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After knowing Xu Yis real goal, Great Magician Camilla didnt continue to oppose.

As a Great Magician, of course he had the pride of a Great Magician.

Although Great Magician Camilla was shocked to hear the wage of ten thousand gold coins.

But thinking about it, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce offering him such a large wage was not his value as a Great Magician, but rather to demonstrate the difference between him and other mages.

So Great Magician Camilla wasnt that prideful and agreed after considering it.

In the end, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman was Xu Yi, who was his grandson in law, so they were family. Great Magician Camilla didnt have anything to be embarrassed about.

“Grandfather, do you think……a wage of ten thousand gold coins a year will attract a Great Magician other than you If it isnt enough, I can still add a bit more. As long as it can attract another Great Magician to work for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I think that it is worth it no matter how much we invest.” Xu Yi said.

“Un……I think that ten thousand is already enough.” Great Magician Camilla thought for a bit before giving a sigh, “Actually to be honest, although magicians are respected by many people and a Great Magician like me has a high position, a high position isnt related to whether you have money or not. You have to know, my Magic Tower from before only received two thousand gold coins in funding before and didnt have any other sources of revenue.”

“That was because you were…..ke…..too convervative. If you were like Great Magician Eisenkel, using your magic power to connect to the companies and nobles of the kingdom, your income would already be over ten thousand gold coins.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Great Magician Camilla gave a cold snort, “I dont want to be the dogs of those fellows. That Eisenkel, he only thinks about falling into money!”

Xu Yi revealed an awkward smile as he reminded him, “Grandfather, dont forget, you are also working for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce……”

“How can that be the same” Great Magician Camillas eyes popped out, “The things I develop are good things that can change peoples lives! The people of Banta City can live such good lives because of the magic machines that our company has developed! Compared to Eisenkel being a goon for those nobles and merchants, I am countless times better!”

Xu Yi felt a bit helpless and found it a bit funny. Although Great Magician Camilla was stubborn before, after joining the magic research facility, his thoughts had really changed and he felt that his work was glorious now.

Of course this was good. Xu Yi wished that all the magicians in the kingdom could think like this, so he wouldnt have to rack his brain on how to recruit stronger magicians.

Xu Yi tactfully didnt persist on this topic and said with a nod and a smile, “Alright, grandfather, since youve agreed, then thats good. As for the advertising…..”

Great Magician Camilla waved his hand, “You can arrange it, I dont care.”

“Alright.” Xu Yi replied. He saw that it was still early outside, so he said, “Grandfather, how about you stop your experiment and come back to the Falling Star Manor with me We should be able to get there in time for lunch. Stills old classmates came to see her today and theyre staying for lunch.”

“A bunch of little girls, why would I join in the fun Kid, why arent you heading back yet Its hard for Still right now, you want her to take care of the guests alone” Great Magician Camilla glared at Xu Yi.

“Un, then Ill head back.”

Xu Yi had taken two steps when Great Magician Camilla called out to him.

“Right, kid, itll be the certification exam soon. Are you going to skip it again this year” Great Magician Camilla asked.

“No, Ill be heading to Anvilmar City and there are many things to take care of. I might as well take the certification exam since Im there.” Xu Yi replied.

Hearing this, Great Magician Camillas eyes lit up.

“That means……Kid, did your magic power increase”

Xu Yi laughed and didnt reply. He just waved his hand to Great Magician Camilla before turning to leave the lab.


The Frestech Chamber of Commerces vocational skill tests lasted a week before finally ending.

After several days of intense testing, the first batch of people passing the test had been released.

According to the stats, there were a total of three thousand nine hundred and fourteen people who passed. Among them, there were one thousand seven hundred and thirty nine punch press workers, seven hundred and sixteen carvers, and a total of one thousand four hundred and fifty nine workers of the other five types.

The reason for this was mainly because other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the other magic machine companies used mostly the same magic machines. So there were few kinds of work in their companies and most workers didnt master many skills.

Among these companies, especially those that produced components, the ones who did this most basic work had the largest passing rate.

Although there were over three thousand people who passed, compared to the twenty thousand people who came to the test, this passing rate was still considered low.

So after Mick received his certification for a junior grade punch press operator and carver from the receptionist at the Frestech Chamber of Commerces vocational skill center, his hands couldnt help tremble slightly.

