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Magic Industry Empire Volume 3 Chapter 116 - Neglect

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The level of technology on the Sines Continent was inferior to earth. The so-called embassy naturally wasnt as grand as the embassy on earth, but as one of the few countries that was at peace with the Lampuri Kingdom, the West Hack Kingdoms embassy in Anvilmar City wasnt small.

But the West Hack Kingdom clearly didnt care about this embassy. The entire embassy was like a normal residence, other than a flag hanging on it that represented the West Hack Kingdom, there wasnt anything else that made it feel like an important building.

Xu Yi had heard on earth that when a country constructs an embassy in another country, since it represented their countrys image, they would attach great importance to it.

These words seem to also apply on the Sines Continent. To Xu Yi, the West Hack Kingdoms embassy in the Lampuri Kingdom was this normal was most likely not because they didnt care about their countrys image, rather they didnt care about the Lampuri Kingdom.

After all, the West Hack Kingdom was one of the kingdoms that could compare to the Candra or the Marlow Empire and the Lampuri Kingdom that had finally regained some strength after ten years of chaos, they were not on the same level. So when Xu Yi arrived at the West Hack Kingdoms embassy, although they treated him very warmly and the West Hack Kingdoms ambassador had greeted him with a smile, Xu Yi could easily feel the disdain from his actions.

Xu Yi thought that the West Hack Kingdoms embassy sending people to invite him meant there was something important to discuss, but after seeing the scene, if he didnt see a few acquaintances at the banquet, he would have turned to leave since he didnt want to waste his time here.

“Chairman Rank, based on how Ambassador Palomas treated you, this shouldnt be your first time being invited to this banquet, right” The first acquaintance that Xu Yi ran into was the Sarank Chamber of Commerces chairman Rank who also came from Banta City.

“Thats right, at the end of the year, Ambassador Palomas would invite all our Lampuri Kingdoms merchants. This can be considered drumming up a bit of business for their West Hack Kingdom.” Chairman Rank replied. He looked at Xu Yi like he found it funny, “But this Ambassador Palomas might have made a joke this time. It was hard enough to invite chairman Xu here and hes neglecting you, isnt he afraid of offending your Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“Hes representing the West Hack Kingdom, only we merchants who want something from the West Hack Kingdom are afraid of offending him, how could he be afraid of offending me” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “But no matter what, the West Hack Kingdom really is a market I want to open. Chairman Rank, since we are old friends, can you tell me what the investment environment is like in the West Hack Kingdom”

“The investment environment…..” Chairman Rank sipped his red wine before thoughtfully saying, “It is good in general, the West Hack Kingdom hasnt had any turmoil recently and their politics are stable. The living conditions of the people there are much better than our Lampuri Kingdom and they have better consumption power, so the market is very broad. The only problem is…..”

“What is it”

Chairman Rank looked at a merchant speaking to Ambassador Palomas and lowered his voice.

“The West Hack Kingdoms political situation is very good, but its been stable for too long……The officials are becoming more and more bold……”

Xu Yi instantly understood.

Chairman Ranks words meant that the West Hack Kingdoms internal problems were very serious.

Xu Yi pointed at Ambassador Palomas, “What about this Ambassador Palomas”

Chairman Rank took another sip of his wine and revealed a strange smile, but he didnt say anything.

Xu Yi understood and just revealed a smile without asking anything else.

After chatting to chairman Rank, Xu Yi saw the merchant by Ambassador Palomas leave and he went over.

“Ambassador Palomas……”

“Ambassador Palomas……”

Two calls came at the same time. It was another Lampuri Kingdom merchant who came over and called Ambassador Palomas at the same time as Xu Yi.

The two were surprised as they looked at each other. Xu Yi found that the person who had the same idea as him was the Walmart Chamber of Commerces chairman Colmar Rundst.

“Hey, chairman Rundst, hello. I saw you earlier, but I never had time to greet you.” Xu Yi raised his hand to wave at him.

Chairman Rundst returned Xu Yis smile and looked at Ambassador Palomas before giving Xu Yi a nod, “Since you have a matter for the ambassador, then you can talk to him first. Sir ambassador, Ill come find you later.”

After saying this, chairman Rundst raised his wine glass to Xu Yi and Ambassador Palomas before turning to leave.

Ambassador Palomas took a look at chairman Rundst before turning to look at Xu Yi in surprise.

The Walmart Chamber of Commerce was a first class company in the Lampuri Kingdom, of course he recognized chairman Rundst.

