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To clear the matter of the Magic Trebuchet was not a matter of one or two days.

Because Major MacConley refused to let Xu Yi take this Magic Trebuchet back to the Falling Rain Valley to study, after discussing it with major MacConley, Xu Yi wrote a letter back to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to have Bordeau and the other magic mechanical engineers in charge of the Magic Trebuchet to come to Anvilmar City.

They would work with the researchers who were currently in Anvilmar City for the certification exam, that way they could conduct a detailed appraisal of this Magic Trebuchet.

Other than confirming the source of this Magic Trebuchet, they had to assess the might and quality of this Magic Trebuchet. They had to guarantee that if the northern army fought with the Sack Kingdom again and they encountered this Magic Trebuchet, they had some ideas of how to deal with it.

After doing these things, the morning had passed. Xu Yi rejected major MacConleys invitation for a meal at the training grounds and got into his rented horse carriage, heading to the south Anvilmar City gate.

Looking up at the sky and seeing that the cold winter sun was already above his head, Xu Yi felt that the time was about right.

As expected, after waiting for ten minutes, on the road connecting to the south of Anvilmar City, there were several dozen Magic Cars that were driving across the flat surface.

Although the people of Anvilmar City knew from the various newspapers that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed the Magic Cars, and they frequently saw Magic Cars moving between Banta City and Anvilmar City, this was their first time seeing such a large motorcade. The people on the sides of the road couldnt help stopping and looking at the motorcade in a daze.

The one at the front of the motorcade was a passenger Magic Car. It slowed down when it approached Xu Yi and stopped by Xu Yis side.

When the door opened, the one who came out was Kennard.

“Sir chairman, the first batch of goods is here. Do you want to look it over” Kennard asked with a smile.

“When have I ever felt unassured when you handle things”

Xu Yi shook his head with a smile. He looked at the two passenger Magic Cars following and saw a bunch of slender young girls with two rabbit ears and a long furry tail on their butt come out.

“Still had you bring the New Moon Troupe in the end” Xu Yi asked.

“Un, she said that since sir chairman is in Anvilmar City, she knew that you would arrange everything and she of course couldnt miss this chance, so she had the New Moon Troupe come with me. Sir chairman, how do you want to arrange them”

“Its a good thing Im already prepared.” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Let them come into the city with me and as for their living arrangements…..” Xu Yi looked at Kennard and then asked, “Right, shouldnt you go home first What about Sophia Why didnt she come back with you”

“Sophia said that since you werent there, she would look after Still for you, so she didnt come back.” Kennard said with a smile.

“Shes taking care of Still” Xu Yi had a look of disbelief, “It would already be good if she didnt cause trouble for Still……”

Kennard laughed, “I think that since she hadnt left that long, shes not willing to come back yet. As for taking care of Still…..I think it will be hard for her.”

Xu Yi couldnt help shaking his head. He tilted his head and out of the corner of his eye, he saw a familiar figure coming out of the Magic Car.

“Linda, why are you here” Xu Yi was surprised to see Linda who was curiously looking around and asked, “Why arent you at home taking care of Still What are you doing here”

Linda looked around before looking at Xu Yi. Her face turned a bit red as she lowered her head and said in a low voice, “It was the madame who had me come.”

“Still made you come Why” Xu Yi was more confused.

“The madame said that since you would be away for a long time and would need to go to Sowell City, you cant just not have anyone serve you, so she had me come.” Linda replied.

“This isnt my first time leaving home alone for so long, what is there to serve” Xu Yi rolls his eyes.

Linda looked up before quickly looking down again, saying in an even smaller voice, “The madame said…..For masters trip to Sowell City, you should be meeting Princess Caroline……”

Xu Yi was surprised before quickly understanding, finding this a bit angering and a bit funny.

“Alright, so she was worried about this, so she sent you as an observer…..” Xu Yi shook his head before looking at the worried Linda. He gave a sigh, “Forget it, since she sent you here, you can stay. Having someone I can rely on by my side would save me quite a bit of trouble.”

Hearing Xu Yis response, Linda happily gave a reply and quickly stood by Xu Yis side.

