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Magic Industry Empire Volume 3 Chapter 106 - Want to sell?

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Akali jumped out of the Magic Car in front and when she touched the ground, she stretched herself out.

“Great! Were finally here! Really, sitting in here for such a long time really is tiring.”

Claire followed behind Akali and rolled her eyes at her, “Really you, we were in there for less than eight hours, alright What is there to be tired about Dont forget, when we were riding horse carriages last year, we spent over two days to get here.”

“Thats right, with the Magic Cars, its much easier to come here.” Bella who came from behind her also looked down on Akali, “I think that youre a fellow who just enjoys things and forgets about all the suffering from before.”

Akali curled her lips in an unwilling to give up manner, “Who says I havent even rode in the Magic Car many times, alright Then again, no matter what, it really is hard to sit in it for over eight hours. When can it be like sir chairman said, using only two or three hours to get here Then I wont have anything to complain about.”

“Alright, sir chairman also said that its fine if you want it to be two or three hours, but you just need to invent the new Magic Engine.” Claire added.

“You say it like it isnt related to you!” Akali immediately refuted, “Claire, dont forget, the internal magic recycling system that your team is in charge of is also very important, alright”

Claire laughed, “Our team is about to develop this soon, but what about the central control system that your team is responsible for Have you even finished half of it yet”

“Of course! Weve already standardized the magic frequencies, now we just need to…..”

Before Akali could finish, Evita who had just gotten out glared at her and she quickly shut her mouth.

Seeing Evita look over, Claire and Bella stuck out their tongues, lowering their head in embarrassment.

“Dont discuss our technology outside, how many times do you need me to remind you of this”

Evita reprimanded the three of them before waving behind her, calling three researchers to come over.

“Watch over the people of your team, dont get lost. During the days well be in Anvilmar City, if anything happens with your teams, you all will be ones held responsible, understood”

The three researchers nodded with serious expressions.

“Goood, lets go in now. Everyones been sitting for a long time, so you must all be tired. Lets rest early today, so we dont have to run around.”

Seeing Evita walking towards the front door of the Sheldon inn, Akali came to Claire and Bellas side, as she said in a small voice, “Hey, dont you guys think that Evita is becoming more and more serious There are times when I dont dare talk back to her.”

“Right, right, so it wasnt just me thinking too much.” Bella nodded.

“I also wanted to say this.” Claire said, “Evita really seems to have the aura of leadership. I think that after being the chief for some time, she naturally became like this”

Akali tapped her chin, “If I knew this earlier, I would have asked sir chairman for the position of chief. Having the same aura as Evita, it really would be good.”

Claire and Bella rolled their eyes together, “You as the chief Forget it, you arent suited at all.”

Akali glared at them, “It seems like youre saying youre suited.”

“We never said that.” Bella quickly denied it, “If it was me and I really had to choose, Evita really is the person most suitable. It has to be said, sir chairmans eyes really are good, he has a good judge of character.”

Claire gave a sigh, “Its a pity, why is sir chairman so slow when it comes to emotions He caused our magic research facility to have so many unwanted girls……”

Seeing Claire look over, Akali became angry with shame and reached out to twist Claires waist.

Claire dodged with a chuckle and ran off towards the Sheldon Inn.

Akali and Bella called out as they chased her. Soon, the Sheldon Inns lobby was filled with these Frestech Chamber of Commerce researchers that came from afar, becoming very lively.

While Akali chased Claire into the lobby, Evita was talking to a young man who was properly dressed and looked a bit handsome.

After seeing this person, Akali forgot about chasing Claire and after thinking for a bit, she came over.

“Chief Evita, the arrangements over the next few days are like this. If you or the other researchers are dissatisfied with anything, you can call me at any time and Ill change it for you.” Alex said to Evita with a bright smile, “Sir chairman told me that receive you all well and plan everything for you in Anvilmar City over the next few days, so you dont need to be courteous with me.”

Evita gave a slight nod, “Then Ill trouble you, manager Alex.”

