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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 44

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Changing to a new product

Perhaps the deities had finally been paid their wages, but right after high noon, a rainstorm began falling not long after.

Little pinky sized raindrops hurt when they fell onto ones body. There was the dull sound of raindrops falling onto the thick wooden roof.

“This is the first time there was such a large rainfall, will it leak in” Xu Yi looked up at the roof with his brows knit in worry.

“It might leak a bit, but it shouldnt be that much of a problem.” Heinz on the side answered in an uncaring voice.

It was currently completely dark outside because of the rainstorm, one couldnt see more than ten meters outside the window.

In the workshop right now, the workers had already left. There was only Xu Yi, Heinz, Sebas, and Camby, these four people left. It became incomparably silent in the room.

The sounds of the raindrops falling onto the roof reverberated through the workshop, like it was a drum.

“No, a leak is a big problem.” Xu Yi shook his head, “Heinz, we produce precise machinery here. If it is soaked by the rain and rusts, it will greatly damage the Magic Array inside and ruin the entire machine, so this problem needs to be dealt with seriously.”

Heinz helplessly looked up, “It cant be right These things are all made of iron, it shouldnt be a problem if they get a bit wet.”

The dwarf Camby also looked at Xu Yi with a confused look, not understanding why he was making a fuss over a trivial matter.

As a dwarven master of working with iron, Camby had seen more iron items in his life than Xu Yi. He did not feel that these shiny, black iron fellows would be ruined by a little rain.

Only Sebas was the same as before, not showing any changes on his face.

Xu Yi was also helpless. Not to mention stainless steel, there wasnt even steel items in this world, so the worlds rust prevention techniques were quite crude. This caused many iron items to be sold at a large discount.

Looking at the pile of finished Magic Fans in the corner of the workshop, Xu Yi shook his head.

There was no choice, he was only a mechanical engineer. Although he knew a bit of researching materials, he wasnt that skilled at it. He couldnt take out the formula for plastic, otherwise if the outer casing for the Magic Fan was made of plastic, not only would it be better at resisting rust, it would greatly decrease its weight while also making it prettier. The most important thing was that it would greatly decrease their costs and would also increase their profits.

It was a good thing that when he was designing the Magic Fan, Xu Yi had already considered waterproofing it. The core part was very strictly waterproofed, so it shouldnt be easily ruined by being soaked with water.

Moreover, the Magic Array was made from special magic material. Once the Magic Array was made, unless the magic related material was broken, it was very hard for the Magic Array itself to be destroyed. There wasnt a need to worry much about this point.

“Moving aside from the reason that the products might be damaged, this workshop will need to be refurbished in the future. Otherwise once it does leak, it will greatly affect the productivity of the workers.” Xu Yi still insisted on his opinion, “Heinz, arrange this as soon as possible.”

Seeing how firm Xu Yi was, Heinz could only nod his head in agreement.

“Alright, putting this problem aside for now, what were we just talking about” Xu Yi asked.

As the key members of the company, the four of them had stayed after all the workers left to hold a meeting. Other than summarizing everything that happened to the company in the last month, they would also plan on how to expand the company.

“Camby said that everything in the magic machine workshop is running smoothly, but many dwarves are complaining that it is too boring and they dont have things to do.” Heinz replied.

“Thats right, many brothers are saying that they arent doing much and they are receiving all this money, they are feeling embarrassed.” Camby scratched his head and spoke with a somewhat embarrassed smile.

Xu Yi couldnt help laughing.

These dwarves really were simply. They werent happy that their work was easy and they actually said that their wages were too high.

“Camby, let them be assured that while the work isnt heavy now, that is only because the fellows outside havent realized the importance of magic machines yet. You just need to wait a while and when chairman Farsak builds a factory in Saltan City, I can promise that large amounts of magic machines will fly out. Just dont blame me for there being too much work at that time.”

Camby grinned and waved his hand in an uncaring manner, “How could that be We dwarves can endure suffering the best, as long as there is wine to drink, theres no problem no matter how much work there is.”

“Speaking of wine…..Camby, although I know that you dwarves especially love wine, you mustnt drink while you are working because the machines you are making need to be very precise. Just a little mistake will cause a large problem, so you need to keep reminding them while working. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is still a small company right now after all, we have to pay attention to our products quality while developing.”

Camby nodded, “Alright, Ill tell them when I head back. They just need to drink after getting off work and not drink while working.”

