, right Is it bad things about me”

“No, no, of course not.” Evita quickly waved her hands, “She just…..just…..It isnt bad things about you, really! You have to believe me! Sir chairman is such a good person, how could Still say bad things about you”

“Is this considered you giving me a large good guy card” Xu Yi rubbed his nose in a depressed manner, “Forget it, it doesnt matter what she said. You should focus on studying and finish researching this thing as soon as possible. According to my plan, I want to begin producing this product by the beginning of next month. Do you think you can finish researching it before then”

“The beginning of next month That is in half a month……” Akali tilted her head to think, “It should not be a problem. We only need a single week to finish the Magic Array for the Magic Harvester. This thing is this simple, I think we can finish it in a week.”

Evita also gave a slight nod, “I also feel it wont be a problem.”

“Thats good, I can be assured then.” Xu Yi stood up again and looked around before asking, “Thats right, how have you been during this period of time Are you lacking anything If you need anything, just ask. If there is anything that is inconvenient talking to me about, you can also tell Still and have her solve it for you.”

“Were not lacking anything, were doing quite well here.” Evita waved her hand. She looked out the window and asked Xu Yi, “Sir chairman, are you planning to leave The rain is quite big right now, how about you wait here for a while You can also solve some problems for us. Weve encountered a few problems in the past few days, but it isnt related to the Magic Array at all. It should be like youve said, its related to the machine itself and we dont understand much about this. So if you can explain this to us, I think the results of our research will be much better.”

“Thats right, there are indeed many parts that feel very strange.” Akali also said, “For example, the Wild Wind Array on the Magic Harvester, why is it so small This will also make the Wild Wind Array much weaker. Also, why did you request for the wild wind speed to not decrease This is very hard to control, Wind Magic Array are unstable to begin with. Although the solution you used in the Revolving Wind Array of the Magic Fan was quite good, I feel like it could be changed like this……”

Seeing the two excited for knowledge, Xu Yi thought about it before nodding, “Alright, Ill use this chance to explain a few fundamental problems I considered when I was designing the magic machines. That way when you are performing magic research in the future, you can consider these issues and it will make your research much easier.”

“First, Ill tell you why it is called a magic machine. The magic inside of the so called magic machine is not the magic magicians use, but rather it refers to using magic as a driving force. To put it simply, it is using magic as an energy to create motion. The core of the magic machine is to use the magic created by the Magic Array as a driving force, so the Magic Array is the core power source of a magic machine. As for the machine, whether it is the Magic Fan or these machines, they can all be considered normal machines. The most important part of magic machines is combining the magic power source with the machine itself, allowing the magic to perfectly drive the machine and complete a set task. This point will rely on some mechanical knowledge. Let me start from the relatively simple Magic Fan……”-

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