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Magic Industry Empire Volume 3 Chapter 91 - Inspection

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Of the people who came with Evita, Tibbers was her assistant, manager Dusa came at the request of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to inspect the mines surrounding on behalf of the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, solving the matter of transportation.

The two dwarves were sent by Xu Yi to appraise the condition of the Magic Crystal vein and the other middle aged man was the representative from the Falcao Chamber of Commerce.

Because the Falcao Chamber of Commerce was very skilled in opening mines and because they had mined this Magic Crystal vein before, Xu Yi had contacted chairman Morgan to invite this Crick who had over twenty years of experience managing mines for the Falcao Chamber of Commerce to help with this inspection and to provide advice.

The group led by old man Anduin walked for around an hour and a half before arriving at the mine.

Based on the outside, the mine had some traces of when the Falcao Chamber of Commerce mined here. Even if Crick wasnt in charge of this mine before, based on the traces left behind, he could see the situation of the mine.

“It seems like our company gave up on this vein since it was too hard to open.” Crick pointed at the abandoned mine passage, “Look, the Magic Crystals here are buried too deep, so it isnt easy to mine.”

The two dwarves looked at the mine passage and shook their heads, indicating that it wasnt a problem.

For the dwarves, this mine wasnt that hard to open.

Then again, with the various mining magic machines developed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it was much easier to develop mines compared to before.

Crick naturally was also aware of this, but he could only sigh with emotion before continuing his own inspection of the mine.

Compared to others who would walk around to inspect the mine, Evita brought Tibbers to follow the two dwarves to the mine tunnel. Then with the help of the dwarves, they dug out a sample of the Magic Crystal.

Magic Crystal ore was different from iron ore.

Iron ore was a natural mix of iron and stones, so it needed to be refined.

But Magic Crystals were a natural congealment of magic, so they dug out complete Magic Crystals. The only difference was the size and quality.

The two dwarves used small tools to easily dig out a few pieces of Magic Crystals of different sizes. Evita looked over them and found that the quality of these Magic Crystals were above average.

If all the Magic Crystals here had the same quality, this Magic Crystal vein could be considered outstanding.

She hinted to the dwarves to continue digging out other Magic Crystal samples. Evita and Tibbers came out of the mine, finding an empty spot to use the magic materials they had to create a Magic Crystal refining array.

Evitas research into this Magic Array was rather refined, so after putting the Magic Crystal in the center and using her magic power, not long after, all the magic power was extracted from this Magic Crystal before being congealed into a smaller rectangular Magic Crystal.

There was a bit of waste product left in the center of the Magic Array.

Evita took this new refined Magic Crystal and after investigating it with her magic power, she slightly knit her brows.

“Chief, how is it Is the quality of this Magic Crystal not good enough” Tibbers asked.

Evita shook her head, “It seems like it was right for me to come this time. Different Magic Crystals have different qualities and it seems like the Magic Crystals in this mine arent very stable. Look, its only been dug out for a short period of time and its grade has already visibly dropped. As a result, the magic in this refined Magic Crystal doesnt follow the standard.”

Tibbers took the refined Magic Crystal from Evitas hand and after investigating with his magic power for a bit, he found that this refined Magic Crystal was indeed a bit different from the Magic Crystal that he had developed with Evita.

“Chief, you really are amazing, you can even tell such a small difference.” Tibbers couldnt help saying in a voice of admiration.

“This isnt much, Ive been studying a lot recently, so Im rather sensitive.” Evita casually replied. She took the refined Magic Crystal again and used her magic again before falling into thought. She then used her magic materials to create another refining Magic Array.

With a few adjustments to the refining Magic Array, this Magic Crystal was refined again and the magic it contained finally had the same parameters as the Magic Crystals refined in the lab.

Tibbers was filled with admiration for Evita. She could make changes to the array so quickly and create this perfect result, she really had a shocking talent.

Evita didnt care at all as she shook her head, “If you want to talk about talent in Magic Arrays, I cant compare to the chairman. If he was here, I think that he could think of a better solution.”

