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This fertilizer factory, it was the project that Xu Yi discussed when he went to visit Elder Lisanya of the Stantine Duchys Moon Shadow Tribe last time……

Xu Yi had mentioned to elder Lisanya that they could use the special research elves had towards plant growth to create a material that could help plants grow, which would be greatly welcomed by humans.

Elder Lisanya had considered this and agreed to Xu Yis idea, using several months to develop this material.

Strictly speaking, this thing couldnt be considered normal fertilizer because the raw materials came purely from various plants. Adding in the fact that this used the special magic that the elves created, with a series of magic machines that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce designed.

Only Xu Yi was used to the name fertilizer from earth. When he was discussing the concept of fertilizer with elder Lisanya, elder Lisanya didnt care about the name, so it was decided like this.

When Xu Yi discussed this with elder Lisanya, their first plans were to establish a fertilizer factory in the Stantine Duchy as a test, but elder Lisanya proposed to Xu Yi that they should directly enter the Lampuri Kingdom.

So after preparing for some time and through Xu Yis various connections, it was the same as the Night Song Tribes factory, this fertilizer factory was set up at the Sandton Manor under the Frestech Chamber of Commerces name.

The reason why it was set in Sandton Manor and not the Falling Rain Valley was firstly, elder Lisanya requested it to be closer to human society. Secondly, it was because the fertilizer made was all natural fertilizer, so it didnt have any pollution and there were no smells created when it was produced, which made it much better than the fertilizers from earth.

When Seveni and the three reporters from the «Banta Times» finished touring the factory, Xu Yi didnt go into details about this place. He just simply answered some of their concerns, for example, the output.

“Last month there were eighty seven thousand tons produced and we might reach over a hundred thousand tons this month.” Xu Yi pointed at the busy fertilizer production line and explained, “Based on this, before the fall harvest, not only can fertilizer factory produce enough for Banta City, it can even produce a portion to sell outside the city.”

“Dont sell the extra portion for now, first keep it as a stockpile.” Seveni said, “If chairman Xu is worried about the loss, I can represent the City Lord Manor to spend a portion of our funds to purchase it at the price your company sells it at.”

“Your highness is treating me like an outsider. As long as its your request, I can follow it. But your highness, itll be the fall planting in just two months, you should plan ahead for the fall planting because the best effects come from coordinating with the fertilizer factory.”

“No problem, I have already made this plan.” Seveni nodded, “After all, agriculture is the base of our Banta City, we cant be careless at all.”

The three reporters on the side focused on recording the conversation of the two were surprised. After looking at each other, one of the older reporters hesitantly asked Seveni, “Your highness, you mean……you are the same as Count Stagg and think that agricultural development is the most important thing for Banta City”

“Of course.” Seveni nodded without any hesitation, “Agriculture is something basic. In a situation where you cant feed yourself, it is a waste of time to consider other things, so no matter what, we have to develop the agricultural industry. The reason I came to the fertilizer factory today was to demonstrate my stance.”

The three reporters were stunned before revealing ugly expressions.

The reporter who asked the question just now knit his brows in thought before asking again, “Your highness, can I interpret that as you having the same plan as Count Stagg, focusing everything on agriculture and suppressing business”

After asking this, the three reporters all looked at Seveni without even blinking.

According to what everyone thought, because her highness Seveni always supported Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, now that she had taken over as the City Lord from Count Stagg, she would change Count Staggs plan and support Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, prioritizing business development.

So in the month that Seveni took over as City Lord, the companies of Banta City became lively again and Banta City was prospering after just a single month.

But if her highness Seveni suddenly announced that she had the same plan as Count Stagg, it would be a shock to these lively companies and it would be a heavy hit.

The more important thing was that it would cut off the hope for Banta City again, no longer letting them have any hope for Banta City.

If it became like this, Banta City might become even worse than before the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had appeared.

As locals of Banta City, as well as reporters that had witnessed Banta Citys development in the past few years, they werent willing to see this happen.

Seeing the nervous gazes of the three, Seveni revealed a faint smile and said with a shake of her head, “No, why would you feel that agricultural development has to suppress business development To me, these two dont contradict each other and they can come together, developing together, which is more efficient than developing by themselves.”

The three reporters were surprised. The older reporter couldnt help asking, “Your highness, do you really think that this is possible”

“Why is it impossible” Seveni pointed a slender finger at the busy fertilizer factory, “In front of you now, isnt this the best example of a fusion of agriculture and industry”

The three reporters looked at the factory and around at the fertilizer that hadnt been packed yet, as they realized something.

Thats right, this fertilizer factory is a business, but the fertilizer produced is greatly beneficial to the development of agriculture.

The fertilizer used the spring planting a few months ago proved the use of fertilizer to agriculture, so no one could deny the importance of fertilizer in the development of agriculture in Banta City. There were people who even wanted the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to expand their fertilizer factory to produce as much as possible, allowing every inch of farmland in the Lampuri Kingdom to use this good thing.

“Other than this fertilizer factory, I feel that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces canned fruit factory in Koror Village is also promoting agriculture. When you mention agriculture, you immediately think of wheat and rice, but to me, everything that can be planted is an important part of agriculture.” Seveni then said, After witnessing the powerful effects of the fertilizer, Im certain that our Banta Citys people will not need to worry about filling their stomachs. From now on, we should be trying to live a better life!”

Seeing the confident expression on Sevenis face, the three reporters were surprised. They turned to Xu Yi and found that he had the same confident smile.

The three suddenly realized something.

It seems like her highness not only was not planning to suppress business development, rather she had a deep cooperation with chairman Xu and was thinking about the long term.

Compared to Count Stagg that only wanted to suppress business, her highness approach was much stronger.

That fertilizer factory wasnt big, so Xu Yi didnt need long to bring them around.

When the tour was over, the morning wasnt even over yet. Xu Yi invited Seveni and the three reporters to lunch as the host, but the three reporters rejected his invitation.

Her highness clearly wanted to have a private meeting with Xu Yi, discussing something that wasnt suited to be announced, so they were just a bother if they stayed.

As reporters for the «Banta Times», how couldnt they be flexible and have sharp eyes

So the three reporters went back to summarize their report, leaving the factory after declining Xu Yis insisting.

After sending off the three reporters, Xu Yi and Seveni entered the office of the fertilizer factory.

When the door closed, Sevenis straight body suddenly turned weak and she lost all her strength. She sat down on the sofa in the office and leaned back on it as she closed her eyes, slowly letting out a breath.

Seeing Sevenis appearance, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling. He put a cup of water in front of her and sat down in front of her as he asked with a smile, “What Youre this tired from just a small factory tour”

Seveni didnt reply. After a while, she finally opened her eyes and sat back up. She took a sip of the water before letting out a sigh. She revealed a smile again and shook her head at Xu Yi, “The tour isnt tiring, but its tiring to act. How about it, Xu Yi, what do you think about my performance today”

Xu Yi laughed as he gave Seveni a thumbs up, “Very good. Seveni, I feel like you could win best actress at the Oscars.”

“Best actress at the Oscars” Seveni was confused, “What is that”

“Ke…..Its nothing, its just a reward for the best actress, saying that she acted very well.” Xu Yi vaguely explained before quickly changing the topic, “But the play is just beginning today since your governing principles will be announced in the «Banta Times» tomorrow. You have to handle all other matters according to this principle, otherwise your three years in Banta City will be wasted.”

Seveni revealed a faint smile as her eyes looked very determined.

“I will.”

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