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“Sir chairman, about the new magic machine……whether it is the magic research facility or our magic machine development center, we already had some ideas…..But as for the concrete research, weve come across an important problem and there doesnt seem to be a way to solve it……”

Seeing the awkward look on Cambys face, Xu Yi immediately guessed without even thinking, “Is it a problem with the materials”

Camby was stunned before quickly saying, “Right, its the material problem. Chairman, your main request for these new magic machines is to increase their power. I understand your idea, you want to rely on stronger magic production machines to create stronger magic machines.”

“Right, if the specifications of the magic production machines are too low, were limited if we want to make large magic machines. So we have to first solve the problem of this magic production machine.” Xu Yi said with a nod.

Camby said with a bitter smile, “But after increasing the power of the magic production machines, the requirements for the materials increase much more. For example, when we were developing the new medium Magic Punch Press, the new machine couldnt withstand ten thousand repetitions before it was seriously broken and couldnt be sued anymore.”

“Ten thousand repetitions” Xu Yi knit his brows, “Isnt this too little Have you thought of another way to solve it”

“We did, for example covering the outer layer to counter the vibrations and dulling the pressure of the punch press, but the effects werent clear.” Camby said with a sigh, “In the end, to obtain the proper functions, the punch press needs to bear the pressure, this is something that cant be avoided. So my final analysis is that we need to change the materials of the magic production machines themselves to solve this problem.”

Xu Yi also gave a bitter laugh, “Theres no way, I also cant solve this problem. Material research isnt something that can be rushed, theres no shortcut for this.”

Every time he discussed the issue of materials with Camby and the others, Xu Yi regretted not learning about materials back when he was on earth. He had no way of using his experience on earth to develop this aspect for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But material research was broad, so even if Xu Yi had this idea back then, he wouldnt have had the time.

He had used his mechanical engineering knowledge to create the current Frestech Chamber of Commerce in three years, so this cant be considered wrong.

In the end, the industrial system was very complicated and wasnt something he could take responsibility for alone.

“Its a good thing that we have many kinds of non-ferrous metals right now, we can only research more. I always want new breakthroughs in developing materials, to find the best alloy to resist the strong pressure of magic production machines.” Xu Yi comforted Camby, “But as for now, do your research with these limits.”

“We can only do this.” Camby gave a nod before becoming excited again, “Chairman, it isnt all bad news when it comes to developing the new production magic machines.”

“Oh That means there are still breakthroughs. Tell me, what aspect did you make a breakthrough in Is it the high speed blade problem from last time or is it the accuracy of the punch press that Bordeau mentioned last time”

“Those are all small problems, how could I report them to you” Camby shook his head and said with a proud look, “Actually, its the issue of automatic control that you mentioned countless times.”

Xu Yi was stunned before becoming astonished, “It cant be Could it be that youve developed automatic production magic machines How could that be possible!”

“Hei, hei, come with me and see.”

Xu Yi followed Camby to the magic machine development center with a look of disbelief. He saw the new production magic machine in the center of the room and Bordeau preparing to put a square meter iron plate into it.

“Wait, Bordeau, let the chairman see.” Camby called out to Bordeau in a loud voice.

Bordeau looked up to see Xu Yi and he stopped. When Xu Yi and Camby came over to the production magic machine, he used slow movement to put this iron plate into the slot on the magic production machine.

The iron plate had just been put in and Bordeau pressed a key on the production magic machine before taking two steps back, clearly showing that he wasnt planning on doing anything.

Xu Yi saw the production magic machine automatically start, turning the iron plate and cutting off the corner to turn them into half circles.

After this was done, the production magic machine turned the iron plate and sliced off the other corners.

After repeating this and cutting off all four corners, the iron plate sunk down. Both sides of the iron plate were grabbed by clamps and they were bent up before being sent to Bordeau.

Xu Yi was surprised to see this iron plate that had greatly changed before looking at the production magic machine with an excited look.

Thats right, although this automation was very simple and the work was rather simple too, no one had controlled this production magic machine during this time and it had done it all alone!

This meant that with some more research, they might be able to create the automatic machines that earth had on the Sines Continent!