“What does this count for, its an honour for me.” Alex looked at Akali who came over and nodded to her before looking at the other researchers in the lobby to say, “Today is your first day here and there are still two days before the certification exam. How about I bring you all to a welcome banquet and entertain you all”

“Theres no need for this trouble, were already very……”

Akali had just spoken when Evita cut her off, “Alright, then Ill have to trouble manager Alex. But theres no need for tonights banquet to be luxurious, just sincerity is enough.”

“Alright, then its settled.” Seeing Evita agree, Alex immediately gave a nod, “If theres nothing else you need, Ill be leaving first. Ill see you tonight.”


Watching Alex walk out the front door, Akali looked at Evita in surprise as she asked, “Could it be that its about to begin”

Evita looked at Akali and said with a chuckle, “If we dont solve this soon, could it be we should only do something when we suffer large losses This is the chairmans idea, which is also consideration for vice chairman Heinz.”

“Vice chairman Heinz……” Akali looked at the door and slowly shook her head as she said with a sigh, “Why dont I have such a good uncle”


When Alex came out of the Sheldon Inn, Xu Yi had just entered a restaurant called the Forest Shade Hut.

“Hey, Xu Yi, over here.”

At a corner of the restaurant, Hannas voice sounded out.

Xu Yi followed the sound and saw that in the corner opposite the entrance, Hannas was sitting there with someone else.

“First get me a cup of lemon vanilla juice, thank you.” After talking to the waiter, Xu Yi turned to look at the young man sitting opposite Hannas, as he stretched his hand out, “Hello, I am Xu Yi.”

This man seemed younger than Hannas, looking to be in his early twenties, but whether it was his clothes or his expression, they were all very mature. It gave people a feeling that he was more mature than Xu Yi who was already thirty.

He looked over Xu Yi before slowly standing up, stretching out a hand to give Xu Yi a quick shake before taking it back.

“Hello, chairman Xu, I am Murna Lifer.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile before indicating for both of them to sit down.

“Mister Lifer, since you called me chairman Xu, I think that Hannas must have introduced me to you, even…..telling you my reason for coming” Xu Yi asked.

Murna Lifer nodded, “Yes, Hannas didnt hide anything about you or your goals.”

Xu Yi looked at Hannas who just gave a shrug, spreading his hands.

Xu Yi turned back to Murna Lifer and said, “Since its like this, then its very simple. I think that I can directly propose my ideas to you. Mister Lifer, may I ask……is your noble family willing to sell Great Magus Lifers research notes or research from before he passed”

Murna Lifer seemed surprised that Xu Yi was this forward. After looking at Xu Yi in surprise, he shook his head with a bitter smile, “Even the necklace that grandmother holds the dearest was sold, do you think that theres anything we wont sell”

Xu Yi couldnt help revealing a ghost of a smile.

It was easy if they were willing to sell, he was just afraid they werent.

“Then may I ask mister Life, can you represent your noble family this time I am saying……can I discuss the price for buying these research notes” Xu Yi asked.

“You can discuss it, but I cant make the final decision.” Murna Lifer replied.

Xu Yi nodded, “I understand. Thats good, mister Lifer, I know that in Great Magus Lifers later years, he had done some research on magic machines and had left behind some research data. Im currently interested in the data that he left behind. May I ask if your noble family has kept that data and if youre willing to sell it”

“Naturally we retained this important data, but chairman Xu, Im very curious, doesnt your Frestech Chamber of Commerce have good results with magic machine research Why do you want to obtain great grandfathers research data” Murna Lifer asked.

“Theres a saying in my hometown. If three people walk together, one of them will be my teacher. The meaning is that no matter what, you can learn things from other people. Although our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has success in developing magic machines, Great Magus Lifer is a legendary magician at the Great Magus level, so I think that if he performed some research on magic machines, he must have some unique views that we can study.” Xu Yi replied.

“I agree with this very much.” Murna Lifer said with a nod, “The Frestech Chamber of Commerce has a chairman like you, no wonder it could develop this quickly. Alright, I represent my father in agreeing to sell the data to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce temporarily.”

Xu Yi was stunned, “Then I ask mister Lifer to give a price, how much gold coins I think that as long as its not too excessive, I can accept right away.”

Murna Lifer revealed his first smile which had a trace of cunning to it.

“Chairman Xu, I never said that the research data would be sold for gold coins, right”

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