Xu Yi knit his brows, “Just a warning isnt enough. How about this, well set a rule. If someone is found drinking while working, the first time theyll be fined fifty silver coins, the second time theyll be fined two gold coins, and the third time theyll be fined their entire months wages.”

“Isnt this too serious” Camby was stunned, “Chairman, those brothers treat alcohol like their lives. Im afraid that once this rule is set, quite a few people wont be able to receive their wages.”

“I know that you treat alcohol like your lives, so it has to be this serious.” Xu YI said with a serious expression, “No matter what, the quality of the product is most important. If there is a problem with the quality because of a personal problem, then one should be punished because of it.”

Seeing how serious Xu Yi was, Camby couldnt only helplessly lower his head.

“Alright, Ill tell it clearly to them.”

“Of course, this rule does not only apply to your dwarven brothers. Heinz, this rule also applies to the Magic Fan workshop.”

Heinz knew that Xu Yi was only being fair, so he immediately agreed.

“Camby, you dont need to be that depressed. There are also rewards the come with punishment. Tell your dwarven brothers that if they work properly, I can use the companys name to make a large order from the Sachi Manor. If you want wine in the future, thatll depend on your accomplishments with the company.”

Cambys eyes instantly lit up, “Youre telling the truth”

“Would I be joking with you at a time like this”

Cambys dispirited look disappeared without a trace and he broke out in laughter.

“Good, good, this is good! I dare promise that as long as the brothers hear about the Sachi Manors wine, they will work very zealously!”

“Then thats good.” Xi Yi nodded with a faint smile before turning to Heinz and saying, “Alright, were done talking about the magic machine factory, so lets now talk about the Magic Fan factory.”

Heinz immediately stuck out his chest and fearlessly said, “There is no need to worry about our Magic Fan factory. The slaves are very obedient, there wont be any trouble at all.”

Camby looked over at Heinz. This seemed like it was an indirect insult.

Xu Yi waved his hand with a bitter smile. Although the dwarves had been working here for a month, there were still some barriers between humans and dwarves.

Only it would take a long time before this barrier could be solved and it couldnt bear rushed.

“No, Heinz, the problem with the magic machine warehouse is not the workers, but rather what they are producing next.”

Heinz was surprised, “There is no problem with production at all, everything is smooth.”

“My meaning is not that production isn't smooth and you have forgotten a very important problem. Isnt it a fact that the Magic Fans will stop being produced soon”

“Ah” Heinz was shocked and he suddenly stood up, “Stop production Why would you stop production The Magic Fan is selling this well, why would you need to stop producing it”

Camby and Sebas on the side both looked at Xu Yi with confused looks.

Just the second generation Variable Speed Magic Fan has only been produced for less than half a month and it had already sold over six thousand units, bringing a profit of over five thousand gold coins to the company. Why was it that with such good sales volume, Xu Yi suddenly wanted to stop production

Xu Yi pointed out the window, “Because summer is about to pass.”

The three instantly understood.

Thats right, it was currently the middle of August and summer was about to pass soon. At best, the hot weather would only last for a month.

Once it wasnt as hot anymore, peoples desire to buy Magic Fans would greatly decrease and it would be close to zero.

When that time comes, with no one buying Magic Fans, naturally there was no need to produce them anymore.

Once he thought this through, Heinz instantly became anxious.

“Then what do we do Xu Yi, the Magic Fan is our most profitable item, if the production stops, what will we depend on to earn money Quickly think of a way, otherwise, will we have to wait until next summer before we start working again But there will be all kinds of imitation Magic Fans next year, we wont be able to sell much at that time!”

Camby pulled Heinz back, “What are you anxious for Since the chairman has raised this question, that means that he already has a method. You just need to listen to him.”

Heinz threw Camby aside and angrily said, “Of course youre not anxious! Your magic machine workshop will always have things to do, but what about us” After saying this, he turned to Xu Yi and urged him, “Xu Yi, do you have some kind of solution Quickly say it, ah, Im going to die of anxiety!”

Xu Yi patted his shoulder and signaled for him to calm down.

“Of course there is a solution. Since the Magic Fan cant be produced anymore, we can just change to a product that isnt affected by the seasons.”

Hearing that there is a possibility, Heinzs eyes instantly lit up, “What product”

Xu Yi laughed as he took out a blueprint from his chest, “Here, its this.”-

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