Xu Yi took a breath and calmed his excited heart, having Bordeau put another iron plate into the machine.

Bordeau agreed and Xu Yi saw the iron plate undergo the same process before being sent out.

Xu Yi put the two plates together to compare and he was surprised to find that they were completely the same!

He even had Camby bring over a Vernier Scale and found that the error of degree was less than 0.1 millimeters!

Although this was still far from being able to compare to the precise machines on earth, for the level of industry on the Sines Continent, it was already very shocking.

Xu Yi had Bordeau repeat this several times and after comparing the plates that were processed, he found that the highest margin of error was no more than 0.2 millimeters.

“Great!” Xu Yi couldnt help shouting out before slapping Camby and Bordeaus shoulders, excitedly saying, “You guys did great! With this thing, our companys production efficiency will greatly increase and I wont have to worry about our output! Ha, ha, great! I have to give you a reward on behalf of the company! Ive decided, Ill give you guys…..”

“Wait!” Camby suddenly cut off the excited Xu Yi, “Sir chairman, it wasnt us who developed this automatic production magic machine, it was Sancheli. If you want to give a reward, you should award him first.”

“Sancheli” Xu Yi was surprised before digging out the person that matched this name, “So it was him, no wonder……”

Since coming up with research used in the Magic Fountain in the new city square, Sancheli hadnt made any new research progress in close to two years, so Xu Yi had forgotten about this person.

He never thought that Sancheli was the one who made this automatic production magic machine that excited Xu Yi and solved the production problem that he had for the longest time.

Xu Yi was surprised for a bit before asking Camby, “Youre saying that Sancheli participated in developing this production magic machine.”

“Its not right to say he participated. To be more accurate, the idea of the automatic production magic machine came from him first.” Camby replied, “If it wasnt for him telling us that we could establish automatic movement with magic, we never would have thought of this. Moreover, the most important Magic Array in this production magic machine was developed by him, so he should be considered the biggest contributor.”

“Un, we just changed the production magic machines structure to match it, it wasnt much. Its far from being able to compare to him solving the problem of the Magic Array. The magic research facility had the same idea, they think that the biggest contributor is Sancheli.” Bordeau also said.

Xu Yi thought for a bit before suddenly giving a cold snort, “Such important research, why did no one tell me about this You guys have already finished developing this automatic production magic machine and Im finally learning about this Do you even put me as the chairman in your eyes”

Seeing Xu Yis dark look, Camby and Bordeau were scared. Camby quickly waved his hands and explained, “Sir chairman, please dont misunderstand, we werent trying to hide this from you. It was that Sancheli strongly requested that we didnt tell you about this beforehand.”

“Right, Sancheli said that he had been in this company for several years and has done nothing, so he feels like hes wronged you. If this automatic production machine could be developed, it could be considered his repayment. If it failed, he didnt have the face to see you, so he didnt dare let you find out.” Bordeau explained at the same time.

“Humph, so only now does he have the face to see me” Xu Yis expression was still displeased, “Since he wont take the initiative to find me, I wont look for him either. Help me tell him, when this automatic production magic machine is developed, I will reward all the people who participated in this. If he doesnt appear at that time, he should never appear in front of me again!”

After saying this, Xu Yi turned to leave the magic machine development center.

But after moving a hundred meters, Xu Yis expression couldnt help stretching as he laughed from the bottom of his heart.

Compared to how much money the company was making, he was always happy to see the company making breakthroughs when it came to technology.

Of all the technology, the most important thing was the production magic machine that was the most common and the most required thing for the industrial system.

Before this, the idea of automatic production magic machines had always been a thought in his mind because he knew how hard programmed Magic Arrays were, so he was always patient towards Sancheli.

But now, Sancheli through secretly working with the magic research facility and the magic machine development center had actually developed the automatic production magic machine!

No matter how simple it was right now, being far from being able to compare to the automated machines from earth, this meant that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had finally taken the first step in this research.

If they kept developing this, they would eventually reach the standard from earth.

Receiving this kind of great news, how could Xu Yi not be filled with extreme joy

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