Hearing Evita mention sir chairman again, Tibbers slightly knit his brows. He felt a bit dissatisfied whenever he heard Evita mention sir chairman.

But Tibbers knew that compared to sir chairman, he was far from being able to compare. He wasnt even qualified to be compared, so he could only remain silent.

Evita didnt notice the change in Tibbers mood. She was completely focused on how to refine the Magic Crystals in this mine into standardized Magic Crystals.

This was a very complicated job, so even Evita with strong knowledge in this field met all kinds of problems.

After a while, the two dwarves brought a large amount of Magic Crystal samples from all over the mine back to Evita.

Evita took the Magic Crystals from different places to test first before experimenting with the refining array, confirming her guess from earlier.

Although the quality of Magic Crystals in this mine were rather high, perhaps it was because it wasnt properly protected after it was opened last time, so now the Magic Crystals in this mine were unstable.

It wasnt a problem to mine Magic Crystals here, but if they wanted to refine them, there were many problems.

Evita thought for a bit and decided to use a Magic Array to prevent the spill of magic power from this mine for now.

But when it came to the price of laying this super large array, Evita couldnt help knitting her brows.

The reason why she applied to Xu Yi to investigate this Magic Crystal mine on behalf of the magic research facility was to through her own efforts, she wanted to reduce the mistakes and save as much as possible for the company.

However, this protection method would cost at least twenty thousand gold coins, which would raise the costs quite a bit.

After considering it for a bit, Evita realized that there was no better method for now. She could only have Tibbers gather all the Magic Crystals, preparing to bring them back to study.

At this time, manager Dusa and the others had finished inspecting the mine. Their group was led down the mountain and back to Prana Village by old man Anduin.

Evita declined old man Anduins invitation, but before she left, old man Anduin couldnt help asking Evita about his son again.

“Mister Anduin, I told you before, our company will soon be conducting a skill test for our workers in the future. Then according to the wishes of the chairman, he will be opening these tests to the public for all companies related to magic machines. So I suggest that your son waits a while until the tests are open to the public before taking them. If he can receive a senior certification, I think that he could go to our Frestech Chamber of Commerce or any magic machine company and it would be easy for him to find a job.” Evita sincerely said.

Old man Anduin thought it over before nodding, “Alright, Ill tell that kid to go. Ill have him increase his level of skill, that way he can directly reach the senior level.”

Evita revealed a faint smile before bidding farewell to old man Anduin with everyone else.

With the Magic Car manager Dusa rented from the Mercado Taxi Chamber of Commerce, it only took them an hour to reach the Falling Rain Valley that was thirty kilometers away.

After their group had reported to the CEO Kennard about the situation of the Magic Crystal mine, it was already past noon.

Kennard invited everyone to lunch on behalf of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but Evita declined this invitation.

She had Tibbers bring the Magic Crystals back to the magic research facility in the Falling Rain Valley before Evita dived into researching them.

Seeing Evitas focused look, Tibbers couldnt hide his look of praise.

He liked seeing Evita focusing on her research the most.

He always felt that Evita was most beautiful like this and his heart was always moved when he saw this.

But when he thought of the heartfelt smile on Evitas face when she mentioned sir chairman, Tibbers heart couldnt help filling with pain.

Although Tibbers admitted that he couldnt compare to sir chairman and Evita being in love with sir chairman was a normal thing…..Sir chairman was already married to young miss Still who was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and they were very close, so there were no chances for Evita at all.

But Evita still wasnt willing to give up like this

Actually Tibbers knew that Evita, this seemingly gentle girl, actually had quite firm emotions.

The things she recognized couldnt be changed by anyone.

Only…..Tibbers still wanted to try.

“Chief……” Tibbers looked at Evitas beautiful appearance while she was focused on studying, making her seem like she was glowing and he finally worked up his courage to speak.

“Un” Evita turned over, “What is it”

“Towards sir chairman, you…..”


When Tibbers had just started, the door to the lab was suddenly pushed open and he was cut off.

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