As far as he knew, there werent many people who passed this vocational skills test and someone that had passed two tests like him were even more scarce.

Looking at the two certifications in his hand, Mick took a deep breath. He calmed himself down before asking the receptionist, “That…..Am I qualified to work at your Frestech Chamber of Commerce now”

The receptionist revealed a sweet smile, “Mister, I think that with your level of techniques, you should be able to pass our companys entrance exam. But I suggest that you consult with the Rimet Chamber of Commerce first to avoid and conflicts.”

“Ah I…..Right……” Mick was stunned before reacting. He was currently an official employee of the Rimet Chamber of Commerce, if he ran to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce without saying a single word, not mentioning the Rimet Chamber of Commerce, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt accept him.”

“Alright, Ill go back for now.”

Thinking of this, Mick waved his hand to the receptionist and turned to quickly move out of the vocational skill center, before running out of the Falling Rain Valley. He ran all the way to the small factory the Rimet Chamber of Commerce had outside the Falling Rain Valley.

Mick had ran off to the vocational skill center during his lunch break, so there wasnt anyone in the workshop. Mick went to the office to find the Rimet Chamber of Commerces chairman, Enzori Rimet looking over some documents.

Seeing Mick, chairman Rimet immediately revealed a bright smile. When he saw the two certifications Mick was holding, Rimet gave a laugh, “Mick, congratulations.”

Mick was stunned, “Congratulate me on what”

“Of course its to congratulate you on passing two vocational skills tests.” Chairman Rimet laughed as he patted Micks shoulder, “Our Rimet Chamber of Commerce had several people pass their vocational skills exams, but youre the only who passed two! Good kid, I wasnt wrong about you!”

Mick scratched his head as he said in an embarrassed voice, “Chairman, thanks for your praise, but I came looking for you to……”

“I know.” Chairman Rimet laughed as he cut Mick off, “Actually I know without you saying anything. You have such a good performance, it really isnt right to increase your wages. Ive decided that starting next month, your wage will go up from fifteen gold coins to twenty five gold coins! Its gone up by ten gold coins, what do you think Are you satisfied Other than that, I will promote you to our companys production leader, specializing in technical problems for our company, are you confident in that”

Mick was dizzy from what chairman Rimet had said.

He had come looking for chairman Rimet to resign and then apply for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

He never thought that chairman Rimet would immediately raise his wage and would increase it by ten gold coins!

Twenty five gold coins a month!

Even at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, how many people could receive such a wage

Not to mention that chairman Rimet had wanted him to be the production leader What was that

Although Mick didnt understand, he could tell that it sounded quite powerful.

Seeing how stunned Mick was, chairman Rimet patted his shoulder and said with a serious look, “Mick, you are my most important worker, Ive always thought highly of you. You being the production leader now is just to train you. If you do well, when our Rimet Chamber of Commerce develops, I definitely wont treat you unfairly. When the time comes, not mentioning these twenty five gold coins, its no problem even if your wage is doubled!”

Micks eyes lit up. Doubled Wouldnt that be fifty gold coins a month

Seeing Micks expression, chairman Rimet knew that he had finally persuaded Mick. With a smile, he patted his shoulders a few more times while saying, “Alright, you rest first. Well sign a new employment contract for you tomorrow and write out the details of your wage increase.”

Mick just replied in a daze, leaving the office not knowing what to do.

Watching Mick walk out, chairman Rimet let out a long sigh. He picked up a piece of paper from his desk and he had a look of gratitude in his eyes.

“Chairman Xu really is a sincere person. If he didnt have someone tell me, Im afraid our Rimet Chamber of Commerce would have lost our most important skilled workers. Our company really would be broken at that time.”

There were several names on this piece of paper, which clearly stated which one of the Rimet Chamber of Commerces workers had passed the vocational skills exam.

Micks name was on top and there was a description by his name.

“This person has perfect basic skills and a certain degree of foundations in theory. If he is trained some more, he will become an important technological backbone of your company, so please treat him well.”

“Hei, that kid Mick already wanted to run off to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but its a good thing I reacted fast and stopped him in time. Otherwise, if he really ran off, we cant make up for this loss.” Chairman Rimet gave a proud smile before picking up another piece of paper from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, slightly knitting his brows as he looked it over, “Only of these pieces of technology…..which one should I choose”

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