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Magic Industry Empire Volume 3 Chapter 84 - Expand

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For this, Xu Yis first suggestion was to advertise and his second suggestion was to give tangible preferential treatment.

Advertising was simple because the «Banta Times» was biased towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and because of Hannas, since he was also firmly behind Seveni. Since Seveni took over as City Lord, he spared no effort in advertising for Seveni.

Adding in the fact that Seveni had a good reputation and prestige in the minds of the citizens, only after being the City Lord for less than two months, she had a high prestige in Banta City already.

As for the actual policies, Banta City had an advantage that the other cities didnt have, which was the policies that were included in determining this place as a special economic zone two years ago.

Adding in Sevenis identity as a princess, she had more rights than others.

So when Xu Yi gave the suggestion of giving benefits, Seveni immediately announced a few plans for Banta Citys business development.

For example, what all companies paid attention to was the tax paid. Seveni announced that the City Lord Manor would reduce the business tax while encouraging growth of the magic machine industry, reducing the taxes of companies related to producing magic machines even more, while also giving them some preferential treatment.

Although many people secretly accused Seveni of using her position as the City Lord to help the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, after this was announced, all the companies in Banta City began producing magic machines, quickly entering the magic machine industry.

Some companies that had only dabbled in the magic machine industry before were now saying that they wanted to fully enter the industry, developing new magic machines.

Of course, this was just talk and the results were another thing.

There were many advertisements last month about Magic Fans with different internal and external structures, which was the result of this announcement.

But among these Magic Fans, most of them were failed products to Xu Yi.

But with these failed products, these companies could have the sign of producing magic machines, which meant that they enjoyed the reduced taxes.

Xu Yi naturally didnt like this situation.

This policy was used to develop the magic machine industry in Banta City, but these companies were using it as a loophole.

Whether it was to help Seveni or develop the magic machine industry, Xu Yi had to solve this problem.

But it was like he had said to Seveni, if they wanted the companies that only cared about benefits to return, other than properly supervising them, the most important thing was giving them enough benefits.

Xu Yi thought for a bit before turning to the giant Lampuri Kingdom map that hung on the wall of the study.

Right now, the red dots on the map had become even more dense and were getting further and further away from Banta City. This meant that the companies related to the magic machine industry were beginning to spread to every part of the Lampuri Kingdom.

This large change had occurred in the last two months, with the main reason being the appearance of the Magic Car.

With the efforts of the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, there was over two thousand kilometers of road laid in the Lampuri Kingdom. Moreover, this was increasing at a rate of over fifty kilometers per month.

Now all the cities of the Lampuri Kingdom were connected with roads, so the circulation compared to before was like the difference between heaven and earth.

With the appearance of the Magic Cars, because the Magic Cars were much faster than horse carriages, magic machines and equipment for magic machines could be transported to every city in the Lampuri Kingdom. This had greatly increased the speed of the development of the magic machine industry.

According to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces last month stats, the household magic machine department had lost sales in Banta City. The Frestech Brand Magic Fan was selling 30% less compared to last year.

But when it came to total sales numbers, it was actually twice the amount of last year!

The extra close to twenty thousand Magic Fans were naturally being sold in the other cities of the Lampuri Kingdom.

Like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the other magic machine companies in Banta City were also selling their goods in other locations and greatly increasing their sales.

According to the stats from the Banta City Magic Machine Business Union, during this summer, the Magic Fans sold by the various brands reached over one hundred and thirty thousand units! This included sales from every city in the Lampuri Kingdom!

Other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Magic Fans of the other companies were just a bit worse than the Frestech Brand and their prices were much lower, so they were selling in the countries bordering the Lampuri Kingdom.

The most exaggerated one was the Sarank Chamber of Commerce. It was unknown what relationship they drew in, but they sold five thousand Magic Fans to the Sack Kingdom, which was unexpected to Xu Yi.

Chairman Rank had even said that the Magic Fans were very welcome in the Sack Kingdom, so he invited the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to also sell their household magic machines in the Sack Kingdom.

Xu Yi supported this idea of exporting, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerces production capacity couldnt even satisfy the internal needs of the Lampuri Kingdom, so they could only postpone exporting to other kingdoms for now.

Thinking of production capacity, it was also something that gave Xu Yi a headache.

The magic production machine research was limited, so the Frestech Chamber of Commerces factory production capacity was also limited, but the worlds demand for magic machines was increasing.

Adding in the transportation convenience the Magic Cars brought, there was a large demand increase for magic machines in the Lampuri Kingdom. The Frestech Chamber of Commerces production capacity was getting further and further from being enough, forcing them to give up markets in many cities to the other magic machine companies.

Although a part of this was because Xu Yi wanted to promote the development of the magic machine industry, the serious lack of production capacity still existed.

When there are many other companies that can produce Magic Fans and Magic Kettles, this problem isnt very obvious.

But the other companies couldnt produce Magic Air Conditioners, Magic Freezers, and other household magic machines. Because only the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could produce it right now, it meant that the output couldnt keep up to the demand.

Right now all of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces household magic machine factories were working overtime, but they still couldnt complete all their orders.

To solve this problem, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had to expand their production.

But because the people in Banta City were limited and Xu Yi wasnt planning on stealing workers from other companies, he had started shifting his eyes onto other cities. He was planning to move Frestech Chamber of Commerce production bases into other cities.

In this month, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been building household magic machine production bases in Saltan City, Norton City, and Canberra City, reducing the pressure on the Falling Rain Valley.

When the other companies of Banta City saw the Frestech Chamber of Commerces actions, they followed their footsteps and built factories in those three cities.

Adding in the small magic machine companies in those cities, the three cities became like Banta City over two years ago, quickly entering a phase of development.

The average monthly wage for the workers of those cities was only five gold coins a month, but now it was over ten gold coins a month.

Even though it was less than the average monthly wage in Banta City, compared to the previous average level of income in those three cities, it was several times better.

After those three cities, Xu Yi was planning on expanding the Frestech Chamber of Commerce into further cities like Cramer City before affecting Anvilmar City and the entire Lampuri Kingdom.

If the entire Lampuri Kingdom could develop the magic machine industry, the scene that Xu Yi wanted to see would appear sooner.

Other than expanding outwards, he could find people to relieve the pressure.

Xu Yi releasing the technology for the Magic Fan and the Magic Kettle was considering this.

Other than these two, Xu Yi was planning to gradually transfer the technology for other household magic machines to other companies. In the end, there would be many companies with the ability to produce various kinds of household magic machines.

Like this, not only could more companies truly enter the magic machine industry, it could force a few companies to invest in research to reach the same level of quality as the Frestech Brand, developing the magic machine industry even further.

Seeing the red dots densely packed on the map, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. He took a pen and starting from Banta City, he drew several red lines to Karma City, Saltan City, Norton City, and Canberra City, connecting these cities. Then he drew two dotted lines from Banta City to Cramer City and Sowell City in the northeast of the Lampuri Kingdom, marking the next steps for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

After doing this, Xu Yi gave a satisfied nod.

As long as they followed this plan, Banta City would connect with many Lampuri Kingdom cities, pushing the entire kingdom into the magic machine industry.

“Du, du.”

At this time, two soft knocks came for the door of the study.

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