“Sir chairman, you still havent said how youre arranging the beastmen girls from the New Moon Troupe.” Kennard reminded him.

“Oh……” Xu Yi turned to look at the beastmen girls who were looking around with gazes even more curious than Lindas. After thinking about it, he said, “Let them live with me at Count Seans residence, itll be more convenient for me to arrange things for them.”

“Alright. Then sir chairman, when are you planning to leave for Sowell City” Kennard then asked.

“If nothing unexpected happens, Ill participate in the certification exam tomorrow morning and Ill set off at noon. Count Sean must be getting impatient.”

“I understand, I will take care of everything else.” Kennard said with a nod.

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling. Since Kennard became the CEO of the company, he really saved quite a bit of time and energy. For example, for Count Seans invitation this time to go to Sowell City to invest in a production base, there were many things to take care of, but Xu Yi just had to tell Kennard and he could ignore everything as he let Kennard take care of it. Moreover, he had smoothly brought over all the needed manpower.

Moreover, Xu Yi could feel relieved leaving the matters of Anvilmar City to Kennard, he didnt need to stay here for long.

“Its been hard on you over the past few days. Go and see your parents, then go take a rest.” Xu Yi patted Kennards shoulder to show his appreciation.

“This cant be considered hard. Sir chairman, I think when I get back, lord father might invite you to be a guest at our family. Are you willing”

“Of course, why wouldnt I be” Xu Yi said with a smile, “If it wasnt for the fact that you would be here soon, I would have visited Count Emma during these days. But as for the specific time, I have to rush to Sowell City soon.”

“Alright, I will discuss this with father.”

After these greetings, Kennard brought these Magic Cars filled with products to the warehouse that Xu Yi had already rented outside the city. Xu Yi took two passenger Magic Cars with him, bringing Linda and the beastmen girls from the New Moon Troop into Anvilmar City.

The two Magic Cars attracted countless gazes on the road and when they stopped at Count Seans residence, there was a crowd. When the cute beastmen girls jumped out of the car, there were even more gazes that were attracted.

After Xu Yi got out, a middle aged man came out of the crowd and asked Xu Yi in a loud voice, “Hello, I am reporter Rector from the «Anvilmar Times», may I ask if youre the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu Yi”

“Yes, am Xu Yi. Hello, reporter Rector.” Xu Yi politely greeted him.

Rectors face was shining as he looked over the beastmen girls behind Xu Yi and he asked with an interested look, “Chairman Xu, based on the appearance of these girls, they should be from the beastmen race, right”

“Thats right, you can see it from their appearances. They come from the fox clan, the cat clan, the leopard clan, and other clans respectively, they are all young girls from beastmen clans.” Xu Yi replied.

Hearing Xu Yis response, the surrounding people were shocked.

To most humans, the beastmen were ugly and violent, but these beastmen girls were quite pure and beautiful. Adding in the beastmen characteristics they had, it made them even cuter. They didnt look cruel and violent at all.

“Chairman Xu, I know that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce hires many workers from other races, are these beastmen girls also employees of your company What kind of work do they do in your company” Rector asked.

“No, they are members of the New Moon Chamber of Commerces New Moon Troupe, they are unrelated to our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“New Moon Troupe” Rector looked surprised, “Could it be that these beastmen girls dance and sing”

“You dont believe it” Xu Yi smiled before turning to wave his hand at a fox girl, “Come, Avril, give everyone a song.”

Being stared at by the crowd, Avril had a bit of stage fright, but she worked up the courage after Xu Yi patted her shoulder and she opened her mouth.

A simple and beautiful voice with a strong charm came from Avrils mouth. The people who heard it had their hairs stand on end. It made them feel very comfortable listening to it and made their hearts itch.

Without knowing why, the surrounding people were attracted by this singing and they all listened with rapt attention.

Seeing the reaction of the crowd, Xu Yi nodded in satisfaction.

When he had heard Avril sing for the first time, he was more surprised and also deeply attracted.

Now that he had seen this response in her first appearance, the fame of the New Moon Troupe would definitely explode.

With such a strong advertising base, the New Moon Troupe would find it much easier to establish a new image for beastmen.

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