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The public transport Magic Car stopped outside Banta City and Evita got out. She looked at the finely built two storied buildings designed by elves employed by the Amrit Chamber of Commerce built by the Sandy River, as well as the calming atmosphere and she couldnt help feeling moved.

It would be good if she could buy a house and live here.

But when she thought about how the lowest price for a house here was five thousand gold coins, Evita gave up on that thought.

After finding her way, Evita headed to the newly built high end magic machine neighbourhood that the Amrit Chamber of Commerce built by the Sandy River.

Although this community hadnt been completed yet, looking around, she could see quite a few people moving in. There were even a few people who took the initiative to greet Evita when they saw her.

These people recognized Evita because there were high level members of the small companies outside the Falling Rain Valley here. As for those that didnt know her, they still recognized her because they wanted to become closer to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

After Evita greeted them, she asked about her destination.

After being guided by two people who had lived here for a while, Evita smoothly came to the house with the best environment by the Sandy River. Then she saw Akali and her two assistants that had been there for a long time.

“Hey, Evita, come and take a look.” Seeing Evita, Akali waved her hand at her in an excited manner.

Evita came over and stood with her by the large window of the living room, looking in the direction she was pointing in.

“How about it Isnt it very pretty” Akali had a very happy smile on her face and an immersed look, “Think about it, if you live here, you can be woken up by the sunlight and you can see the beautiful Sandy River when you open your eyes. When you are bored, you can even ride a small boat in the river. That is simply amazing!”

Evita looked at the Sandy River that was several times more attractive after being renovated by the little house and after being silent for a bit, she suddenly knocked Akalis head, “Alright, stop daydreaming. How is your work going If youre done, lets go around the city and choose a gift, otherwise we wont have time to go visit Still.”

Akali touched her head and muttered in a low voice, “So what if I have a dream Then again, it might not completely be a dream.”

But in the end, hearing Evita mention serious matters, Akali turned her attention from the beautiful scene outside the window and looked at the assistants working in the room, as she replied, “Based on the situation of this morning, there should be no problem. With a conservative estimate, give us about a week and I should be able to install the central control system in this room.”

“A week” Evita thought about it and shook her head, “Young miss Sophia might now be able to wait.”

“Theres no way even if she cant wait.” Akali gave a shrug, “There are precise requirements and various household magic machines have to be customized, so how could it be done that quickly”

“This shouldnt be a problem, right I think that since young miss Sophia wants to buy this house, the household magic machines she wants should all be our Frestech Brand. You just need to tell her that she can just pick our companys newest generation of household magic machines, that way it follows a standard and will be easier to integrate into the central control system.”

“It should be like this, but what if young miss Sophia wants to buy magic machines from other companies” Akali refuted.

“The other companies dont produce that many household magic machines, it shouldnt be that hard to change it, right” Evita slightly knit her brows. She thought for a bit before continuing, “Speaking of this, the chairman mentioned a while ago that he would be selling other household magic machines to other companies. He should be using the standard that we came up with, right”

“We should use a standard if we have one, otherwise itll be harder in the future.” Akali said in a natural voice.

“Thats not certain, there will be some companies who think they are better.” Evita shook her head and thought about a company from Banta City that had just joined the Magic Fan industry who had plenty of technical problems, then they invited her through various relationships.

When she went over, she found that this companys Magic Fans were chasing innovation. They forcefully changed the parameters of the Magic Fan and there were many parts of the Magic Fan that didnt work with each other, making it easy for problems to occur.

Other than researching Magic Airships lately, Evita had been mainly focused on standardizing Magic Crystals, so she was sensitive to standardizing. She reprimanded the technical staff of that company without any courtesy and corrected the parameters of the Magic Fan they produced, integrating them to the Frestech Brand Magic Fan standards.

“I dont care about that. If we receive any change requests from young miss Sophia, itll be a change for our small group to study our competition. As for how to do it, naturally it will be following the request of young miss Sophia.” Akali said.

Evita nodded and said nothing else, as she turned to watch Akali and her assistants work.

This so-called central control system was actually using the resonance technology that Akali developed. It would allow long distance control of other Magic Arrays, allowing one to control these household magic machines with the Magic Arrays within them.

In the Banta City square, Akali had used this technology to control the Magic Lamps in the square.

Then after researching it further, Akali could now use different frequencies in the same Magic Array to influence different Magic Arrays. Thus, through a Magic Remote, she could control all different kinds of magic machines.

Because there were more and more household magic machines in Banta City, once this control system was developed, there would be plenty of uses for it.

But this was Akalis first time actually installing it in a home. If it wasnt for young miss Sophias insistence, she wouldnt have been willing to install it since this technology wasnt mature yet in her opinion.

Evita waited for some time, as Akali brought her three assistants to install the appropriate Magic Arrays in the household magic machines. Then Akali took out a remote control that she had already prepared, preparing to control the different Magic Arrays with this control.

Facts proved that the arrangement of these Magic Arrays in a room was different from these Magic Arrays in the lab.

Although the remote control could still affect each Magic Array, the effects were weaker.

“How about it Will it work” Seeing that the Magic Arrays werent working normally, Evita asked this in a worried voice.

“It seems like there are some problems……” Akali knit her brows as she made some slight changes to the Magic Remote in her hand before continuing her test, “But its not a big problem, it can be revised based on the situation. Right now, the biggest problem is that there is a disparity in the standard of the Magic Arrays in our Frestech Brand household magic machines.”

“I think you should report this issue to the chairman, he also attaches great importance to standardization. If he agrees, I think that he will request the magic machine industry to study standardization for Magic Arrays.” Evita said.

“Sir chairman should agree, but we have to solve the issue of young miss Sophias room first…..” Akali thought for a bit before saying, “How about this, Evita, lets pick the ones with the closest frequencies from the household magic machine department and give them to young miss Sophia. As for the other problems, well research them later.”

“Un, lets satisfy young miss Sophias needs first.” Evita nodded, agreeing to Akalis suggestion.

After conducting this test, they just need to collect some simple data. Akali looked at the sky outside the window and said a few things to her three assistants before leaving with Evita to head to Banta City.

They hadnt walked out far and they saw a horse carriage with the symbol of the Amrit Chamber of Commerce slowly come over, stopping in front of the two.

Chairman Cruise who the two had met many times jumped out and greeted them with a smile, “Chief Evita, young miss Akali, what do you think of our companys upscale neighbourhood Does it conform to the concept of the modern magic room from your company”

Akali raised her nose and said with a soft snort, “It is good, but its too expensive!”

Chairman Cruise laughed, “This is a high end home, if it isnt expensive, how could it be considered high end Young miss Akali, if you think that its too expensive, does that mean you also want to buy one”

“I do…..” Akali glared at chairman Cruise, “But your Amrit Chamber of Commerces lowest price is five thousand gold coins, how could I afford it”

“Cant afford it Thats not true.” Chairman Cruise narrowed his eyes, like an old fox seducing a hen, “Young miss Akali, I received a new idea from your chairman Xu, which is installment payments. How about it Are you interested”

“Installment payments” Akali and Evita were both stunned.

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