To Ambassador Palomas, the merchants that can compare to chairman Rundst in the Lampuri Kingdom could be counted on one hand. In a normal situation, it should be the small merchant he didnt recognize in front of him that made the concession.

But unexpectedly, the one who retreated was actually chairman Rundst!

When he remembered chairman Rundsts attitude towards Xu Yi, Ambassador Palomas put away his contempt for Xu Yi and revealed a faint smile, “May I ask who you are…..”

“Sir ambassador, please allow me to introduce myself. I am Xu Yi, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman.”

“Xu Yi The Frestech Chamber of Commerce” Ambassador Palomas had a thoughtful look before a smile bloomed on his face and he said in a warm voice, “So it was chairman Xu, hello, hello.”

Based on his reactions, Xu Yi could easily tell that this fellow definitely didnt know who he was.

“It seems like our company still isnt famous enough.” Xu Yi couldnt help muttering in his heart. He had the same smile as he said, “Sir ambassador, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is a company that produces magic machines. Our current products include……”

“I know, its the Magic Fans and the Magic Freezers, right” Ambassador Palomas cut Xu Yi off without any courtesy, “Your Lampuri Kingdom has had many companies that produce these things in the past two years. Your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is one of those companies thats doing quite well, am I right”

Xu Yi couldnt help finding this funny.

He could tell from the ambassadors words that not only did he not know about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he didnt understand the magic machine industry at all.

He actually said that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was one of the companies that were doing well…..This industry was established by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, alright!

Xu Yi was very doubtful now. The invitation to the banquet was not from this ambassador, perhaps he didnt even bother with them at all.

Otherwise, how could he be this ignorant

Although he was filled with disdain towards this Ambassador Palomas, Xu Yi still maintained a respectful smile as he replied, “Yes, our company is doing quite well. So, sir ambassador, do you think……our company is qualified to invest in the West Hack Kingdom”

“Qualified” Ambassador Palomas looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “Is your company qualified to invest in our West Hack Kingdom Chairman Xu, this is not something to joke about. You have to know, even a casual investment would mean several hundred thousand gold coins.

Xu Yi gave a nod with a smile, “Yes, I understand. Our company is planning to invest a million gold coins right now to build two factories, producing some household magic machines for our company. Sir ambassador, what do you think”

“A million gold coins” Ambassador Palomas looked at Xu Yi in surprise. He clearly never thought that this young looking fellow would immediately open with a million gold coins!

Hearing this figure, the somewhat careless Ambassador Palomas suddenly revealed a bright smile as he led Xu Yi to a corner in the hall.

“Come, come, chairman Xu, lets sit and talk……”


Half an hour later, Xu Yi returned to the crowd in the hall with a faint smile.

Chairman Rank was the first one to come over.

“How is it Did you reach a deal with him”

“Its only in the preliminary stages.” Xu Yi shook his head, “But Ambassador Palomas really is passionate. After talking to him, it even makes me feel guilty if I didnt invest in the West Hack Kingdom.”

Chairman Rank laughed, “To the West Hack Kingdom and to him, there are plenty of benefits, so of course he is passionate. How about it When he was talking to you, did he……”

Chairman Rank raised a brow and signaled with his eyes, not clearly saying what he wanted to express.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “After all, he is the ambassador, so how could he be impatient. But from the ambassadors warm display, I can deeply feel his sincerity and will give my best response.”

Chairman Rank laughed, but he didnt ask how Xu Yi replied to ambassador Palomas. He just said with a nod, “I have to admit, although the people of the West Hack Kingdom are a bit greedy, as long as you can satisfy them, you can rely on them to handle things.”

“That is good.” Xu Yi praised, “Im most afraid of greedy and useless fellows, they are the worst.”

“Youre talking about the Stantine Duchy” Chairman Rank looked at Xu Yi.

Xu Yi gave a bitter laugh and shook his head before saying with a sigh, “Its a long story. In short, as an old friend, I really hope that our Banta City colleagues wont invest in the Stantine Duchy, you would be asking for trouble.”

Chairman Rank patted Xu Yis shoulder, “Lets not talk about the Stantine Duchy. Chairman Xu, the Sack Kingdom business that I mentioned last time, are you still interested”

Xu Yi looked up in surprise at chairman Ranks wrinkled and glowing old face, suddenly there was an idea that popped in his mind.

It cant be, right…..

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