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“Actually there is a great hidden danger in Banta City.” Xu Yi said to Seveni with a serious look, “If its not taken care of, there will be many problems that occur.”

Seveni had been in Banta City for over a month now and because she was new or perhaps because there was nothing that happened, she hadnt done anything during this month. She had stayed in the City Lord Manor to take care of a few basic things, causing the people who were waiting for her to take some major action after taking over to be disappointed.

Her leaving the City Lord Manor and coming to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fertilizer factory at Sandton Manor were Sevenis biggest actions since taking over. The «Banta Times» that received the news immediately sent a reporter over.

The three reporters sent by the «Banta Times» were surprised and pleased to find that her highness Seveni treated them very warmly, even allowing them to follow her, conducting a report on her entire inspection. She had even patiently answered quite a few of their questions, which made the three reporters feel their trip wasnt in vain.

What made them happier was that because of her highness inspection, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu had rushed back from the Falling Rain Valley to accompany her.

Following the two of them, they received quite a bit of news that was worth reporting on from listening two these two important people of Banta City.

For example, the chairman Xu had just told her highness that there was a great hidden danger in Banta City. It made the three reporters from the «Banta Times» perk up their ears and focus on listening.

Seveni was also very surprised, but she knew that Xu Yi wasnt someone who said things to scare people. So she asked in the same serious tone, “What hidden danger”

“Your highness, you should know that Banta City is currently growing at a rapid rate and there are many new things that have never been seen before.” Xu Yi said.

“Youre talking about your Frestech Chamber of Commerce” Seveni asked with a smile.

Xu Yi nodded without any courtesy, “Indeed, the various magic machines from our company are all very novel, but because these things are novel, people are experiencing things that theyve never experienced before. So as these things become more popular, without enough laws, these things will become problems. The one Im worried about the most right now is the Magic Car.”

“Oh What do you mean” Seveni asked in an interested voice.

“For example, when our Frestech Chamber of Commerce sells Magic Cars, we request the people who buy the Magic Car to have a drivers license from our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Its because the Magic Car is much faster than horse carriages, so if youre not skilled at driving one, its very easy to create an incident. If its serious, people might even die.”

Xu Yis expression was serious, so people knew that he was not joking.

“We developed the Magic Car to improve peoples lives and naturally we hope that it wont cause any loses, so we are very serious when it comes to this.”

“Un. Ive seen the Magic Car before, it is indeed much faster than horse carriages, so there are more risks. You asking people to have drivers licenses to drive them is necessary and is a very responsible approach.” Seveni nodded as she praised him.

“But the problem comes now.” Xu Yi spread his hands and helplessly said, “Although when we sign the contract with the buyer, the contract states that the driver must have a drivers license, we are a company in the end and dont have any binding power. So if someone wants to break this contract and drive a Magic Car without a license, we dont have any means to punish them.”

“I understand. You want to have our City Lord Manor create a corresponding law, right” Seveni asked.

“Right.” Xu Yi said with a nod, “Actually, to be honest, I hope that the Royal Parliament can make a set of laws that will specialize in regulating the operation of Magic Cars. I want to avoid any problem occurring while also setting punishments for breaking the laws.”

“Im afraid theres no way for now…..” Seveni slightly knit her brows, “Passing a law through the Royal Parliament is a very serious matter, its not impossible to do this easily. Although I agree with your ideas, the Magic Cars dont have enough influence right now and the Royal Parliament wont consider this issue.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, understanding Sevenis worries.

A law for a kingdom would be a very serious matter. The Royal Parliament wouldnt make a law just for the Magic Cars that easily, they would definitely choose to observe it for a while first.

But Xu Yi couldnt wait, he needed a complete law now. It wasnt just out of consideration of safety, it would affect the development of the Magic Cars.

Just the day before yesterday, there was a bad piece of news from the Fersen Carriage Company.

There was a horse carriage driver that wasnt convinced that his colleague was earning two gold coins more because he was driving the medium sized Magic Passenger Car, so to prove that the Magic Cars werent that difficult to drive and that he could do it, he boarded the Magic Car and imitated his colleague in trying to drive it.

But since he wasnt experienced and had no understanding of the Magic Car, without going far, he slammed into a wall at high speeds.

Although he didnt lose his life, he was seriously injured and was still unconscious.

When chairman Pompeii told Xu Yi about this matter, he had also mentioned that the family members of this horse driver were causing trouble at his company. They were saying that the vehicle injured the horse driver and wanted compensation.

If this news was spread, it would without a doubt make people afraid of Magic Cars. It would be a great hindrance to promoting the development of Magic Cars that Xu Yi wanted.

So Xu Yi had to urgently create an official set of laws. He needed to increase the limits of driving Magic Cars to avoid such a tragedy from happening again.

The reason why he invited the reporters from the «Banta Times» was to convey his thoughts on this topic through the «Banta Times». He wanted to change the impressions that people had on the concepts of vehicles.

“The Royal Parliament indeed have their own considerations, so Im not hoping that theyll adopt a new law right away. But your highness, you are Banta Citys City Lord, so you should consider the safety of Banta Citys people. You should give a law as soon as possible and strictly control this problem.” Xu Yi said.

Seveni looked at Xu Yi with a faint smile, “Chairman Xu, Magic Cars are the most important recent products from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If you request for me to put such limits on driving the Magic Cars, arent you worried that itll affect your sales”

Xu Yi had a serious look as he said in a righteous voice, “Compared to selling a few more Magic Cars, our company attaches more importance to the safety of people. I think that when the City Lord Manor releases these laws, it should instill a corresponding feeling of safety in the Banta City citizens.”

Sevenis lips curled slightly as she took a deep look at Xu Yi before giving a slight nod, “Alright, I will seriously consider this after heading back. Of course, chairman Xu should also participate in this matter since theres no one who understands Magic Cars better than you.”

“Of course, this is my duty.” Xu Yi gave a strong nod, “But Lord City Lord, the laws I mentioned arent perfect. It shouldnt just be for Magic Cars, there are many other problems.”

“I understand.” Seveni gave a nod, “But Im here to inspect the fertilizer factory today, so lets put aside these questions for later. You can tell me about them in the future, but as for now, lets take a look at this mysterious fertilizer.”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile and invited her in with his hand. He led the way for Seveni and the three reporters from the «Banta Times».

This was Seveni here, but it was also the first time for the «Banta Times» reporters.

Before this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had always kept the factory mysterious. They didnt disclose anything, everyone just knew that this factory involved the elves.

But when Seveni and the three reporters entered the factory, they were shocked to find that it was filled with elves and there wasnt a single human!

“Chairman Xu……This……Where did you hire all these elves from” Although Seveni had heard Xu Yi mention that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was cooperating with the elves on this fertilizer factory and they were in charge, seeing the situation now, Seveni was still quite shocked.

The three reporters were even more shocked as they looked around the factory with looks of disbelief.

Although they knew the elves were close to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, even setting up the Night Song Tribes plastic processing factory, seeing the factory that were filled with over three hundred elves, they almost didnt dare believe their own eyes.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. Seveni and the three reporters definitely couldnt tell that the elves in this factory were different from the elves at the Night Song Tribe factory.

That was because the elves here were all from the Moon Shadow Tribe.

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